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The Worlds First Futa 03 Futas Big Surprise 3: Futas First Naughty Sorority Party

2022-06-25 00:08:20

The World's First Futa – Futa's Big Surprise

Chapter Three: Futa's First Naughty Sorority Party

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

April 17th, 2047

“How interesting,” Adelia, the caramel-skinned host of the talk show, said. She was interviewing me on my forty-eighth birthday, delving into my life story as the world's first futa. “And I think we all know why a sorority was calling you.”

I grinned at her while a titter ran through the watching audience. They were dark shadows to me thanks to the stage lights shining down on us. But I could feel their excitement. My futa-dick throbbed in my dress, tenting the front. I couldn't wait for the next commercial break so I could get some relief.

“Yep, you all know exactly why they called me,” I said. “But it was a shock to me when Monique Jackson, the sexy, Black sorority president called me. Sigma Lambda Tau, and I mean the entire sorority, wanted me to come over for a private party that night. They'd heard all about women coming up pregnant.

“All of them wanted to be bred by me.”

“I want to be bred by you!” a woman called from the studio audience. “I want to have your futa-daughter!”

My clit-dick twitched.

“It was an orgy, Adelia,” I purred, facing the cameras streaming this interview live to the world across the internet. I smiled at them then launched into the story.


November 16th, 2017

This day was as crazy as the evening when my futa-dick first sprouted back at the end of September. Every woman I had sex with came up pregnant. It didn't seem to matter if she were on birth control or even when in her fertility cycle we had sex. It was like my cum was so potent it overcame any drugs in their body and stimulated their ovaries to release an egg right then and there.

Not only that, but guys were excited by it. And I don't just mean the nerdy Chris was thrilled his girlfriend, Tiffany, was bred by me. He was someone who was already into futas when they were just the product of Japanese Hentai artists. No, other guys, husbands, were happy I bred their women, their wives. One husband, Brendan, begged me to breed his wife in the bathroom of a coffee shop today, and Mrs. Albertson, the second woman I'd ever fucked, showed up at my dorm today with her husband. The man wasn't angry I screwed his wife and knocked her up.

He just wanted to watch me fuck her again.

It was so hot. I got off on him jerking his dick while I fucked his wife hard. I pumped her full of cum this morning.

The box of monster condoms I bought today felt like such waste. Women wanted to be bred by me. I mean, an entire sorority, Sigma Lambda Tau, were throwing a party for me this afternoon after classes were wrapped up for the day at our college, the University of Washington.

The only thing today that happened that had nothing to do with me breeding women was Kurt and Dona breaking up. Not because I knocked her up, Kurt didn't have a problem with it, but because Dona was jealous of Kurt's feelings for his step-sister, Janice. I felt bad for Kurt because Janice was more into having sex with his mother, Mrs. Albertson, than him.

“I'm just tried of feeling used by him,” Dona had told me. “I'm just his rebound girl after, well, you two fell apart.”

“Yeah,” I sighed, believing that easily.

Kurt and I had dated for three years, all through high school. We even attended the same college to stay together, and when I finally gave him my virginity, well, he somehow turned me into a futanari. I wanted him to be happy. I thought he was happy with Dona...

Not much I could do about it. I'd just be there, as his friend, to help him through it.

“Have fun,” Chris told me. He was in my dorm room working on my homework. He helped me out with my schoolwork since I was often too busy fucking other girls to really bother with it. He did it so I would fuck Tiffany a lot. While he watched.

His pregnant girlfriend lounged on my bed, a fresh load of my cum leaking out of her. She looked so happy, staring at Chris with a dreamy expression on her beautiful face. They had ended up together because of me.

It brought a smile to my face knowing I gave people joy.

“Mmm, fuck all those stuck-up sorority bitches real good,” Tiffany said.

“I will,” I purred. Sigma Lambda Tau had a reputation as the rich girl cunt brigade. All of them had come from wealthy families. All of them like to rub that in everyone's faces. They all drove expensive cars, wore designer clothing, and treated college as a place to meet husbands who would land well-paid jobs and keep supporting them.

Perpetual freeloaders. I hadn't fucked a single member of the sorority. We didn't move in the same social circles and they hadn't sought me out like a lot of other girls.

And now they wanted me to breed them?

My dick throbbed hard in my panties and leggings as I sauntered out of my dorm room, my skirt swirling about my knees. I had on a knit sweater and a heavy jacket. Stormy weather brewed outside; a miserable, November, Seattle day.

But not even gusting wind and driving rain could dampen my enthusiasm as I moved across the campus. It was practically a ghost town. Only a few people hurrying through the campus, bent over, not paying attention to their surroundings. I didn't get accosted by any women on my way as I jogged down puddle-spotted paths, my umbrella useless as the rain pelted me from the side.

