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The Bee

2022-05-10 00:19:05

The Bee

by Johny Ryona

Samm awoke chained to a wall, blurry eyed and heavy headed, she couldn't really make out where she was. "Hello..." She managed to utter from her lips. She tried to move her arms, but she was to weak, and then her legs, but even they wouldn't move, then her arms again, nothing.

She turned her head to face one of her arms and realized the situation and her wits came back to her. Violently she began to shake the chains and scream.

"Somebody! Anybody! Help Me!" She cried as her voice echoed against the dungeon walls to only fall on deaf ears. She struggled with the chains again, then looked down at her legs and realized that not only was she chained to a wall, but whoever did this to her, had her stripped to her bra and thong, only it wasn't the bra or thong she remembered wearing last.

Her last faint memories were sitting on her bed, getting ready to call it a night, in her white bra and matching thong and now neither the bra or thong were in visible site.

Instead her old bra and thong was replaced by a exotic looking orange, push up bra and matching orange boy shorts. It was then that Samm came to the horrible realization that her current ordeal had to be some elaborate plan. Whoever had done this, had done it for a reason.

Samm was like any normal 18 year old girl, pretty, popular and smart. She was around 5'4, and 109 pounds with a 34d cup size, a very above normal bra size for a girl her age. She had light blue eyes, and straight black hair that she usually wore down, but tonight, whoever had done this to her, had put her hair in a pony tail.

The room she was in couldn't have been any more plain seeming. It was illuminated by old asbestos, tube light bulbs that hung from the ceiling, giving her a clear view of her surroundings. Shackles on every side of the wall, and rats in the corners seemed to be a reoccurring trend in the room.

Carefully evaluating the room, she hoped to find some way of escape once she managed to get the shackles off but there seemed to be no way out. She begin to bawl uncontrollably at that thought. Even if she became unshackled, she would die of starvation long before she would find a way out, or before anyone could find her. Her life begin to flash before her eyes.

Birthday parties, sleepovers with friends, cheer leading practices all seemed to be a distant memory from the harsh reality that surrounded her. Samm started to try and shack the shackles again, but it was useless. For what seemed like an eternity she cried and voluntarily convulses against the wall, trying to break free of her restraints but it was useless. All it did was tire, an already frightened, and considerably weak girl.

“SOMEBODY HELP ME!” She screamed at the top of her lungs. “SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME! PLEASE GOD SOMEBODY!”

She waited for an answer. There was nothing. Screaming for several minutes until her throat became sore and raw, she had finally given up, at least for the time being is what she told herself. “Ah, I was wondering when you would wear yourself out” A airy voice said from a distance. Samm's head bolted up.


She declared loudly as a fresh set of tears fell from her face. Small cracks in the left side of the wall soon became more defined, and began to push out into the catacomb.

Samm cried in silent awe. Out of the hole in the wall crawled a beautiful, small blonde woman. She arched her back to a full standing position. From what Samm could tell the girl could be her own age. She had long blonde hair that fell over her shoulders, and was very tiny in stature, probably a few inches shorter then Samm. She wore a black leather corset, a black leather skirt and large leather boots, that climbed up her thigh.

“Hey Samm! You don't know me, but I know you! How are you pal!” The woman said. For the moment, Samm's tears had halted, and she even began to smile at the thought of being saved. “HELP ME! You gotta help me! Please!” Samm said holding her composure. The blonde woman began to laugh hysterically. “Why would I want to help you considering I'm the one who put you here in the first place?” She said giggling.

Samm's smile dropped into an angry grimace and began to shake her arms and legs in an act of defiance. “WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING THIS! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING! WHO ARE YOU!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, her voice cracking.
The blonde woman laughed harder.

“Well Samm, you can call me Doll, and I am doing this, because I don't like spoiled rich bitches like you” Doll said walking towards the girl. ”You see Samm, I work for a very secret government agency whose primary objective is to create and test out new and upcoming war machines. And you just happen to be the first guinea pig in a long line of government testing.” Doll said in a bright and happy voice. Samm looked perplexed.

