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The Chronicles of Suzies Descent - part 4

2022-06-21 01:52:59

Part 4

I'd already made an appointment to see my doctor, so the next day I went to see him.

We went through the usual formalities. He checked my blood pressure, etc.

I looked at him kind of nervously and said....

I have this friend and her name is Suzie. She takes the same Hormone and the same dosage as me, but we both seem to be horny all the time.

Elevated libido and slight personality changes are quite normal when you're taking that Hormone and that dosage.
It makes you feel so good, maybe I; umm.... we should double the dosage?

He started to chuckle. I wouldn't suggest doing that; you might struggle with how it makes you feel. Your sex drive would get a lot stronger and bigger.

Well, if that's the case, I....umm, we should be taking 10 times the amount.

He smiled at me and put his pen down. I'm your doctor and everything that we discuss is private and confidential.

Ok, the truth.... Both my sons and several of their friends are fucking my friend Suzie. She REALLY loves being a submissive slut and she doesn't want to stop. In fact, she wants to be TOTALLY out of control (sexually) and completely immerse herself in her sexuality. I think she said she really wants to be a “sex crazed slut”.
She's done other things as well…. things with animals.
She only done them with dogs so far and loved it.
But now she wants, (NO) needs to try BIGGER and better things, if you get my meaning.
And you think that, the answer is to increase the dosage of the Hormones?
Well, if it means that I get fucked a lot more, that can't be a bad thing, can it?

He looked straight into my eyes.... Isn’t it about time that you start being totally honest with me?
I'm guessing that Suzie is your alter ego.

I started to stammer and struggled to say anything intelligible at that point.... Yes!

I'm not supposed to "judge" patients, I'm supposed to listen and remain impartial. Now, "I'm" going to have to trust you and I'll be honest. The story you just told me IS about you and is amazing and I found it VERY exciting. I would really like to hear more about YOU.

I felt a huge sense of relief and a renewed level of confidence.
Everything I just told you is absolutely 100% true. A while ago, my sons TOLD me I HAD to be a slut for anyone that wants to fuck me. I now work as a whore a few times a week and I really enjoy it. So, in my private life and when I’m a whore, I’m Kay and other times, my sons call me Suzie.

Why do they call you Suzie?

My sons bought me a dog costume from a (fetish) animal lover’s web site. It’s designed for a person to fit into. It has the crutch removed and holes for my tits to poke out of. So, a couple of nights ago I got dressed up in it. They took me over to a secluded reserve next to our house and several dogs fucked me, so now he calls me Suzie.

He started chuckling... Why a dog costume?

I found (wearing the costume) very liberating and for the first time in my life, I experienced a completely overpowering urge to mate with another animal. I loved it! I WANT that feeling to consume me….To completely take control of me.

All this talk was very liberating and I was really turned on. My cock was hard and I knew that I would start squirting soon. I undid several buttons on my dress and pulled the lapels apart.

This is what my son had tattooed on me and it's 100% true.

He looked at my tattoo and then saw the bulge in my lap. I could tell by the look on his face that he wasn't being judgmental at all and he was genuinely intrigued.

Stand up and take your dress off, he said.

I slipped my dress off and stood naked before him.
He examined every inch of my body and had a real look of admiration on his face.
He was quite taken aback when he saw my cock.
He reached out and touched it. Your clit looks fantastic, he said.
His face was becoming distorted, as he was obviously very turned on.
I explained that the hormones were making it grow and that I wanted to make it grow a LOT bigger. That my sons had decided it looked like a cock, not a clit. So now we only refer to it as a cock and if you pull on it really hard, it makes my cunt open up!

His face was directly in front of my cock. I couldn't help myself; I started squirting on his face.

He was a little surprised at first, but stayed exactly where he was. He looked up at me and started pulling on my nipple rings really hard.

He reached around and grabbed the cheeks of my ass and said, "Fuck my mouth".

He pulled me forward and I started face fucking him. I was squirting on his face as he was sucking on my cock really hard. A couple of minutes later he got up.
He didn't say a word to me...