My jacket was soaked by the time I reached my destination. But my dick was still hard. I had an entire sorority to breed. It had to be the fantasy of so many guys I knew to slip into a sorority and get wild with the girls inside.

And I got to do it. It sent such a naughty thrill through me.

I rang the doorbell.

I heard muffled giggling and shushing. Bare feet slapped on hardwood floors. I trembled, my heart beating faster and faster. I unzipped my coat, water dripping off of me as I waited. The footsteps slapped closer to the door.

It ripped open.

A coed with chocolate-brown skin stood in the entryway buck naked. She had curly-black hair falling about a hungry face with bold cheekbones, her plump lips pursed. Her small breasts rose and fell, topped by dark nipples. My eyes fell on her shaved, wet pussy, pink peeking out of her ebony flesh.

“Ooh, you are soaked,” she gasped, pulling me into the house. “That's no good, Becky.”

“Oh, no, you poor thing,” a girl with short, platinum blonde hair gasped, her round face twisting with concern. She had sparkling, blue eyes and small breasts, her eyebrow pierced by a silver ring. A tongue stud flashed as she spoke. “We have to get you naked.”

“Yes,” purred a girl with dyed-pink hair, the left side buzzed short into a fade that vanished beneath her locks. She had a pink dildo strapped to her waist, her round tits, topped by dark-red nipples, swaying. “Let's strip the futa naked.”

“We're ready to be bred!” moaned a girl with a thick, black bush glistening with her juices. She had round breasts and pale-pink nipples.

“Oh, yes, chica, we're going to eat you up,” a Hispanic girl purred, her big tits, the largest in sight, jiggled and swayed. She held a sexy toy in her hand. Other girls around her also held toys.

They were all naked.

“Welcome,” a brunette said with dusky nipples topping her small breasts. She peeled my wet coat off my shoulders. “We're going to love you.”

“Yes, we are,” the Black girl said, hands on her hips. “Sigma Lambda Tau is going to enjoy every square inch of you, Becky.”

“You're going to breed us all!” whimpered the pink-haired girl, the girlish expression on her face at odds with her punkish aesthetic.

Her dildo swayed before her, quivering as she trembled.

“Sure,” I moaned, my pussy clenching, juices soaking into my panties. “All of you? You all really want to be bred by me?”

“Yes!” chorused the dozen or so girls in the sorority.

“Can't you smell how wet we are?” asked the platinum-blonde girl.

I breathed in deeply and the scent of a dozen different hot pussies, tart and sweet and spicy and tangy, all filled my nose. My eyes fluttered as the girls swarmed in at me. I groaned, in sapphic heaven. An entire sorority to enjoy.

This was my lucky day.

I loved being a futa.

They attacked my clothing. They peeled off my sweater, my blonde locks spilling about my face. Then my bra came off, my round breasts squeezed and kneaded. Hungry mouths found both my pink nipples. My small nose twitched as the sucked, the pleasure shot down to my juicy pussy and twitching cock.

“Let's see that dick!” moaned the Hispanic girl.

“Yes, Martita,” someone else gasped.

They found the zipper to my skirt. It rasped and then hands dragged it down as naked breasts pressed into my back and sides. Hard nipples rubbed on my skin, massaging me. Someone kissed and nibbled on the back of my neck, sending shivers through me. Moments after my skirt yanked down, my leggings and panties followed.

“Her cock!” someone squealed.

A warm mouth engulfed my girl-dick, sucking with the same passion as the mouths on my dick. My eyes widened. My pussy clenched. Pleasure shot down my shaft. Juices ran down my thighs. Someone eles's face nuzzled between my butt-cheeks. A tongue swiped at my asshole, a tongue stud brushing my sphincter.

The girl with platinum-blonde hair ate out my ass.

“Ooh, Cheyenne, that's nasty, licking her butt-hole,” a girl moaned.

“Mmm, yes,” Cheyenne purred, putting another name to a face.

“Who's sucking my dick?” I groaned as Cheyenne's hard tongue stud rubbed on my asshole, sending tinglings racing to my pussy and futa-cock.

“Monique, who else?” the pink-haired girl moaned. “She's the president.”

I shuddered, loving the Black girl's sucking mouth. The sorority president knew how to love a dick. Her tongue swirled around the tip. My eyes fluttered. My nipples ached as much as my shaft did, all three being sucked.

