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Elles Revenge 2

2022-01-09 01:50:45

After the incident in the showers Darci kept her word and it seemed for the moment Elle's secret was safe. Without the harassment from Darci and her friends, who along with their leader stopped making the unpopular girls lives hell at school, things looked up for Elle. She even saw a drop in the use of her nickname in the coming weeks. Of course that could also be because Elle was losing so much weight she barely resembled the fat girl that had earned the moniker. In fact she was pleased to find that the boys increasingly stared at her when she passed, even the hot ones.

What concerned Elle was that her benefactor had not spoken since encouraging her to rape Darci. Nor had Elle felt that familiar twinge of pain on the occasion she got a good look at one of her attractive female classmates. In fact the only person that was able to consistently cause this was Crystal. It seemed her stepmother still drew out the worst in her she thought to herself.

"That hurts Elle after everything I've done for you, those cute boys check you out now because of me, your life is easier now because of me, and all I ask is a few things in return and a bit of respect is one." the voice in her head said speaking for the first time since the incident in the showers.

"Respect? I don't even know what you are or where you came from I appreciate the weight loss and all but I want to know what you are and why I now can push an 11 inch cock out of my pussy."

"16 now actually" the voice said with unmistakable pride.

"What?" Elle asked a bit appalled by this remembering that it had to come OUT of her before she could stick it in someone else.

"The appendage will now stick 16 inches out of your vaginal opening and is now quite thick too. I dare say few human males will rival your 'cock', as you put it, now. Oh, and in answer to to your concerns for yourself Elle don't worry, I have taken steps to ensure you are not hurt when it emerges I dare say you will find it quite pleasurable in fact."

"Wait what? What have you done to me?"

"Just some minor body modification to make our existence together easier, as well as make you more desirable to the male population, as in spite of my urges and presence you still are a fully functional and healthy human female with healthy urges of your own. As repayment for aiding me I will make the pursuit of those urges easier Elle it's the least I can do."

Elle was not in disagreement with this but then it hit her. "So that's the reason for the weight loss!"

"Yes and no Elle. I will not deny that, as your species and society seems to prefer thinner females, it has not hurt your attractiveness. However, in reality Elle I need sustenance and your genetic make up and strong desire for food make you a perfect host for me. Do you see the beauty in it Elle? I desire to be amply fed and you love food but desire to be thin and more petite we solve each others problems. In fact once you lose the weight you will be a very attractive female by human standards, you always have had the potential it's just been buried under pounds of excess fat."

Elle blushed at this compliment then moved on to more pressing matters, "So you're inside me then?"

"Yes I've taken residence in your uterus much the best place for me to grow and get the nutrients I need as well as make any modifications I feel necessary. I must say you human females are designed most advantageously for someone of my species."

"What do you want from me?" Elle asked nervously sensing this situation was too good to be true.

"Your help Elle. My species is dying out and I landed here in hopes of finding suitable life forms to help resurrect my species. However, I was detained by my capsule upon landing that is until you arrived and freed me. Along with providing me an excellent form to inhabit. You were desperately injured however so I needed to heal you, but once your continued existence was guaranteed I began taking residence it was then I found your uterus and settled in. From here I over saw the healing of your body and made a few modifications to ensure our co-existence. So what I want Elle is to pass my genetic material to other human females in order to ensure some form of my people survives."

"And exactly how do I do that?"

"Simple the next time you fuck someone cum in their vagina. Unlike human sperm my seed lasts months so one application will ensure that female is impregnated."

"Impregnated? Are you serious I can do that now?"

"Sure you can Elle isn't that what you threatened Darci with if she disobeyed? I mean you didn't say it outright but that's what you meant right?"

Elle was floored as she realized he was right. "Cool," she thought to herself then asked, "Okay what do I call you then? If you're gonna live in me I should have a name for you."

"Call me Peter then."

Elle rolled her eyes and said, "Funny but seriously what?"

"I could be Dick if you prefer?"

"Peter's fine I like that name anyway."

"I know," the voice said smugly. It was then Elle remembered he could read her mind.

