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Taken in the woods

2022-06-20 01:11:04

I had just finished my Saturday sprint, each Saturday I go to the school's track and run two miles. I had laid down on the bottom bleacher after stretching and was getting my wind back.

Suddenly I realized that I was not alone, I started to raise up when four hands grab my upper body. Panicking I tried to struggle loose when two more hands seized me by the neck. Through bleary eyes I recognized the face of Daniel and knew that the other hands belong to Bruce and Charlie.

I froze my movements and waited for Daniel to speak, a big smile crept across his lips as he said ' ... see boys I told you we ain't gonna have to fight to fuck!!! ... ' I trembled as he spoke knowing that there was no one near to come to my aide, my mind swiftly raced back asking why did I have to run this morning.

Daniel released my neck with the warning ' ... piss me off and you will wish I would have let Bruce and Charlie have their way. Now come on we going in the woods and have some fun ...' Daniel picked up my gear and Bruce and Charlie helped me to my feet guiding me roughly towards the natural buffer of trees and under bush around the south end of the track.

We went through one of the many openings in the fence and down one of the multiple paths. We ended up in a clearing strewn with beer cans, cigarette butts and used condoms. The canopy of tree limbs gave it a serene blissful state, in one part of the opening was spread an old blanket and furniture quilt.

Bruce and Charlie lifted them and shook them to see if any little creatures were in them. Daniel stroked my left buttock and gave it a slight squeeze saying ' ... this ain't gonna be like the first time, you gonna do as we say and you want get a beat down! ... '

I glared at him and snarled ' ... do I have any choice ... ', Daniel looked at me and said ' ... yea, you can beat the shit out of Bruce and Charlie and I might not make you suck my dick ... ' Bruce and Charlie laughed and begin to loosen their belts.

All I had on was a t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts, and jockeys. Daniel slowly pulled my shorts and underwear down to my ankles and said ' ...be a good bitch and step out of them ... ' Daniel stood up behind me and slowly rubbed his hands up my buttocks, I stood there with my gym shorts and underwear piled down around my ankles. I cupped my hands over my genitals more such to hide my penis and balls than anything.

I could not help but glance over at Bruce and Charlie, the two of them were removing their pants and underwear. Bruce's cock was rigid and stiff, Charlie was semi rigid and hanging.

I had to return my attention to Daniel as he was beginning to nibble on my ear lobe. I jerked my head away and he turned his attention to kissing my neck, I lowered my head to my shoulder and Daniel whispered to me.

' ... We gonna fuck you, you better let us or you will live to regret it. Let me kiss your neck if you understand what will happen if you don't ... ' Daniel said. I slowly raised my head, my eyes filling with tears of anger and humiliation as he suck gently on my neck.

Daniel told Bruce ' ... you get to go first, you get to get this Bitches ass/ pussy ready for me ... ' Bruce smiled at me as he came towards me. Daniel released me and pushed me gently towards Bruce, Bruce lifted his hands and took hold of my arms.

Bruce looked over at Charlie and said ' ... this bitch trying to hide his sissy stick ... ' Charlie responded ' ... that's the bitches spur tongue... ' They all laughed as Bruce pulled me to the hastily made pallet.

Bruce ordered me ' ... get on your knees, I've got something for you to suck ... ' I looked back at Daniel and saw that he was removing his pants. Bruce had moved around between us and took hold of my head. One hand on each side of my face, he pulled me to his rigid cock as it wave in the air and order me to ' ... suck, bitch ... '

Tears flowing down both my cheeks I slowly opened my mouth as Bruce pulled me slowly to his man hood. As soon as his dick head parted my lips, Bruce let out a emotionally moan and stroked my cheeks with his thumbs as he fed his throbbing cock into my lips

I tried to keep him from pushing more than his dick head into my mouth, but he seemed satisfied with just sliding his penile glans over my tongue. Bruce pulled from my lips and told me ' ... get on your knees now bitch, reach back and pull you ass open ... '

I was slow to comply Bruce slapped me about the head hard twice, I thought he had broken my jaw. I fell to the mat and Bruce took hold of my hips and lift them up, causing me to be in an inverted fetal position.

I heard Bruce clear his throat and spit a huge luge in to my butt crack, the next thing he did was to use his rigid man meat to smear the glob around my anus. Gripping my hips, strongly, Bruce pushed meaningfully at my anal opening till his rubbery hard dick head eased into my anus.

I tried as hard as I could to keep him from entering anus but the steady pressure was more than my anal sphincter muscle ring could abort. Once Bruce's penile glans entered my anus he steadily pushed his rigid cock into my anal cavity.

I moaned and groaned as Bruce pushed more and more of his rubbery rock hard cock into my clinched butt hole. I started to beg and plead for him to stop and not do this, he paid me no mind and continue to rock back and forth. Slowly inching his hard fuck tool deeper into my anal orifice. I tried as hard as I could to keep him from entering anus but the steady pressure was more than my outer anal sphincter muscle ring could stop. Once Bruce's penile glans entered my anus he steadily pushed his rigid cock into my anal cavity.