Then I gasped as Cheyenne's tongue penetrated my asshole. She swirled it around through my bowels, stimulating me. My eyes fluttered as her tongue stud rubbed on my sensitive flesh. She probed it deep, my butt-cheeks clenching on her face as my futa-dick throbbed in me.

“Ooh, you can cum over and over again, right?” the girl with the thick, black bush asked, her green eyes smoldering.

“Yes, I can,” I moaned. “I have stamina like you wouldn't believe!”

The girls all cheered in delight. “Then make her cum, Monique!” she said. “Make her cum!”

“Yes, yes, we have to make the puta cum,” Martita moaned, squeezing her big, light-tan tits together, her eyes smoky.

“You will,” I groaned. “You sluts will make me explode!”

“Yes,” the pink-haired girl purred, stroking her dildo like it were a real girl-dick.

My girl-dick throbbed in Monique's sucking mouth.

The sorority girls swelled my excitement so fast. Cheyenne's naughty tongue probed my asshole, the two sluts sucked hard on my nipples, and Monique worshiped my girl-dick. Someone's naughty fingers found my pussy, probing into my depths. They pumped those digits in and out of me, teasing me from the inside.

My cunt tightened on those digits as the pleasure surged through me. I whimpered and squirmed. My eyes rolled back in my head. Their fingers felt so incredible. They made me shudder. My eyes rolled back in my head. My body trembled.

“You wonderful sluts!”

“We're such sluts!” pink-haired moaned.

“Yes, yes, yes, we are, chica,” Martita groaned. “You're going to breed us all!”

The girls whooped in excitement.

And set me off.

My pussy spasmed about the probing fingers. My asshole writhed about Cheyenne's pierced tongue, savoring that hard nodule rubbing into my bowels. My futa-cum fired into Monique's hungry mouth. Rapture rippled through me. Ecstasy jolted through my body.

I cried out as I bucked between them. My nipples ached in the two hungry mouths. I pumped so much girl-spunk into Monique's mouth. I drowned her with my futa-passion. Stars danced through my vision.

“Damn, that was hot,” groaned pink-haired, still fisting her pink dildo.

“Yes, yes, yes,” the girl with the thick, black bush and green eyes whimpered. “Now you have to breed us.”

Monique's mouth popped off my dick. “Starting with me, Becky. I want you to breed my Black pussy with that big, White cock!”

My shaft twitched in her hand, my ovaries aching again, readying a new load of spunk to fire into her. Fertile spunk.

“Yes!” I groaned, not fighting as she pulled me down atop her, the other sorority sisters pulling away from me.

I sank down onto Monique, her dark body quivering on the hardwood floors, her woolly hair spreading out in a frizzy mass, haloing her chocolate-brown, hungry face. She licked her lips as I cupped her dark breast with my ivory hand. I squeezed her, loving the contrast between our skin.

“Let me help you two out,” pink-haired said, falling to her knees behind me. I felt the dildo nuzzle at the entrance to my pussy as she grabbed my cock. She guided me to the sorority president's juicy, hot cunt.

“Mmm, thank you, Gardenia,” purred Monique.

“Yes,” I groaned, my own pussy loving the feel of the plastic cock rubbing against it while Gardenia slid my cock up and down Monique's juicy snatch. Pleasure tingled from both my sexes, my hand tightening on the Black sorority president's breast. “Are you going to fuck me with your girl-dick?”

“Mmm, thought you'd like that,” she purred, lining my cock up at Monique's hole.

Gardenia thrust.

Her dildo buried into my juicy cunt. The impact drove me into Monique's depths. I gasped as I penetrated the Black girl's fertile pussy. My dick throbbed in her depths, my ovaries brimming with cum to breed her. I wanted to do that so badly. I wanted to see this entire sorority round with my babies growing in them.

I pinched Monique's nipple as she shuddered. Her cunt squeezed down on my girth. Gardenia drew her hips back and I chased her dildo withdrawing out of my cunt. It stimulated me as it slid through my pussy, the friction feeling so silky inside of me. My own dick pulled out of Monique's juicy depths, pleasure spilling down my shaft.

Gardenia thrust into me, slamming me back into Monique's cunt.

“Holy shit!” the Black president groaned, her eyes bulging. “Holy fucking shit, that's incredible.”

“She's going to breed you,” the brunette said, her brown eyes so hungry for that same delight, her small tits quivering.

“Yes!” I groaned as Monique's pussy clenched down hard on my girl-dick.

I shuddered between the two sorority girls. Gardenia hammered me hard from behind, ramming her fake cock in and out of my cunt. It felt so good in me, stirring me up, making my pussy clench down on her girth. Her crotch smacked into my rump. Her force drove me deep into the president's tight snatch.

