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Wild For Me

2022-08-06 00:09:29

It was Friday and nobody else was at home but me and the housekeeper guy.

His name was Elmer and he wasn’t that hot, but something in me just yearned to touch him and feel my hands all over his body. Sometimes when he swept, he did it shirtless and I was always somewhere near looking at him as he did it.

I’ve been confused with what I felt for him since the day he came inside my house to work. He didn’t have the chiseled looks, the rock hard abs, or any qualities that would grab my attention. The thing was, I just craved to feel his body on top of me and his cock inside of me.

“Hey, Elmer,” I greeted him.

“Hi, John,” he smiled, and damn if I could only taste those lips with mine feel my tongue with his.

“Where’s Maya?” I asked. Maya was our laundry woman. I didn’t see her often enough, but I just wanted to make sure it was just Elmer and I inside the house so I could pull my plans in action.

“Oh, Maya went home early. Don’t worry, she already finished hanging the laundries and would put the in your tomorrow.” He answered.

“Okay the. So it’s just you and me here?” I giggled. Damn I was terrible at flirting.

“Yeah. Just you and me.”

I left him to finish his job mopping the floor. As I trotted away I couldn’t help laughing at myself at how perfect this was. My cock was getting hard, and I couldn’t wait to taste him.

Elmer was older than me by 6 years and I think that’s what’s turning me on. The thought of some older guys getting their way with me sparked my libido to amazing extents.

I waltzed into my room and pulled out my little black box from under the bed. I was a submissive at heart. I love the feel of big men using me and I serving them with anything they want. So far, I didn’t meet the perfect guy. I know Elmer isn’t a Dom. He’ll, he’s as vanilla as you can get. And he’s kinda religious, too. The thought of corrupting the guy was just tempting and don’t I just love delving to temptation.

My little black box had all I ever needed. I pulled out the cock pluck and squirted some lube into it before pushing it inside my ass.

The plug was cold, nothing a warm huge cock that I desired. As it penetrated me inside and rubbed my prostate in the process, I groaned.

“Fuck,” I gasped.

Instead of just leaving it inside of me to prep myself, I started to thrust it in and out of me.

“Oh Yes! Yes! Fuck me, Elmer!” I fantasized his giant cock pounding me in my ass. The thick phallus was super thick just like I want them. I hoped that Elmer’s was as big or even bigger than this one.

My hand found my cock and I started to pump it as the other one fucked my anus.

I moaned and ruled my fuck harder than ever. The sweet friction was welcomed and I delved in it. “Ooh… fuck! Fuck me!“ I groaned.

“So close… more… more… ahhhh!” I screamed as burst after burst of cum came out from the slit of my penis.

Cum splattered on my abdomen, its white thickness lured my attention. I swiped some of it off of my pelvis and began to lick it earnestly. The bittersweet taste tickled my taste buds and I just craved for more. I swiped some more until there was no ounce of cum left on my skin.

I growled in frustration. I needed more cum.

I’ve always fantasized on bathing in a tub full of sweat salty cum. Men would surround me and they would keep stroking until more of their precious cum would spurt out of their thick clocks. The fantasy was enough to get me hard again, but I had to focus. There was more important stuff on hand, like seducing/molesting Elmer and having his cock right inside my mouth or ass, whichever came first.

I put some new clothes on and threw my old ones in the hamper.

Grabbing my alley and keys I slipped outside my house and ran into Elmer shirtless again and with a garden hose close to his groin looking like his dick.

“Hey, boss,” he said. “Where ya headed?”

Before I could reply, I was distracted by his abs and my eyes were locked on the drop of water sliding down the center of his pecks and on his abs and down to his tight shorts.

Sweet blazes. I don’t know if that was sweat or water, but I was whimpering by the sight of it.

“Boss?” Elmer snapped me out and I frazzled trying to hold myself Straight.

“Er—um, Yeah. I’m headed out,” I replied, quickly grabbing my composure.

“Uh, you okay there boss. You look a little bit thrown out.”

“I’m fine, I’m fine. I’m just a little but dizzy. It’s probably the heat. It is hot out here right now, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it is.” He bought my bluff.

“Well, I gotta get going. See ya later.” I parted from him and quickly rushed inside my car. I felt for my dock and of course it was hard as a rock.