Charlie knelt before me and gripped jaws with his hands, getting my jaws in a pincer type grip, his forefingers and thumb pressing hard against my jaws, caused my mouth to open. As soon as my jaws parted Charlie pushed his limp fuck tool into my oral orifice.

As soon as he had pushed past my teeth he loosen his grip on my jaws allowing my lips to close around his thick dick shaft. My lips closed around just past his penis ridge, Charlie's penile glans resting on my tongue, his cock came to life his shaft started to to firm up. Charlie's dick started to throb and twitch in my mouth.

There I was on hands and knees with Bruce vacillating in my posterior and Charlie alternating his fuck tool back and forth in my mouth. I was crying and sobering around Charlie's fuck tool strings of mucus saliva and Charlie's pre-cum dripping from my chin.

Bruce had taken hold of both my hips and was ramming the entire eight inches of his sex organ in to my anal cavity with no remorse. With each powerful thrust of his fuck tool into my anus, I was pushed farther on to Charlie's rock hard cock, I was gagging as his penis glans struck the back of my mouth and the entrance to my esophagus.

Trying to maintain my balance, as the two of these horny bastards used me from both ends, gave them opportunity to fulfill their sexual lusts. First Charlie erupted in my mouth as he held my head to his crotch. My eyes bulged as I gagged on his staff as it erupted spewing his substance from it's tip.

Then Bruce rammed strongly into my anus and I could feel his penis as it twitched with each pump of his baby making juices. The two of them had me as their cum receptacle and flooded both ends with their fluids...There I was struggling to maintain my balanced and trying not puke my guts out. I was crying and sobering around Charlie's penile shaft, strings of mucus saliva and Charlie's cum dripping from my chin.

Than I started to puke my guts up around Charlie's rigid dick. The bastard, at first, didn't even try to pull out he kept trying to get his dick into my throat.

He finally scampered away as I blew the contents of my stomach and his nasty fuck juices from my mouth.

Bruce kept ramming his dick into my anus and squirting his baby making juices as deep as he could. When he was satisfied he pulled from my butt, releasing my hips, I fell to my side still disgorging the contents of my stomach.

Daniel was splitting his side all the while stroking on his enormously huge piece of man meat. I feared having Daniel enter my anus he was so much bigger than Charlie or Bruce. Bruce had the smallest dick of the trio, Charlie was well endowed, but Daniel's cock was of freakish in comparison.

Daniel's cock was at least twelve inches long and close to six inches around when he was hard. I dreaded the memory of the first time Daniel entered my anus, I had never had sex with a male before nor had I thought it possible for two males to have intercourse. But the three of these brutes had attacked me in the basement room of Daniel and Charlie no more than a month before.

I was brought back to my presence predicament by Charlie as he pulled me from the pallet with all my vomit on it. Charlie tossed a dirty piece of cloth that was laying on the ground and ordered ' ... clean that mess of your face ... '

After I wiped my face of most of the slime, Charlie jerked the cloth from me and directed me to ' ... get on you stomach bitch, I ain't fucked you yet ... ' I looked up at him and started to say ' ... please, can't you see you've made me sick, let me go, I won't tell no body ... '

Daniel growled ' ... the man said to get on your stomach, bitch, do it or get a beat down and then get fucked .... ' Slowly I laid to the ground weeping more openly now than before.

Charlie moved between my prostrate legs and pushed them open, I felt him lean down over me and rub his semi rigid cock up and down the crack of my butt. He laughed and told Daniel and Bruce ' ... I'm gonna use Bruce's cum to lube my dick before I stick it in ... '

Charlie poised his now rigid dick head at the entrance to my anus and begin to push his huge penile head into my, very tender, anal opening. I cried in anguish, Charlie paid no attention to my discomfort. His huge penis glans slipped through my outer anal sphincter muscle ring and into my anal cavity.

Thru the torment I could feel every vein and ridge on his penis shaft as it slipped deeper and deeper into my rectum. I was now digging my fingers into the dirt as Charlie pulled back and pushed his massive dick in and out of my anal cavity. Bruce had not been gentle with my butt and it was close to being rubbed raw, my anus was so sensitive, to the touch, that it felt like it was on fire.

Charlie seemed to get excited the more as I moaned and groaned from his manipulations. The more I tried to stifle my groans the rougher he got, till he was slamming into my prone body like he was possessed. Finally I could take it no more and wailed out ' ... Charlie, please no more! ... '

Laughing manically Charlie continued to slam hard into my anus, whimpering and sobbing I could do nothing but lay there and take it. Soon Charlie sped up his pace as he neared completion, with a very forceful ram, Charlie sunk all his fuck meat into my rectum. I whimpered in pain as Charlie pumped his substance up my anal cavity.

Charlie pulled from my sore anus, I was so tired and exhausted that I could barely move. I had been violently fucked by two of my three assailants and was dreading what was in store for me. As I laid there still in my socks, tennis shoes and t-shirt trembling in a fetal position. Sobering and whimpering openly I glanced over at Daniel, he was standing stroking on his enormously huge male member.