“You don't get it do you?” Doll said still cheery. “This is your final waltz hun, this is your one patriotic duty before you die. We are about to test our newest war machine on you!” Doll exclaimed happily.

Samm started to cry again. “Wha... wha... Why are you doing this” She managed to say, choking on her own tears. Doll look irritated. “Bitch? Are you fucking dense?” She said walking towards the shackled girl with authority. Doll grabbed Samm's pony tail and pulled it back.

Samm yelped in pain. “I'll tell you one more time, cunt. You have been drafted by your dear old Uncle Sam, for, well, lets just say medical experiments. You'll see what I mean soon enough” Doll said with a firm grip still on Samm's pony tail. The poor girls eyes were wide open from the pain of having her hair being pulled so harshly.

“Pppp...Please... Let go of my hair...” She sobbed. Doll let go of her hair and Samm let her head drop, softly crying to herself, realizing that whatever Doll had in store for her was going to be horrible. Doll started laughing again, but amidst her laughing a buzzing could be heard coming from the hole in the wall.

Doll's head snapped back towards the hole. “Here he comes” She said solemnly. The buzzing grew louder. Samm raised her head again, starring at the wall. The buzzing grew louder. Doll began to back towards the left corner of the wall.

“You see babe, we have been working on a new types of weapons, and your about to meet one of the first specimens” She said pulling a cigarette from the cleavage of her corset. “They say that the South American rain forest is full of undiscovered species, and they were right, for the last ten years we have been finding these new species and containing them for study and mating.”

Doll lit the cigarette and took a long, initial puff from it. “Now babe, what your about to see come out of that hole might seem impossible to comprehend, but its real. The neighboring villagers of this guy called it 'Tin Tok Da Ray', or a more literal term, 'The King of the Bee's' and your about to see why they call him that.”

Doll took another puff of her cigarette. The buzzing grew immensely louder. It was only a few feet away now, Samm could practically feel it. Then, out of nowhere it flew out of the hole. Doll wasn't lying. Samm was horrified to see that out of the hole came a gigantic bee.

It was the size of a huge bird, but was round and heavy. Huge powerful wings carried its immense body, and its large black eyes surveyed its new environment. Like most bee's, it had a huge black stinger on its lower half, dripping a green liquid. Yellowish, coarse hair was found all over its body.

But the most horrid thing was not the bee's size, or the almost brutal looking hair that covered its body. Samm soon realized why Doll had called it the King of Bees. On the lower part of its abdomen was a huge, hairy cock. It had to be bigger than any Samm had ever seen. It was around a foot long, very wide and hung stiffly in the air, clearly erect. Samm's eye's were wild with fear.

“Oh... My... God...” She managed to say to herself. The gigantic insect flew over towards her, its huge black eyes gazing into hers, then raised itself up above her head so its cock was right in the vicinity of her gaping mouth.

Doll began to shudder taking the last hit of her cigarette. “You still don't know what's about to happen do you?” She said almost sympathetically but with a hint of distaste. Samm's eyes were blank. She had heard what Doll said quite clearly, but couldn't respond. “Just don't bite down if you get scared. It wont do much, his cock is harder then steel so it will probably just grind down your teeth” she said making her way towards the hole in the wall. Samm's eyes followed Doll's movement to the door.

“NO! YOU CANT LEAVE! YOU CANT LEAVE ME LIKE THIS! ITS GOING TO KILL ME! ITS GOING TO FUCKING KILL ME!” Samm said finally waking up from her sedated state.

Doll turned around once more with an evil smirk on her face. “Just consider yourself lucky if you die quick, because whats about to happen to you, is a thousand times worse then death” she said going back into the wall. Soon the grinding noise was heard again, and the hole in the wall disappeared, and with it so did all of Samm's hopes.