When I started the engine and the car vibrating to life, I squirmed in my seat. Damn. It was like someone was grabbing my ass cheeks and fixing me up before a good fucking.

Waving the arousal off of me, I sped throughout the town and drove to X&X. It was an adult toy store catering a wide variety of apparatuses that was surely going to bring you to a state of fun filled sexually ecstasy.

Pushing the door as I went inside, the doorbell chimed and within seconds, Hallie was suddenly right in front of me.

“Hey Jayjay!” She exclaimed while hugging me with that big bear hug of hers.

“Hey Hal.”

Hallie was like a big sister for me. We’ve been friends for seven years and we definitely did not have sex with each other. That was just gross. She protected me like a mother hen would and had always been with me in my toughest time like when I was in high school and those jockey jerks grabbed me and had beaten me, calling me a faggot.

I’m definitely gay to the core and I have accepted and loved myself ever since I knew. I knew that I was gay from the moment when Krissy, my Secret-Santa from middle school kissed, me on the cheek since we were all required to before we gave our gifts.

“So… what brings you here,you devious vixen?” There she went again with that Vixen name. Honestly, I don’t know how this chick’s brain works.

“You know Elmer, right?” I said.

“Ooh, your gardener?” she giggled. “He’s so totally hot! Well he’s not as hot as my hubby Josh, but he’s kinda hot. He’s got that sorta vibe running into him that makes him like a sex magnet.”

“He’s actually my house keeper. You know, he cleans and stuff. And yeah, I’ve … well… I’ve just been meaning to… ya know… use my charms on him? Maybe?” I shrugged.

Hallie chortled. “Hah! Listen, Jay, I don’t think ‘charm’ is a word you’d use. Like seriously, I had counted how many boys you rode like a cowboy and right now I’ve even lost count. I’m even still amazed after all these years; you still haven’t gotten STDs or something.”

“Well maybe that’s because I’m careful? And I check the guys I’m seeing out before I ‘rode them like a cowboy’?” I literally put air quotes on the riding cowboy part.

“You mean check out the package their carrying and estimating about how large and thick or long it is?” she’s practically I’m Lala land right now.

And I gave up. “Okay, maybe that too. Let’s just go with both sides.”

“Hah! I knew it! You can never hide from me, Jay. I can read you like an open book.”

“Hmph. So says the girl who once read a Math Book upside down in Senior year.”

“Ouch. Now that just hurts. Besides, who cares about Math and all that number jazz. Numbers aren’t just my forte. And toys, especially the explicit ones, now that is the kind of field I’d love to study.”

“Okay. Enough of these. I’m here looking for some Mexican Viagra, four silver hand cuffs, and a gag.”

“What are you planning in Jay? You gonna rape him?” Since when had she become an inquisitor?

“I don’t know. Maybe ‘molest’ or ‘seduce’ him, I think.”

“Well, just don’t get yourself caught. You’d not want to get arrested or whateves.”

“Trust me, I’ll be safe. I think. So do you have the goods?”

Hallie lead me to a shelf that was just full of boxes neatly organized on top of each other. I’m starting to think that Hallie has a thing for a rainbow because the boxes were lined up more accordingly to the colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.

“So you want the Mexican right?” Hallie put a small Orange box that had a huge erection as its cover.

“Yeah. Would this be work?”

“Honey, I tried it on Josh and yeah it was okay, I guess. But for this whole plan you’re doing, I thought I’d try to convince you something better.”

“And what’s this better thing?”

Hallie left me for a moment and went to the door of the storage room. She came back with a small bottle in hand.

“This, mi amigo, is the atomic explosion of all viagras. Now I don’t know how to pronounce this drug because the writing all gibberish, but this little fella here has been sold hush-hush. I haven’t tried it on Josh yet, but I’ve heard from a friend of mine who know guy who used this and the guy was like a sex crazed animal. His partner loved it and from I’ve heard, they’d had sex for while night! The guy literally couldn’t stop from humping her! I’ve heard that he couldn’t think straight and all he could think about was fucking.”

“I’ll take that one.” I said straight forward.

“WHOAH. Really?!” her face was full of shock as if she’d just been electrified. “For a minute there, I thought you wanted to buy this thing.”

“No. I want that and I intend to buy it.”