After that things were good between them and as promised Elle's looks continued to improve until even Darci started to get jealous of the attention Elle was getting. Elle could sense that this development tested their agreement, but strangely Darci said nothing. She simply stared at Elle wide eyed.

In fact the only person more shocked and disappointed by Elle's sudden change than Darci was Crystal. This led to an increased level of tension between the two so that they avoided each other at all cost. Which Elle preferred as it saved her the urges and discomfort she often felt in Crystal's presence.

Elle arrived home early one night to find out exactly how Crystal dealt with the new stress. Upon hearing Crystal screaming in pleasure she at first thought that she was interrupting her dad and step mom. However she knew her dad was still at work and the groan the man emitted as he came in Crystal was definitely not her dad.

Elle was seeing red and it took all her willpower not to rush in and strangle Crystal. Abuse her? Fine everyone did that, she was the fat girl after all, but cheat on her dad? That crossed the line. She waited long enough for the jerk to leave then rushed in full of anger as she surprised her still sex dazed step mom who still had the jerks cum running out of her pussy.

Crystal reacted immediately and screamed out, "Elle? What the fuck? Were you spying on me you little cunt?" She tried to rise but Elle shoved her back to the couch and started stripping off her own clothes as she shouted back at the whore in front of her.

"Oh no Crystal you don't get to be self righteous now not after what I just saw you pathetic whore. I always knew you were only with dad for his money, but this is low even for you!" When Elle had removed the last of her own clothes she looked at her step mom now frozen in fear and in doing so felt the familiar stir of Peter waking up. It was time to hold up her end of the deal and after what Crystal had just done Elle knew who the first victim would be.

Elle savored the feel of the cock pushing down her canal as she knelt between her step-mom's legs dipping her finger in Crystal's well used cunt and scooping some of her lover's cum out. She rammed the cum covered finger down Crystal's throat and said with anger in every syllable, "So my daddy's cum isn't good enough for Miss Prissy-Pants-Trainer but some loser's is! You won't let daddy near you without a condom and made him get snipped but that idiot you beg for it from him. You are the most selfish bitch I've ever met and that is why I'm going enjoy this so much more."

Elle moved back and felt the tip of the blue cock push out of her canal and relished the look of pure shock on Crystal's face as inch by inch the large appendage seemingly grew out of Elle's pussy. When it was fully unsheathed Crystal gasped in awe of it Elle smiled and roughly grabbing Crystal by her long blonde hair and roughly forced the tip into the shocked woman's mouth.

"Let's go whore I know you love big cocks so get sucking bitch!" Crystal immediately complied and Elle basked in the feel of her step mom sucking her off. When Elle had had enough she pulled out and ordered the dazed woman to spread her legs. There was no hesitation from the older woman and seconds later Elle had none to gently shoved the whole rod into Crystal’s blonde haired pussy.

Crystal screamed in pain and ecstasy as Elle drove the hard rod home faster and faster, already super aroused by her earlier visitor Crystal did not last long and soon had passed out from cumming. Elle did not pause for a second and kept pounding away until she felt the sensation that meant she was close to cumming.

Not wanting Crystal to miss the big moment Elle slapped her awake before saying, “Well bitch if you thought Wilcox DNA wasn’t good enough for you too damn bad because you’re about to get a pussy full and trust me mommy dearest, this will stick. You may get daddy’s money eventually but you’re sure going to earn it as my breeding bitch! By the time I’m through not even my cock will satisfy you. I sure hope you like big baby bellies and huge milky tits, because that’s what you’ll have from now on whore, I’ll see to that!”

With that Elle pushed forward in one hard thrust and Crystal screamed as the shaft pushed through her cervix. Moments later the head firmly in Crystal’s womb Elle let loose her load and it gushed like a fire hose. Several minutes later Crystal’s belly was noticeably distended with Elle’s cum.

Elle pulled out and rubbed the belly taunting her victim further, “Look mommy you’re showing already,” she said in a childlike excited tone then in a dark and serious one said, “Best get used to it breeding slut.”

Elle then ordered Crystal to clean her off then made her lick her pussy before she dressed and left her once proud step mom behind openly sobbing