“NO! DONT LEAVE ME! DONT LEAVE ME! DONT FUCKING LEAVE ME! I'M ONLY 18! I DONT WANT TO D-” she yelled before having the gigantic bee's cock plunged in her mouth with terrible force.

Her eyes bulged. The lining of her throat ripped violently at the sheer girth of the cock that was being pushed in it. Her legs and arms spasmed instinctively. The bee shoved its dick further into her mouth, paving the way for the more lucrative thrusts that were still to come. It began to pull back out slowly, making sure her throat was good and stretched for the coming onslaught it was about to receive.

The bee completely pulled out of her mouth, letting her spit out the blood that had filled inside. “MMM!” She tried to scream but only blood poured out. “MMM!” She tried again but with the same result. “MOMMYYYYYY!” She managed to scream, blood still pouring out of her mouth and tears rolling down her eyes.

“MOMMY!!!!” She managed to scream one final time before the bee forced its cock back in her bloody mouth. It began to thrust in and out with an unbearable fury, dislocating her jaw on its first thrust while all Samm could do was cry.

There is no possible way to describe the pain Samm was experiencing. The creases of her mouth slowly tore open, as the tissue inside began to slowly rip and pull apart.

Her teeth, like Doll had fore mentioned, were being slowly pulled out from the friction of the penis. In one thrust, the bee's cock managed to jaggedly rip out her two front teeth, leaving her nerve endings wildly throbbing, sending waves of pain throughout her tiny body as the bee continued to thrust. The rest of her mouth and throat was raw and sore.

With every outward thrust of its cock, the bee carried overwhelming amounts of her own blood out onto her chin and upper torso. “MMM!!! MMM!!! MMPH!!! MMPHMMMM!!!!” Were the only audible noises she could hear herself make, other than the sound of cock being rammed down her throat.

Every vein in her body seemed to be pushing beyond her skin, as if they were also trying to escape. Even the veins in her eyes were visible and pushing outward, eventually exploding, causing blood to pour from both of her sockets and down her newly contorted face. Needless to say her jaw, which had been dislocated before, was now in several broken pieces.

The actual jaw bone itself had cracked, and was now being bounced around her neck like a chicken bone that a fat man might choke on. Her nose even broke in a few pieces from the overwhelming push of the dick into her mouth. In her tremendous pain, Samm begin to realize why her hair was wrapped into a ponytail.

The ponytail was giving the back of her skull enough cushioning so that the bee's powerful thrust would not crack her skull, they wanted her to suffer.

Doll reentered the containment lab whistling happily to herself. Several televisions along the walls were playing live action feeds of what was happening to Samm from all sorts of different angles. Men in white lab coats set in chairs, and watched with great interest the video of the girl being raped, and slowly tortured.

“She's a tough bitch, ain't she?” Doll said to one of the female scientists in the room. The female scientist looked up at the screen and smiled.

“It would seem the medicine we gave her is working quite well, she is still alive, and more surprisingly, still awake” she said. Doll sat down. “What exactly was that stuff we injected her with anyways, they tried explaining it to me, but I didn't quite understand” Doll asked the female scientist.

The female scientists face was still fixed on the screen. “It was a cocktail of narcotics and stimulants, designed to keep her fully awake and aware of the pain she is experiencing. We need her to suffer or else we can not get an accurate reading on how powerful this new species is” the woman explained.

Doll looked awed. “Wait, wait, wait. So we gave that little girl in there, a bunch of dope, to keep her aware of the agonizing hell she is going through. Sounds like a fun ride, is it for sale” Doll asked smirking. The female scientist laughed and looked at Doll. “Trust me Doll, its not what you think it is.

Everything she is feeling is being magnified by 1000 and it only gets worse. Its easy to say that our little Samm in there is suffering far worse then anyone of us could ever imagine” the female scientist said. Doll laughed. “The devil would envy your work” she laughed getting up from the chair.