It was heaven in her silky depths. I pumped over and over into her tight glove, her pussy squeezing and clenching about my girth. She was so hungry for my cum, her face twisting with passion. The force of Gardenia's thrusts pressed my round, ivory tits into Monique's small, ebony breasts. Our nipples kissed, pink to dark-brown.

Our lips met. Tongues caressed. We moaned as we shared our passion, our bodies heaving while Gardenia fucked my cunt so hard. My futa-cock throbbed and ached in Monique's depths, the pleasure surging through my body.

“Breed her!” gasped the girls around us. They clapped and whooped. “Breed our president!”

“Breed her Black cunt!”

“Put a futa-baby in her belly!”

“Knock her up!”

My orgasm swelled faster and faster. The stimulation on my dick and in my pussy met the delight of their words. Monique's cunt grew hotter and hotter. Gardenia pounded my cunt faster and faster. Our bodies heaved together, the three of us moving in harmony.

My eyes fluttered. I groaned, my heart thudding faster and faster. I whimpered in delight, my hips wiggling and shuddering, savoring the dildo fucking my cunt while my girl-dick slammed into fertile twat.

Gardenia rammed her dildo into me.

I exploded in rapture.

“Yes!” I howled, breaking the kiss.

“She's cumming in me!” Monique moaned as my futa-dick erupted hot spunk into her depths. “She's breeding me!”

The sorority exploded into boisterous applause as the pleasure surged through me. My cunt spasmed hard on Gardenia's dildo plunging over and over into my cunt, stimulating me. Waves of rapture washed out of my snatch as my dick spurted into Monique's depths.

Her pussy convulsed about my cock. The sorority president's cunt milked my cock. She drained me over every drop of cum while the rapture melted my mind. I groaned and quivered atop her, my breasts rubbing into hers.

“Yes,” hissed Gardenia, stirring my cunt to a hot froth, pounding me so hard. “Yes, yes, yes, breed her!”

“I am!” I groaned, my body heaving, the last blast of my cum firing into the Black girl's fertile depths. “I'm knocking her up right now!”

The girls moaned and gasped around us. They started kissing each other. A tide of lesbian delight burst through them. The brunette and the girl with a thick, black bush squeezed each other's tits. Martita had a pair of sluts sucking at her big breasts. I groaned out in delight, loving this moment while Gardenia whimpered behind me.

“So good!” the pink-haired slut groaned. “Ooh, yes, yes, yes, I love fucking a girl! And you're a futa!”

“I am!” I moaned as my pleasure peaked in me. “And you're getting bred next!”

“Yes!” moaned Martita. “Someone give me those anal beads. I'm playing with her ass.”

A dizzy wave of lust ran through me as Gardenia ripped the dildo out of my cunt. I groaned, pulling my dick out of the president's pussy. White cum poured out, staining her dark flesh as it ran down to the floor. I whirled around and came face to face with the pink dildo.

I sucked her dildo into my mouth like it were a real cock. I tasted my own sweet juices on it. My eyes squeezed shut a I savored my flavor, sucking on it like it were a real cock. My futa-dick twitched as I knelt there and—

Something rubbed between my butt-cheeks, the tip round like a...

Anal beads!

They slipped between my butt-cheeks. I shivered as they slid through my crack and found my asshole. I moaned about the dildo coated in my sweet juices. I sucked so hard on the fake cock as Martita teased my sphincter.

Then she pressed it forward. The first bead popped into my asshole. I shuddered as the second nudged at my anal ring. It stretched open to swallow the sphere. Then a third, wider than the last two. Then the forth, the fifth. I whimpered, each bead thicker than the previous one. My eyes squeezed shut as they popped one after the other into me, filling up my bowels.

They stimulated my anal sheath, making dick throb and ache. I could feel all ten beads in me. They reached so far, the length of my own girl-cock. My pussy clenched as I bobbed my mouth on the dildo. My eyes squeezing shut.

“Ooh, yes, that looks so naughty,” Martita moaned. “Your ass is stuffed full with anal beads, Becky.”

“Makes my pussy so wet watching them pop in!” groaned Gardenia, her short, pink hair sweeping about her hungry face. Light glinted off the piercings adorning her nipples. “God, I need to be bred by you.”

“Yes, breed her,” moaned Monique.

Gardenia ripped the dildo out of my mouth and fell to her hands and knees before me, wiggling her hips. The fake cock swung hot-pink between her thighs, still pressed against her clit. But I could see the folds of her cunt. I could just slip into her cunt with her wearing it.

I moved towards her, my bowels clenching around the anal beads buried in my depths. Martita followed me, pressing her big boobs into my arm as I lined up my dick at Gardenia's cunt. I rubbed my cock up and down her slit as she groaned.

