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Early Learning (part 1)

2022-01-16 01:57:33

“Ok, no more driving for this weekend! Dad’s taxi service is now closed!” I joked to the kids as we arrived back home. It was a hot, hot day, and I’d just picked them up from tennis club.

“oooh poor Daddy! So tired” said my daughter cheekily, smirking at me.

Thanks Daddy!” added my son. They laughed and the twins gave me a squeeze as I locked the car.

At only 12 years old they were growing into wonderful kids. My wife and I thought the they were the most fabulous kids in the world. Fun, chatty, and confident. They were both tallish for 12 years old, and both very beautiful. My son was always being told how handsome he was, and little Anna's youthful beauty was clearly starting to turn heads in the street despite her young age. She was certainly a very pretty girl and even I found myself looking at her in a different light these days. Especially when she wore her tennis skirt and little white trainers as she was now.

Anna turned on her heel, flicking her skirt in the air as she did so, and she and her brother headed across the gravel to the house.

Later that evening I was in bed with my wife. She was stroking my thigh and speaking in that sexy voice she always used when she wanted to get her own way…

"You know they're ready. We can't keep putting it off baby" my wife said. "The kids will love it. Seriously, they’ll love it. I just know they are the same as us that way. If we don't hurry up they'll discover all by themselves. Then they'll just be *normal* kids. We surely don't want that do we?"

Of course I knew she was right.

My wife and I had a very colourful history. Even though we looked like a typical couple from the outside, we both came from a very sexually liberated background. A lot of stuff that would be pretty hair raising to most people. But that's another story. And of course the kids had no idea about that side of our life.

We had been talking about it for years. Just waiting for the right time. We wanted to get it just right. The time when the kids were starting to develop their sexual curiosity. When they were just starting to learn about their sensuality. But we were very aware of the pressures of the society they grew up in and if we weren’t careful they would become repressed just like everyone else.

Of course she was right. Now it was time.

And so it was decided to set the plan.

We thought carefully about how to start this off. We wanted a nice, smooth plan to let the twins have their first sexual experiences. After a while we hit on the perfect idea....

As their thirteenth birthday was approaching. As with every year, we knew that curious little fingers would start exploring the house, looking for hidden birthday presents.

We slipped some pornographic magazines into the bottom draw of our bedside cabinet.

We knew they were bound to look in there.

Then we rigged up a basic CCTV so we could check our progress.

My wife dropped a few indiscreet hints to the kids about "wait until your birthday" and "don't go hunting around in your parents room."

Of course we knew that would get their curiosity racing and that was the very thing that would make those smart kids go to the very place we wanted them to....

Sure enough, when my wife and I got home from shopping a few days later we could see little finger marks on the drawer handle. I checked inside and yes, the magazines had been moved around and disturbed. Someone had been looking in our porn drawer. But which of the twins was it? We had to check the CCTV camera recordings.

The excitement was killing us, but my wife and I waited until the twins were in bed that evening before checking the camera recordings.

Once the twins were asleep and we knew we would not be disturbed, we sat down in front of the PC and played back the tapes so we could see what had happened in the bedroom while we had been out.

We played it back and found the right place.

On the tape we could see the bedroom door slowly open.

Now we could see my young daughter creeping into our bedroom, still wearing her tennis clothes as she had had done earlier that afternoon. She entered the room and looked around, trying to figure out where her and her twin brother's birthday presents might be hidden. First she looked under the bed. She stood up and scratched her head.

She looked so beautiful. Hair tied back. Her tight flat little tennis top clinging to her tiny torso revealing her shoulders and her slightly too short pop skirt that just invited all the boys to take a peek as they picked up their rackets....

She looked towards the drawer.

My wife and I held our breath as we watched. Anna walked straight over to the bedside cabinet and opened the drawer. My wife and I froze, mouths wide open. My wife gripped my hand and squeaked with excitement. How would our darling little daughter react? We could see Anna pause for a moment.... and then looked more closely inside the drawer. She withdrew the first magazine. It was a hardcore one specializing in group sex and gangbangs. Way outside of her comfort zone. Beautiful women and hot, hung guys. We could see our daughter's eyes go wide with curiosity. She sat on the side of the bed and flipped open the magazine. We zoomed in a little to see more clearly. She was moving furtively, hands shaking a little. This was forbidden territory. She was going through the pages, looking at beautiful women surrounded by huge cocks doing some very, very explicit things. Sperm, cocks and pussy everywhere. People fucking, swapping, sharing. Double penetration, blowjobs, anal sex.... it was all in there laid out before her eyes...

We held our breath, trembling with excitement. What would she do next? Would she take to it? Would she put the magazine back in horror and run away in disgust?

She studied the magazine intently, leafing through the pages slowly as if reading one of her picture books. She was transfixed. My wife giggled in delight. "Oh baby" she said as she covered her mouth in suppressed excitement. "I think she likes it.." My heart was thumping in my chest. My darling little angel looking at pictures of all these men fucking.....She was clearly fascinated. Obviously curious and excited.