He pushed me (face down) on the desk, dropped his pants and proceeded to fuck me really hard. I was squirting all over the floor and I could feel his cock starting to pulse.... he came in my cunt and then he collapsed on top of me.

We finally collected ourselves, had a drink of water and continued on as though nothing was out of the ordinary, except we were both naked and I was pulling on my cock.

I think I've got most of this figured out, but you need to explain about your "thing" with animals.

AS I mentioned, being in the dog outfit, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of being VERY Primal. I enjoyed that feeling so much.

I'm guessing that your inhibitions are causing a "road block", so to speak? He said

Yeah, that's EXACTLY what I think and that's why I asked about changing the hormone dosages.

I've already well and truly violated the "patient/doctor" code, so here's what I'm going to do.

Tell me honestly, how much of your inhibitions do you want to lose?

All of them!

Hmmm....just wait there.

He got up and retrieved a syringe and some medicine that I couldn't read the name of. He gave me the injection and told me to relax.

Wow... Whatever he gave me started working in a matter of seconds and it made me a feel a little light headed, but I felt fantastic!

I'll prescribe you a drug that you can take once a day. The shot I've just given you is the same, but it's absorbed into your body a lot faster. This way you can experience it straight away.

How do you feel, now?

I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of my mouth... I want to suck your cock.

That's exactly what the drug does; it completely removes your inhibitions.
All of a sudden I felt amazingly free.... Free to say whatever I wanted to.

Now, TELL me exactly what you want, he said.


Feel no shame, guilt or embarrassment at all.
Be an obscenely perverted slut.
Matt told me that he's going share me with the "world". So now, I'm going to enthusiastically let anyone at all fuck me in any hole any time they feel like it.
When I have an orgasm, I want to be able to squirt out of my cunt and a hole in the end of my cock and the same time.
Have NO control of when I start or stop squirting or having an orgasm.
NO control of when I'm "on heat" and no control of my actions.
Be able to orgasm continuously for several hours.
The amount of the clear liquid that I'm squirting to keep increasing in volume and I want it to be a pheromone, that animals can't resist.

Ok, so now tell me how far you want to go with the "animal" thing, he said.

When those dogs fucked me, they knew I was "on heat" and I KNEW that's exactly what I wanted. I WANT that feeling ALL the time.

I'm going to stretch my cunt to an obscene size, so horses can easily fuck me and NO ONE is going to stop me doing that. I want to be able to EASILY take a 30-inch cock that’s 6 inches thick.

I want my udders to be LOT bigger and produce milk
I ONLY want to be a sexual creature without ANY inhibitions at all!
He sat there for a minute, absorbing everything that I'd just said. Well, you've come to the right person. I'm going to make you into EXACTLY what you want to be and I won't hold back!

That's fantastic, but how are you going to do it?

He started writing me several prescriptions. It's actually very easy. I won't bore you with all the medical jargon.
Let's just say that you will get exactly what you want and more. I'm going to make you addicted to cum and getting fucked. So addicted that you can't survive without it and it won't matter to you if it's a human or an animal.

There will be other side effects that you experience and I KNOW that you will enjoy them.
I'm not going to tell you what they are; you'll have to wait for the surprise.

All this talk had made me not only horny, but now I had no control.

The doctor bent over to pick up his pants.... quick as a flash, I jumped up and rammed my cock up his ass and started fucking him. He just groaned and said, "This is just the beginning".

Another night of peaceful sleep, well, that is after the boys had fucked me!
I woke up and remembered what had happened over the last couple of days and smiled.
I took my first cocktail of drugs that the doctor had prescribed me and felt really good.
I was in the kitchen (naked) making breakfast when Matt and Steve walked in.... naked.

The first thing that Matt did was to kneel down behind me and pull on my cock. That felt SO good.
They helped me get everything prepared and we sat down to eat.

Everybody was in a good mood and we all felt very comfortable.

I told the boys about my visit to the doctor.
What he had given me (and why) and that I was very enthusiastic about what was going to happen.