“That's so hot!” moaned the brunette. She fell to her knees before Gardenia, spreading her thighs wide, her trimmed, brown bush soaked with her juices.

“Ooh, I've wanted to eat your pussy for so long, Keely,” Gardenia moaned before she buried her face into that hot snatch.

“Ooh, I should have let you,” Keely moaned, her small breasts quivering. She pulled on her dusky-pink nipples as Gardenia feasted.

“Are you a lesbian?” I asked Gardenia. “Will this be the first time a cock has ever entered your cunt?”

“Yes!” she moaned into Keely's hot snatch.

A hot shudder ran through me. “I didn't expect to find virgin pussy here!”

“Mmm, we do have a reputation of being cock-hungry sluts, don't we?” moaned Martita.

I didn't tell them what the actual rumor was. Not when they were being so welcoming to me. Instead, I thrust into Gardenia's pussy, my asshole clenching down around the anal beads. I shuddered, drinking in the delight of sliding into hot pussy at the same time my bowels clenched around those wondrous spheres.

I whimpered, gripping Gardenia's hips and fucking the pink-haired slut's cunt hard. The lesbian moaned so loud into Keely's pussy as she took her first ever real cock. A girl's cock. A dizzy wave of euphoria washed through me at that thought.

“Mmm, fuck the lezzie-slut hard,” Martita said. “Breed her dyke-cunt. This was all her idea.”

“She just wanted to lick our pussies,” Keely moaned, grinding her snatch into the lesbian's face. “Ooh, god, we should have let her. She's amazing. Yes, yes, yes, Gardenia, jam that tongue into me.”

I shuddered, fucking her hard, my bowels clenching down on the anal beads. They felt so naughty buried in my asshole, stimulating me from the inside. They sent such waves of heat billowing through me. I groaned, sucking in deep breaths. My breasts bounced before me, slapping together. My blonde locks swept about my shoulders.

It was incredible. All the girls were moaning about me. A White girl feasted on the creampie I left in Monique's pussy, the sorority president's dark thighs locked about the girl's head. The girl with the thick bush sixty-nined with a girl with dark-red skin, both moaning together as they feasted on each other's snatches.

It spurred me to pound Gardenia so hard, to ram my cock deep into the lesbian's pussy. I came closer and closer to breeding her snatch with every thrust of my girl-dick into her juicy snatch. Her virgin, lesbian snatch.

“Ooh, yes, you are my little dyke-whore, aren't you?” I gasped, pounding her so hard, my tits heaving as my strokes increased. My bowels clenched so hard about the anal beads.

“Yes, yes, fuck her, chica,” groaned Martita. “Just pound that little lesbiana puta hard. She loves it.”

“I do,” Gardenia groaned, her cunt clenching down hard on my dick. “Oh, wow, a real cock feels so different from a dildo. This is incredible. Oh, Becky, yes! Yes! Keep fucking me! Keep plowing that girl-dick into my depths.”

I rammed deep into her, my eyes rolling back in my head. My tits heaved as the pleasure built inside of me. The stimulation of her cunt met the delight of my bowels gripping down on the anal beads. I whimpered, pussy juices running down my thighs.

Then she bucked and moaned into Keely's cunt. Her pussy convulsed about my dick. My eyes widened. The lesbian's snatch milked my cock, so hungry for my jizz. I shuddered, thrusting even harder into her molten depths, her pussy cream spilling out of her and joining the flood of my own running down my thighs.

“Yes, yes, yes, cum on my dick, you little lezzie-slut!” I hissed.

“Yes!” she groaned. “Breed my lesbian-cunt! Plant a girl-baby in me! A futa-baby!”

“Yes!” Martita hissed and ripped the anal beads out of my asshole.

“Holy shit!” I screamed and exploded.

The feeling of those beads popping suddenly out of my asshole one after the other sent a jolt of lightning right to my ovaries. The rapture set off my orgasm. As the anal bead ripped clear of my sphincter, my cock rammed to the depths in Gardenia's cunt.

My entire body quaked and convulsed as my orgasm surged out of me. My cum pumped over and over into her convulsing depths. Pleasure shot to my mind, melting my brain, as my jizz fired over and over into her.

I bred the lesbian.

It was so hot.

And more women moaned around me. All of them eager to be bred. Martita pressed against my body, rubbing her wiry landing strip of pubic hair and hot cunt against my hip. She had a fertile pussy needing to be bred, too.

“My turn, chica?” she asked, her voice so smoky as she nuzzled against my ear. Her tongue licked my lobe as I moaned, Gardenia's pussy milking out every drop of my cum.