I mused in my mind as to how Daniel could have such a massively mammoth deformed penis. Daniel's penis was four times as long as my little dick and was as thick as my fore arm and from the tip of his penis I could already see the leak of pre-cum.

I pleaded ' ... Daniel, please, I can't take you. Something that big will rip me apart. Please, don't hurt me any more ... ' Daniel smiled as he walked over to me ' ... don't worry, I'll let you suck my dick some and see how you feel ... ' I begged some more ' ... no, Daniel, I'm sore and I wont to go home. Please let me go now. I promise ... '

Daniel cut me off ' ... bitch, you go when I say you can. Now get on your knees and suck this dick like I told you to ... ' Bruce and Charlie grab me by my arms and lifted me to my knees. Bruce took hold of one of my ears and jerked my head so violently that I thought he was trying to rip my ear off.

Daniel stood before me, his enormously huge penis waving in my face like a threatening pole. ' ... Open your mouth bitch, you got a dick to suck and you better not scratch me with your teeth ...

Slowly I parted my lips and took the tip of his vile organ into them. Charlie urge me ' ... suck that dick ...' docility I started to suck passively at the tip of Daniel's throbbing member. Bruce cajoled me ' ... that's it, suck that dick baby, suck it good ... '

Daniel started to rotate his hips as I held his dick head with my lips, I could taste the pre-cum and feel it oozing from his urethra ... Daniel stood before me, his enormously huge penis waving in my face like a threatening pole. '... Open your mouth bitch, you got a dick to suck and you better not scratch me with your teeth ... '

Bruce pulled my head by my ear, Daniel's huge dick head slapping me across the lips smearing his pre-cum over them. Daniel placed a hand on top of my head and said to me ' ... open you mouth and suck on this dick bitch, do it now ... '

Daniel's huge dick head filled my oral cavity, my eyes bucked as he tried to push more of his dick down my throat. Tears of humiliation flowed down my cheeks as Daniel continued to rotate his huge male sex organ in my mouth. Daniel cupped my head and slid his dick back and forth a couple of more times than slid it all the way out.

Through tear stained eyes I could make out that huge one eyed monster staring back at me. Than I heard him tell Bruce and Charlie what caused my body to tremble in fear. ' ... Turn the bitch around and bend his ass over, I'm ready to get in that pussy now ... '

' ... No, No don't do this, please Daniel, you're too big, I can't take it, ... ' I begged. Daniel replied ' ... bitch, the first time we fucked you, you had no problem taking my dick, and you gonna take it now ... ' I was trembling so violently that Bruce and Charlie had to grip my arms tightly as they bent me over.

My knees were pushed in and I went to them, one of them pushed my head to the ground, the other placed his knee in the small of my back. The two of them pulled me back till my knees were under my body.

Daniel knelt between my legs and I could feel the heat of his body as he moved closer to my butt. My anus was expelling some of the male spunk that Bruce and Charlie had deposited in my rectum.

Daniel slid his mammoth cock head up the length of my butt crack causing my body to quake in fear. Daniel's huge dick head poke at my tender anal opening, I moaned in pain as his massive cock head expanded my neither region to busting length.

I cried out in anguish as Daniel push his enormous penis glans through my outer anal sphincter muscle. ' ... Please, no ... it hurts, ... ' I pleaded. The giant head popped into my anus and Daniel slid another four or five inches in.

It felt like there was a huge hose stuck in my butt hole. My poor used butt hole was so tender that every little move Daniel made caused me to cry out in pain. But this brute was not about to be denied his turn at my butt hole, slowly he worked his massive fuck tool back and forth. Pulling almost all the way out than sinking much more than he extracted.

I knew that there was no way I could survive if Daniel fucked me like Bruce or Charlie. Daniel's penis was so rigid that I don't think it gave any, he just steadily worked his huge dick back and forth in my anal canal.

Daniel and I both were grunting like pigs in a trough, me from the pain of his massive fuck tool in my anus and him from lustful excitement. Daniel said to Bruce and Charlie ' ... boy's this pussy is really tight, tighter than the first time we hit it ... '

The tears and mucus was dripping from my chin and puddling below my face. Daniel placed both his hands on each of my buttocks and started to move more freely. I cried in pain as he worked more and more of his fuck tool deeper into my butt hole.

I gave up trying to beg for mercy I knew now that there would not be any. Daniel was going to get his satisfaction and I was going to supply it. Daniel had sunk almost three quarters of his enormously hugely deformed fuck tool up my anal canal. I had never been fucked till the three of them took me and they were the only ones at that time that were sexing me.

Daniel stayed in my butt like he owned it, taking his time to enjoy each inch of my well fucked anus. Had it not been for the copious amounts of baby making fluid Bruce and Charlie had placed in my rectum, I could not have managed to accept any of Daniel's massively huge penis.

When Daniel finally exploded it felt like my bowels were being washed with a small water hose. The splatter of Daniel's fuck juices struck my anal walls, I could feel Daniel's gigantic penile head expand and contract with each spurt of his substance.

Bruce and Charlie had released me and was jacking off as soon as Daniel shot his load in my butt Bruce and Charlie sprayed their substance all over my back and head.