“I’m just a bit worried, Jay. I know what I’ve heard about the effects of this drugs to men and all, but I haven’t heard of the side-effects, you know? You’re my friend, practically like a baby brother to me. I want to look out for you and I don’t want you to get in any trouble. I was just showing it off for bragging.”

“Seriously, Hallie. I want it, heck, I definitely need it.” I pleaded.

Hallie gave an exasperated sigh and conceded. “Well, from what I also heard. The guy practically didn’t remember what happened with the sexcapade. Hence, the reason why this thing is sorta illegal. The government and FDA isn’t really aware of this drugs and so do many people. I mean, come on, who would want to use a stimulant that would make the other person forget in the next morning?”

“Which is why I need it, Hallie. It’s perfect!” I could have Elmer fuck me like a wild animal and he wouldn’t remember anything that happened the next morning he wake up.

“How much supply do you have of this, Hallie?” My eyes were just beaming with excitement.

Hallie sighed and left me and came back again with a small box in hand and laid it on the counter. “Including the one I showed to you, I have about a triple dozen. Good enough for unbelievably 2 and a half years if you were like to have sex everyday twenty-four seven or something, but that would be crazy. All these would cost about two-hundred bucks.”

“Two hundred bucks, really?” that was kinda cheap if you did the math.

“Hon, the thing makes users forget their sex even with how amazing the sex is. No couple wants that.”

“Well, you got a point there.”

“So,you takin all of it?” She asked as if I’d change my mind. Not that I’d ever back down from this.

“I’m definitely taking it.” I already dropped my credit card on the counter and both of my hands were already on the small box.

“Just be careful, okay?” she eyed me seriously, again with that weighty stare of hers.

“I promise.” And then I got out.

When I turned up at my place, the sun was already setting and it was twilight. Carefully checking my back and making sure that none of the stuff I hand could be seen from the outside, I proceeded quickly inside the house, hoping that Elmer was at his room where he stayed at the house.

Thankfully I made it into my room with no Elmer in sight and began to discharge all the stuff I bought from X&X.

I didn’t want anybody seeing this weird drug I’ve bought. Like Hallie said, the words were unrecognizable. They looked like Islamic or probably Russian. I was horrible at learning other languages like Spanish which u had to take in high school. Remembering about those horrid hours now sent chills through my spine.

I decided to name the drug Berserk since it makes a guy wild for sex and all. I thought that the night was gonna be a night to remember.

I quickly grabbed my little black box fast and pulled out my anal plug and some lube out it. I squirted a generous amount of lube onto my anal plug and began to probe my ass to relax my muscles. I wanted no distractions while Elmer fucked me. If he was going to thrust deep inside me, he was gonna do it in one hard thrust.

I moaned as the plug finally got in. I felt full and standing or even moving while this thing was inside of me was almost enough to make me come.

Before I left my room, I made sure that everything was in place. The toys I were planning on playing with tonight were all set in the little bag on my bed, 2 pills of Beyer were carefully tucked inside my right pocket, and the plug was deep inside me. Perfect.

Stepping inside the kitchen, I found Elmer already preparing the table for me. He usually just prepared my meals and then left off probably to his quarter and there he would eat. I always felt bad that he always ate there on his own, but tonight may be a tad bit different.

“Hello, Elmer.”

Elmer turned and nodded his head. “Hey, boss. Didn’t know you’re already here. I’ve prepped the table for you and the food you ordered are on the way. The usual.”

“Thank you Elmer.” I smiled at him. “You’re always going out there to make my day great as always.”

“Anything for you, boss.” There he was at it again with that cute, alluring smile.

“Anything?” I started to flirt a bit.

“Uh, Yeah. Anything I can do or is within my capabilities at least.” He laughed as if he made a joke.

“Well then, why don’t you join me for dinner?” I suggested. “You eat alone in your room and that seem kinda depressing. I’m not a cold blooded monster set out to eat ya, you know.”

Elmer laughed. “Well surely you’re not, boss. You’ve been good to me since I got here. It would be an honor.”

The doorbell rang and dinner arrived in a box with Mandarin characters on it. It was Friday, and that was Chinese Night. I try to be diverse with the food I eat because I didn’t want to eat the same food over and over everyday. That’s why I gave Elmer a list of all the food I want scheduled so he’d be theone to order it for me.