“Yes!” My body shivered. Pleasure convulsed through me. “Yes, it is! I'm going to breed you so hard. I'm going to make you explode.”

“Mmm, wonderful,” she purred. Then she tilted my head towards me and kissed me with hot passion on the mouth.

Her tongue delved deep into me as she pushed me back. My cock popped out of the lesbian's cunt. I stretched out on my back. Her breasts pressed into me as she followed me down, straddling me with deft skill. Her hot pussy rubbed on my belly as she broke the kiss, rising up, her tits jiggling above me.

They were so delicious, this wonderful shade of tan, topped by brown, fat nubs. She had a smoky look in her eyes. She licked the anal beads, running her tongue up and down the bright-orange sex toy, enjoying the taste of my ass.

Then she did something really naughty. She lifted up and shoved the fingers of her left hand into her pussy and pulled out a small, bright-blue egg vibrator coated in her juices and humming away.

“You nasty slut,” I groaned, grinning at her as she held the toy in her hand.

She smiled around the anal beads as she rose and worked her body backward until she straddled my waist, her pussy rubbing on my futa-dick. I grabbed my cock, guiding it to her cunt's entrance while she fucked the anal beads in and out of her mouth.

She brought the vibrator to my right nipple.

I groaned at the humming delight electrifying my nub. My eyes squeezed shut as the pleasure surged through me. I groaned and shivered. It felt so incredible. She worked it around my areola as she sank her pussy down my cock.

“Fuck!” I breathed as her tight, Hispanic pussy engulfed my cock, her pillowy tits swaying.

She moaned about the anal beads, cheeks hollowing as she kept sucking.

Her eyes smoldered as she rode me with slow, deliberate passion. Her pussy clenched hard on my girl-dick, sucking at my cum brewing in my ovaries. I groaned, eager to breed another pussy as she massaged the dildo around me.

“Yes, yes, fuck me!” gasped Keely in the background. “Ooh, Gardenia, yes!”

More moans echoed around the room as I watched Martita's tits rise and fall. They were so hypnotic. I couldn't look away from them as they swayed. Her pussy clenched and relaxed on my dick, squeezing as she rose up my shaft, increasing the suction on my ovaries.

She switched the wet egg vibrator from nipple to nipple, touching each turgid nub. Sparks shot through me every time. My eyes squeezed shut. I let out long, sighing groans as my body shivered beneath her. My futa-dick throbbed in the depths of her cunt.

“Oh, that's so good,” I told her. “Ooh, yes, you're making me feel so amazing, Martita.”

She popped my anal beads out of her lips and purred, “Good.”

Then she reached behind her. She whimpered as her tits shook. I could feel the beads filling her asshole through the thin walls separating her bowels from her cunt. She worked them deeper and deeper, adding another layer of stimulation as her pussy slid up and down my dick. My eyes widened. I groaned, trembling, my futa-dick throbbing in her depths.

“Oh, wow,” I groaned, sucking in deep breaths. “Oh, that feels so nice.”

“Uh-huh,” she panted. “Both my holes filled!”

“Keep riding me and I'm going to breed you!”

She beamed at me, her dark eyes fluttering. She slammed her pussy down my cock, engulfing every inch of it. Her breasts swayed together. She licked her lips, her body shivering. Her back arched as she let out such a wanton, shuddering moan. Her cunt clenched so hard on my girl-dick.

She pressed the vibrator hard into my right nipple, pressing the nub into my areola. The humming bliss shot down to my pussy. It clenched, the heat increasing around my ovaries, bringing me closer and closer to erupting.

“Oh, god, yes,” I panted. “I love this. Keep riding me. Make me cum! I want to explode into your pussy. I want to breed you!”

“Si, do that!” she groaned. “Your cock breeding me would be amazing, chica! Ooh, you are such a pretty futa. A linda.”

“Yes,” I panted, not sure what linda meant, but it sounded sexy.

“Breed my naughty cunt!” she moaned, rubbing the vibrator in circles on my nipple as she slammed her pussy down my cock, the anal beads rubbing on my shaft.

I could feel each sphere. It stimulated the tip. My dick throbbed. She rose up, her pussy squeezing hard. My toes curled. My ovaries clenched. I let out a wanton moan as the pleasure rippled out of my snatch and fired out of my dick.

My cum pumped into her fertile depths. Her eyes widened as she slammed down my dick. She trembled, licking her lips. Then her pussy went wild about my cock. She bounced on me, her pussy milking my dick as her tits heaved above me.