“She got some big tits for such a tiny girl, huh Maria?” She said pointing to the screen. The male scientists in the room smiled while the female scientist giggled to herself. “Sometimes your too much Doll” Maria said.

Doll laughed herself, “Its just such a shame that we had to kill her like this, I really could have had fun with that broad, and that pretty little orange bra of hers.” Maria laughed again. “You and your bra fetish, hahaha. But trust me, that girl in that room is suffering more then even you could think of”, Maria said.

“Speaking of that Doll, I am sure you know our procedures by now, we take on girl, we take her whole family. We have Samm's sister in another dungeon, the rest of her family is already dead but we decided since you did such a good job of finding Samm, that we would let you have your way with her sister, Brooke” the female scientist said with a amused look on her face. Doll's eyes lit up.

“You mean she is mine?” Doll asked. Maria sighed and smiled. “Yes Doll, she is all yours. She's in cell A4. We already have her stripped and shackled, and we put her in some clothing you will appreciate” Maria said. “Bra and thong!” Doll asked with a look of a girl on Christmas morning on her face.

“Yes, bra and thong” the female scientist replied. Doll hugged her, “Your the best Maria” she said kissing her on the cheek once before running out the door towards cell A4, whistling happily the whole way there.

Samm couldn't understand it. She was sure she was passed the human threshold of pain, she should have either been dead by now, or at least fainted, but yet she was still alive and awake, feeling every stabbing thrusts of the bee's cock in her now destroyed mouth.

Her teeth lay broken and cracked, either on the floor, or in the middle of the cleavage in her bra. Her jaw was deformed, nose broken, eyes swollen and bloody, the rest of her body convulsed wildly amidst the chains, yet she still wasn't dead.

“How could things get any worse” she would have probably thought to herself, if she could still think to herself but she couldn't, her mind was too busy dealing with the agonizing pain she was going through. And besides, things were indeed about to get worse. Although time was useless to her, it had been around 30 minutes of having the gigantic bee cock shoved in her mouth, and unbeknown to Samm, the bee was about to climax.

With a few last, powerful thrusts of its cock the bee started to cum in the poor girls mouth. The taste of the cum was the final bit to push her over sanity's edge. It was terrible. A bitter, saltiness that almost seemed chunky and sticky, and very hard to swallow but her survival instincts forced her too.

Cum shot wildly in her mouth as its cock still forced its way inside and down her throat, using the cum as a lubricant to push even further into her esophagus. In turn, the cum began to completely avoid her mouth, and shot straight into her stomach. By this time she was completely uncontrollable.

Her voice box was completely destroyed, her tears ducts had exploded, and the lining in her stomach burst from the pressure of the cum. She convulsed madly. Her pony tail was now gone and her hair fell all over her face and shoulders, terribly matted. Her drained, bloody eyes rolled into the back of her head.

She was finally dying. With one final thrust the bee pushed its cock further into her throat then it had ever been, then violently pulled it out. She began to throw up a mixture of her own guts, blood, bile and the bee's cum all over her chest and onto the ground. The bee buzzed angrily at the site of his unused cum pouring out of her mouth, and with that it cast its final blow.

It backed away from the dying girl, and without any sort of pre-preemptive notion, it drilled towards her with its stinger leading the assault. The stinger flew right through the fabric of her orange bra with ease, and into her left breast with a sickening suction type noise, and continued until it plunged directly into her heart. That killed her instantly.

Maria watched Samm with great interest. For one long hour the girl had been forced to suck the biggest cock anyone could have imagined, and she just finally died. Maria smiled as she watched the bee shove its gigantic stinger into the girls heart.

A voice came over the intercom, “Dr. Toomey, Dr. Maria Toomey, your wanted in Cell B8”. Maria's eyes shot up. She was so interested in the Samm project that she had totally forgot of the Kayla project.

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