I looked at the boys and said, "You know I’ve really enjoyed everything that’s happened so far".
Steve nearly choked on his toast and Matt started laughing.
Yeah, you’re a lot of fun and a great slut, said Steve.
Matt looked at me, I hope you don't think that what I said and did was a bit "over the top"?

It’s all good, if fact I've never been better. I loved every minute of it.
I think you've figured out most of the things that I like to do and how I need to be treated.

Most of the things.... what else don't we know?

Well, there are several things actually. I'm going to grow my pussy hair from now on.
They both looked at me quizzically, why would you do that?
Well, dogs, cows and horses don't shave their cunts, do they?
Both of them nodded in agreement, good point. OK, so what else do we need to know?
With the drugs that I'm taking now, my pussy hair will grow very quickly. So I figure that in about 2 weeks, it will make me look like I have a tail.

Both of the boys sat there wide eyed and smiling.... that's fantastic, mom.

I already know that the "cocktail" will affect me in many other ways, as well. I will get into "Primal" mode VERY easily and soon I will lose all control of when it happens and for how long.

Basically, it WILL totally control me!

I know that the volume of pussy juice I create will increase dramatically. My squirt juice is now a pheromone for animals. I've lost control of how much, when I squirt or orgasm.
It also seems as though my udders, nipples and cock are getting bigger by the day.

I slid the chair back and said, look at this. My cock was standing up about 3 ½ inches and throbbing.
They both started smiling; we LOVE that, the more the better. Seeing as you have a cock, how about from now on, you can ONLY jerk off, like a guy?

That's another great idea and I also should mention that my cock is growing a hole in it. When I cum, it will spray out the end of my cock and out of my cunt, I said.

What else do we need to know about you, mom?

I need to have my cock sucked and yanked on as often as possible.
I am a sexual being... think of me ONLY as a cunt, cock, ass and tits.
Cunts and cocks have feelings, BUT they can't feel embarrassment or humiliation.

She NEEDS to have both of those things and more.

She's actually really easy to please, don't hurt her.
Don't give her give her ANY consideration at ALL, but absolutely abuse her big cunt and cock.
Humiliate and embarrass her... and I’ll be happy.

If you guys leave me alone for any period of time, I WILL find animals to fuck.
After you guys left me in the reserve and came home, I got fucked twice more, before I made it home.
Matt looked at me and looked like he was about to apologize.
I just glared at him and he got the hint.

You HAVE to put a big gate in the side fence, so I can get out or animals can get in.
Just remember that when I'm in Primal mode, I'm Susie, with or without the costume.

I was really turned on and as usual, my pussy juices were dripping on the floor. I slid the chair back, spread my legs and started pulling on my cock as hard as I could.

Matt and Steve got up and both their cocks were rock hard, Matt knelt down in front of Steve and started sucking his cock.
He stopped sucking for a minute; I'm never gonna fuck that (soon to be) horse cunt again.
Then shove your fist in there, just stick something in my cunt.
Nope, you can wait 'till tonight or just jerk off.

I tried to tease him a bit, "you fuck me a lot better than your father ever did and more often".

He didn't fuck you very often, because he was fucking me and still is!

I was so turned on by what Matt had said, my pussy juices were just pouring out.

It was obvious that they weren’t going to fuck me, so I watched them for a little while and (then) went into my bedroom to sulk.

Then I had an idea!

I walked into the kitchen, opened the pantry and took out a large bottle of soft drink and the Maple Syrup.

I walked back into the family room where the boys were fucking. I sat the bottle on the ground, poured the syrup all over it and proceeded to squat down over it.
I didn't take it slowly and I wasn't gentle, I need to get fucked, I announced.

Steve had finished fucking Matt, so he walked over and grabbed a few old books and stacked them under the bottle.
That's better; now see how much you can get in your big cunt.

I pushed down as hard as I could, but I still had about two-thirds of the bottle to go. The boys realized what I was trying to do, so they stood on either side of me and pushed down on my shoulders. It was about half way, more, more... fill my big cunt up, I yelled.