“Yes, yes, fill me up with all your futa-cum!” she howled, the vibrator spilling out of her hands and rolling between my tits. It hummed away there as she thrashed. “Oh, my god, this is incredible. You're breeding me, chica! You're breeding my naughty clam!”

“I am!” I gasped, stars burst across my vision as her hot and hungry holes sucked at my dick.

“Cum breed us, Becky!” moaned a voice. “Fuck us both!”

“It's our turn,” a second girl said as Martita slumped over me.

I looked to my right. The girl with the thick, black bush and the girl with the brown-red skin of someone from the Indian subcontinent lay atop each other, their pussies pointed right at me. They both had dark bushes, the Indian's girls neatly trimmed compared to the White girl's wild thicket. The contrast of ivory and cinnamon skin made me groan, my dick twitching in Martita's cum-filled cunt.

“Breed them, chica,” she groaned. “Fuck Stephany and Navneet hard.”

“Yes, yes,” Navneet, the Indian girl lying on the bottom, moaned, her toes curling.

“Just ram back and forth between us!” groaned Stephany. “Breed both our pussies at the same time, Becky!”

“Yes,” I gasped then groaned as Martita rolled off of me. She fell onto her back, panting, her breasts piling into two lush mounds. Monique nuzzled her ebony face between them.

I crawled towards the two sorority sisters tribbing their pussies together, their black bushes drenched in their juices. The vibrator fell to the floor, left to buzz on its own. My futa-dick dripped Martita's pussy cream as I came closer and closer.

“Breed them!” Gardenia gasped, the slap of flesh on flesh growing louder and faster. Keely moaned out in rapture, sounding like she was cumming on the lesbian's dildo.

I reached Stephany and Navneet. I smiled as I pressed my dick from Stephany's wild bush to Navneet's tamed, loving the silky feel of their wet pubic hair. I felt the heat of Navneet's cunt bleeding through her fur. I found the entrance.

I rammed my girl-dick deep into her pussy. She groaned, her cinnamon-hued fingers dug into Stephany's asshole as I fucked into her depths hard. I pounded her, my breasts bouncing before me. I savored plunging into the Indian girl's cunt.

But I didn't stay long in her. After a few strokes of bliss, I ripped out of her and rammed into Stephany's juicy snatch. The White girl clenched her ass and trembled atop the Indian girl. They moaned, their lips smacking together as they loved each other.

It was so beautiful. I loved it. I pumped away at Stephany's cunt before I switched back to Navneet's hot snatch. It was so wonderful fucking them both, going back and forth between European and Asian cunt.

They both felt so similar and so different all at the same time. I studied their cunts as I swapped back and forth. While they both had that wonderful, silky delight that all pussies possessed, Navneet's was tighter at the entrance to her cunt while Stephany's middle really squeezed down on my sensitive crown as I fucked into her.

“Oh, yes,” I groaned. “You both are incredible.”

“It's amazing!” Stephany whimpered as I slammed my girl-dick into her dick, soaked with Navneet's juices. “You're pressing my clit into Navneet's.”

“Uh-huh,” the Indian girl moaned with that melodic accent. “It's just delicious.”

“Yes!” I gasped and ripped my girl-dick out of Stephany's cunt and rammed into Navneet's hot embrace.

“I'm going to cum!” the Indian girl moaned.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Stephany gasped, her hips still wiggling as I fucked the other girl's snatch. “Me, too.”

“Ooh, yes, I want to feel both your snatches spasming about my dick! I wish I had two cocks!”

I ripped out of Navneet's and plunged into Stephany's. The girl's cunt squeezed down hard. Then she came. Her pussy spasmed about my girl-dick. The pleasure rippled about my cock. It was incredible. I whimpered, not wanting it to ever end. I wanted it to continue for ever and ever. To keep convulsing about me. To keep me shuddering and moaning in bliss.

But I pulled out and thirst into the Indian girl's snatch only to find her pussy already spasming. She'd cum when Stephany had, both sluts kissing each other as they shared their rapture. I shivered, fucking back and forth between their massaging depths, their cunts sucking at my girl-dick.

“Fuck!” I moaned, erupting into Navneet's pussy first.

I fired a blast of cum into her pussy. It was so hard to rip out of her. I just wanted to stay buried in her convulsing depths. My second blast splattered across both their black bushes as I switched up to Stephany's pussy. I rammed into her and unleashed a third blast.

“She's breeding us!” gasped Stephany, her pussy writhing about my cock.

A fourth blast fired into her, ecstasy screaming through my mind. I yanked my dick back out of her, switching down to Navneet's again. I painted another ropy line of spunk across their black strands before my last spurt erupted into the Indian girl's fertile depths.