Suddenly she put the magazines down. She seemed to think for a moment. Was it over. Had she had enough? Was she going to run away?

Suddenly she stood up and went to the bedroom door.

She seemed to be calling out to someone. She was calling out excitedly...

A moment later her brother came to her and joined her in the bedroom. "Look look" she seemed to be saying excitedly, pointing at the magazine on the bed and pulling more out of the drawer, spreading them out over the bed. Her twin brother sat down beside her. He paused, then picked up a magazine.

As he flicked though the pages, his face was aglow. It was like discovering a stash of candy. His expression was a mix of greed and curiosity. My wife squeaked again and trembled with excitement. I ran my hand down her back and squeezed her butt.

On the screen we could see the twins sat side by side, browsing the pics together. Just as usual there was no experience that one could enjoy without sharing with the other. Anna wanted to share her discovery with her brother. Clearly they were both enraptured. They sat on the bed, made themselves comfortable and settled in with mum and dad's porn stash, eating the candy that Riku had brought in.

Before long we noticed it.

Anna had made herself comfortable lying back on the cushions on her parents' bed while browsing porn with one hand. But now she had discreetly put her other hand between her legs and was touching herself as she flicked through the pages.

Her brother didn't take long, either.

Riku had until now mostly been mostly grasping his groin on top of his shorts, rubbing himself with one hand as the other hand flicked though the pages. But more and more he was starting to look red faced and uncomfortable as he became turned on.

Now, noticing his sister brazenly touching herself, he calmly undid his fly and let his stiff little penis escape his shorts. The relief at escaping the restriction of his shorts was visible and he relaxed on the bed, his little pecker standing up in full view. For a 12 year old boy he had a beautiful stiff little cock, all wet on the end. He took his cock in his fingers and studiously masturbated as he hungrily absorbed all the wonderfully exciting new images of hardcore sex all around him. He was leaning on his elbow just like he often did downstairs on the sofa when he was reading his comics. One hand browsing the pages and the other hand stroking and playing with his cock. Completely carefree in front of his sister, as she rubbed herself under her tennis skirt.

The two of them seemed to be in heaven. Completely absorbed by their new discovery.

Anna slid down the cushions onto her side and brought one knee up, completely exposing her bare little pussy as her tennis skirt gathered around her waist and she slid her panties to the side to get better access. She shamelessly fingered herself right in front of her brother.

My wife and I looked at each other. Without a word we shared that moment of relief, excitement, success. Our two little angels were, as we had long suspected and hoped, a pair of little junior perverts. A pair of natural sluts. This was great news. Just like their parents. 2 chips off the block. My cock by now was straining uncomfortably in my pants. Without a word, my wife silently drew my cock out of my pants and in her delight slid down and gave me a celebration blowjob as I watched the kids pleasuring themselves openly.

Occasionally the twins would point out pages to each other or hold up scenes that caught their interest, sharing the moment. Neither of them seemed shy or surprised about masturbating openly in front of each other. Clearly it came naturally and they had no sex shame. Just like their mum and dad. Just as we had predicted.

Both twins were masturbating furiously now.

Riku had removed his shorts completely and his sister was watching him curiously as he jerked himself off in the kneeling position. He had lain a couple of magazines open in from of him and now his left hand roamed accross his body as the right hand worked his cock.

Anna put down the magazine which had been looking at, a gay bodybuilder orgy scene, lay on her back with her eyes semiclosed and now she really went to town on herself. My heart leapt. My 12 year old kids were masturbating in an almost trance-like state on my bed in front of each other. She gripped the waistband of her tennis skirt with one hand while the fingers of the other slid alternately across her clit and into her bare wet pussy, juices flowing all over her pussy and over her fingers. She looked gorgeous in her private bliss. My cock swelled harder in my wife's mouth as I watched my beautiful young girl masturbate. My wife moaned, feeling my renewed excitement.

Suddenly though, as if a starting pistol had fired they both jumped up and desperately started gathering up the magazines. Obviously this was the moment my wife and I had just come home earlier in the day. As we watched on the CCTV, Anna hurriedly gathered up the magazines and put them back in the drawer. B jumped back into his shorts quickly zipping up and patting down his clothes as if nothing had happened. Quietly, we saw them both slip out of the room and close the door behind them.

As the tape rolled on I saw myself walk into the bedroom, still unaware of what had just taken place.

My wife and I were delighted with the result. This was better than we could have hoped for. Now we knew the true nature of our gorgeous children. Just as we had we predicted they were shameless just like us. "I knew it" said my wife. "I'm so excited. I just knew they were ready. Oh god baby..... there's so much for us to teach them!" She murmured as she pulled me down on top of her.

"Yes but they clearly still don't realize its OK. They looked so worried when they heard us come home"

"hahah yes they did, didn't they. Ok we can work on that" giggled my wife, giving me a wink.