The boy's cocks were rock hard again and I was continually squirting. They started pushing on my shoulders REALLY hard and I felt my cervix open and the bottle slid in a bit further.... what a fantastic feeling!

I HAVE to have an obscenely HUGE cunt, push harder and STRETCH my cunt more!

They didn't need any more encouragement. They "literally" pushed down on my shoulders as hard as they could and the bottle finally slid ALL the way in.

I started shaking and squirting uncontrollably and my cock was sticking straight out!

The WHOLE bottle in my cunt and it felt utterly fantastic... 15 inches long and 4 inches round and ALL of it in my cunt!
The boys sat down to admire their handiwork. Mom, you really do have a huge cunt now, it looks fantastic!

After I had calmed down a bit, I grabbed the bottle and tried to pull it out, but it wouldn't budge.

I looked at the boys and they started to chuckle, don't look at us; this is the start of your training.

But I can't stay like this!

Matt walked over to me and grabbed my nipple rings, dragged me to my feet and stood there looking at me for a few seconds. My cock was obscenely distended. It was easily sticking out about 4 inches and about an inch thick.

It occurred to me that the cocktail was making my cock grow a LOT faster than I first thought.

He grabbed my cock and (literally) dragged me into the lounge room. I tried to walk normally, but the best I could do was waddle. I couldn't walk properly, as my legs were spread so wide apart and I started squirting again!

Steve spread several towels on the floor and sat the coffee table on top of the towels.
He was kind enough to put a couple of cushions on the coffee table.
Matt, then pushed me (face down) on the coffee table and roughly kicked my legs apart.
Is this how you want to be treated?
I just nodded my head in compliance.

Think about this, Matt said, the position that you're in right now, is the EXACT position that you need to be in, when you get fucked by a horse and you ARE going to get fucked by a LOT of horses!

I tried to move forward a bit, but Matt grabbed my cock and dragged me back towards him. God that felt so good!

I couldn't argue with what he said, it made perfect sense and I was still cumming, so I was in no position to argue.
All of a sudden I felt Steve’s cock just "slide" straight into my ass. The syrup had acted as a great lubricant. I kept squirting and I felt his cock cum in my ass.

Matt’s was next and after he came, I was still squirting after he pulled his cock out.
I was still cumming, while I was trying to say.... I can't stay like this!
Matt looked slightly disinterested... Listen, other than your big cunt being so full are you uncomfortable?
He reached down behind me and grabbed hold of my cock again. He started yanking on it REALLY hard. Does this hurt?
No, actually it feels great... but I can't stop cumming and squirting.
Do you really want to?
NO I don't!

I suddenly heard a third voice and realized that my ex had walked in unannounced and standing there watching.

You know, I think dad should fuck you in the ass as well.

Matt disappeared for a minute. When he returned, he was dragging the vacuum cleaner behind him. I should mention that it's a very large industrial model that he bought for me. Steve turned it on and Matt stuck the nozzle over my cock. It was sucking my cock into the hose REALLY hard, but it felt fantastic.

Matt proudly surveyed his handy work and said, You ARE going to stay right where you are for the rest of the day. From now on, you HAVE to use the vacuum cleaner on your cock as often as possible.
Dad, fuck my mom as much as you want, Steve and I going to build the gate and then we're going out... and they left!

Actually, a couple of minutes later, Matt came in with a bottle of water and sat it in front of me. Just in case you’re thirsty, he said. Then he left the room.

I had been squirting almost non-stop for about an hour.
My head was spinning and I was exhausted.
I felt like a rag doll.
My ex did fuck me twice and then he went outside to help the boys.
I dozed off for a while, but every time I woke up I started squirting again.
The vacuum cleaner was so powerful; I could actually feel my cock being stretched. It was sending little electric shocks through me which felt fantastic. I must have really gone into a deep sleep, because I was woken by another cock sliding into my ass.... Hmm, wonderful!
Whoever it was, fucked me and left. This happened several times during the day and every time I felt a cock in my ass, I started squirting again.
I love having a cock in ass, but now my ass was SO sensitive. I smiled and realized that another of the doctor's surprises had occurred... I now had a clit in my ass.
At least (for now) I was only squirting and cumming when I had a cock in my ass!
I was woken by this overpowering feeling, of pressure subsiding. I realized that one of the boys must have cut a small hole in the bottom of the bottle and drained it.