“Two girls, one orgasm!” cheered Keely, falling to her knees beside me. “That makes it my turn to get bred, right?”

“Right!” I moaned, ripping out of Navneet's cunt. The two girls I just bred spun around into a hungry sixty-nine. They licked at the other's pussy, feasting on the creampies I left in them. It didn't matter. I fired so much sperm into a woman, there was more than enough to spare.

Keely, the naughty brunette, pushed me down onto my back then impaled herself on my cock. I shuddered, moaning, knowing this night was just getting started. I'd have to fuck every girl here more than once.

Just to make sure they were bred.

“We're making a baby!” Keely howled as she rode my cock so hard. “A futa-baby!”

“Yes!” I moaned, another orgasm building inside of me. I loved being a futa. I loved breeding women.


April 17th, 2047

“That night was just a blur of sex after Keely jumped on me,” I said to the studio audience, my pussy so wet and my cock so hard from remembering my first sorority orgy. “I don't really remember who I fucked after her. It just got wild. I had a butt plug in my asshole at one point. I think Gardenia put that in me.”

The studio audience laughed.

“Anyways, I woke up the next morning in the living room, all of us smeared in pussy cream and futa-cum. They were all so happy. And, of course, two weeks later, the entire sorority had positive pregnancy tests.”

“We have a picture of the Sigma Lambda Tau sorority taken on June 19th, 2018,” Adelia said, glancing at a large monitor to our right. “It appeared in the University of Washington's college's 2018/2019 brochure.”

“Yeah, they were using my attendance at UW to attract students,” I said. “They even gave me a full ride scholarship.”

A picture of me and the members of the sorority in bikinis appeared on the screen. They were all round with their pregnancies, each holding their bellies. They all looked so proud at seven months, so happy to be bred by me. Their joy was unmistakable.

“You can't see it, but Navneet and Stephany are wearing engagement rings. They got very close after the orgy. They're still married and happy to this day, proud of their two daughters conceived that night.”

The studio audience all let out an aahhing sigh.

“In fact, every one of them had a healthy futa-daughter,” I said, smiling in delight, “all within a few days of each other. But they weren't my first futa-daughters born.”

“We all know the world's second futa. She was a big help to you during your presidential campaign.”

I smiled and nodded. “Yep, Lola Anderson was born to Janice on July 17th, 2018 at 20 pounds, 8 pounds, 3 ounces, and 20 inches long. The next day, Mrs. Albertson gave birth to my second daughter, Rebecca, and a few hours later, Melany Atkins had my daughter, Bethany. After that, more and more daughters were born. Professor Rider had my Leah two days later. Rhea and her wife had their daughters three days apart. Tiffany was so happy to present Christina to Chris. They still dote on her. Dona had Danielle, the light of her life.

“By the end of that summer, I had so many daughters I couldn't even keep track of them.” I squirmed. There was a tiny part of me that felt guilty because I didn't even know a fraction of all my daughters. There were just so many of them. “But their mothers didn't mind that I wasn't around. None asked for child support, which was good. I had no idea how I would provide for them. I was a poor college student.”

“Well, everyone made sure your special daughters were supported,” Adelia said. “The third gender was a celebrated by many.”

I nodded my head. “As I started my sophomore year, I knew that every day at least one woman was giving birth to one of my daughters. I had so much sex my freshman year. It was a blur of pussy. I just found it so enjoyable to pump away in a woman's fertile cunt. Young or mature, married or single. It was just hot.”

“And did you ever use those condoms?” asked Adelia.

“Nope.” I grinned at the audience. “I don't even know what I did with them.”

The studio audience laughed. My futa-dick throbbed. Telling the story of the orgy made me so hard. I just wanted to erupt right now. I needed that commercial break to start so I could get some satisfaction.

“So, at the start of your sophomore year was when you joined your college's cheer squad.”

“Well, they were in desperate need of members since half of the squad from the previous year were pregnant,” I said. “And it was such a naughty time for me.”

“Sounds like a naughty story,” Adelia said.

“It is,” I said. “Almost as naughty as my stint on that Japanese game show!”

“Or making a porno about yourself?”

I grinned at her. “Well get to those stories, I promise.”

“Okay, so when we return from our commercial break, we'll get to hear Becky describe her time as a cheerleader in so much detail.”

The studio audience thundered in applause as the red lights on the cameras turned off. I groaned, so eager to tell more of my life as my loving, young, pregnant wife hurried out to attend to me. She had such a friendly smile on her lips, her blue eyes twinkling.

I loved my Sharron so much. I was glad I finally found a woman I could love.

The END of This Tale of the World's First Futa