Now that the bottle was empty, I felt it being pulled out of my cunt and then someone disconnected the vacuum cleaner.

After seven hours of listening to the hum of the vacuum cleaner, the room seemed awfully quiet

The boys and my ex were ignoring me and talking amongst themselves. Steve was kneeling down behind me and pulling on my cock. The difference now was he had his "whole" hand around it.
That was a great idea Matt; it's about 4 inches long now and about an inch thick, said Steve. Hey dad, have a look at how big mom’s cunt is, doesn’t that look fantastic?

I looked around and Matt was standing there with a big grin on his face.
They had gone and bought (the huge dildo) Blackie and the horse costume, while I was asleep!

Sit back and watch this dad, said Matt.

Steve dragged me to my feet. I was a bit wobbly at first, so he steadied me.
They proceeded to dress me in the horse costume.
Matt wasn't being gentle at all now. He shoved me back down on the coffee table and (again) roughly kicked my legs apart.
It was a little disconcerting, but I loved being treated like this!
Don't move Susie....As instructed, I didn't move.
Matt rammed Blackie into my cunt, REALLY hard. I felt my cervix instantly spread and I was "full" again. God that felt great.
My ex was laughing, well now you have a really big cunt!
I really do, I said. I NEVER wanted that feeling to stop.
It didn't hurt me, but it did take me by surprise. Hey, take it easy, ok.
I felt someone push down on the back of my legs and "pin" me to the coffee table, I couldn't move!
Matt slapped me on the ass (really hard) several times and snapped at me...
Shut the fuck up, you're just a cunt with a body, so listen carefully to what I'm about to tell you.
First, the only way to get an animal to do what you want is training and discipline.
Second, YOU don't talk, horses can't talk, remember? He said sarcastically.
Thirdly, a "real" horse is NOT going to be gentle with you. As soon as he smells that your "on heat", he's going to mount you and your cunt NEEDS to be ready. He ripped Blackie all the way out of my cunt and I started squirting non-stop.
Are you ready?
I lifted myself off the coffee table a bit and wiggled my ass at him.
He rammed Blackie back into my cunt; I was cumming so hard and shaking.
He ripped it back out of my cunt, but this time I didn't wait for instructions.
I wiggled my ass again.
This time he rammed it in so hard, he nearly pushed me all the way off the coffee table.
I felt him grab my cock and literally drag me back onto the coffee table.
Every time he rammed Blackie into cunt, I was being pushed off the coffee table and every time he would grab my cock and drag me back.
Every time he pulled the dildo out, I could feel my cunt gaping wide open.

He began to get a lot more force full and a couple of times I actually slid off the table onto the floor.
Even after I'd landed on the floor, he would ONLY grab my cock and drag me back onto the table.
He was definitely enjoying this as much as I was.
I heard Matt giving instructions to Steve and my ex.
Come round here and hold on to her cock.
Steve knelt behind me and savagely pulled on cock and didn't let go. My ex was holding my legs.
Matt ripped the monster dildo out again and rammed it back in again with even more force.
I had now lost all control and was squirting continuously. This seemed to go on forever and it felt like all my internal organs were being rearranged to allow Blackie to penetrate me further.
Then all of a sudden I could feel Matt's fingers on my cunt lips.
Tada!.... I had the whole 18 inches in my cunt and it felt fantastic.
I was so proud of what I had achieved.
Matt left Blackie in my cunt and all three of them disappeared.
I laid there for a while, processing exactly how I was feeling.
This was as primal as I've ever felt. I'm a horse and I'm being treated like horse slut.
This is EXACTLY what I want to feel like.
I drifted off to sleep for a while and was woken as I felt Blackie being pulled out of my cunt.
I started sliding backward on the coffee table to stop the withdrawal.
I didn't want to feel empty.... but then I was!