Dinner was great. Elmer was a great companion. I imagined if he’d be great in bed as well, but that didn’t matter. I planned on drugging him, and that drug would do all the work for him.

I decided that the both of us should partake in some wine. He tried to decline but I pressured him until he agreed. It was good to be his boss even though later I’d likely become a needing sub.

Reaching for the red wine and glasses in the cabinet, I turned my head to check on him. Elmer was distracted watching the television.

I promptly reached for the pills in my pocket. I didn’t know what the dosage for this thing was, but Elmer was a big guy and I think this would probably be enough. Anyways, the more drugs the better, right? If he I supposed to take only one but got two, then wouldn’t that make him more eager for fucking? Although I do hope he wouldn’t get overdosed or anything. Now that would be bad.

My hands dripped both pills on the glass together with the ice and began to pour the wine. I didn’t put ice on my wine so figuring out which one is drugged or not wouldn’t make a difference.

I twirled my finger on Elmer glass and made sure that the pill had already dissolved. To my delight, the pill was extremely quick at dissolving in liquids.

I carried both glasses and handed Elmer his glass. “Gee, thanks!”

“Don’t worry about it. Cheers.” I raised my glass to his and with a clank, we drunk our wine.

While drinking mine, I peeked my eyes to Elmer. Making sure that he drunk every last drop. When he did, my lips smiled like a Cheshire’s.

I handed out my hand, talking him to gave me the glass and asked him to clean up the table while I washed the dishes.

Elmer had already laid out the dishes and was currently wiping the table while I washing the dishes when he suddenly collapsed a bit.

“Elmer, are you all right?” I crouched down and rubbed my hands on his back.

“Uh, Yeah. I probably had too much wine, I guess.” He laughed.

“Elmer, you only drank one glass. It wasn’t even full. Come on, I’ll take you back to your room so you could rest and I’ll get you some aspirin or something.”

With his arm on my shoulder, I carried him to his quarters and laid him in bed.

“Hang on while I get you some aspiring,” I said to him and left him on his own.

I walked out of his room and then ran to my quickly. When I got inside my room I quickly grabbed the pouch that had everything I needed and dashed right back to Elmer.

As I entered Elmer’s room, he was shirtless and sitting in his bed rather than lying on it.

“Elmer, you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, I think it was just getting hot in here.” He shrugged.

My mind immediately took note of this. He was feeling hot so the drug was probably already taking effects.

“How are you feeling? Anything bothering you? Any headaches?” I sat beside him and my hand was already there at his back again rubbing him.

“My head does feel heavy, and my body feels like it’s burning,” he explained.

“Oh really?” I quipped. The drug took affect only within minutes. I wondered how powerful this frugal really was.

Passively, my hand ran through his thigh and I the felt a huge warm bulge. My eyes widened with surprised at how thick and huge he was. My ass tingled especially with the cock plug already inside me. I was pretty sure that his monster cock was eight inches or probably a nine because to me it was almost as long as my arm.

I was not the only one mesmerized by something of interest. Elmer was too. His gaze was raking over my hand on his humongous cock, looking at it in wonder.

His eyes were glossy, his panting increased, and suddenly I could also feel the immense heat in his body.

Elmer right hand suddenly captured mine and began rubbing my hand on his cock in earnest. Elmer groaned and his head was thrown back, his mouth wide open and his eyes were closed in bliss.

Feeling his cock in my hands, blood rushed right in my cock, flaring in to life. I was then hard and wanting and I needed to start my plan now before my whole fantasy was ruined.

I took back my hand from Elmer’s aching cock. He groaned at the lost and I shushed him. I kneeled above him on the bed and pushed to lay back. His eyes were dazed. He wasn’t resisting, but he also wasn’t on his right mind. I drugged him after all. And man was that drug working.

I eased below him, my lips found their way onto his pelvis. I stoked my tongue and locked his skin in a long, slow stroke. Elmer moaned and arched his body up, wanting for more. At this state, he was at rut, like a wild animal in heat.

“You like that bug guy?” I said. He moaned a yes and I started to straddle him.

My ass was now sitting on top of his cock. Only fabrics separated us from ecstasy. Both of Elmer’s hands grabbed my hips and held me, not wanting to let me go, and moving me to ride him.

I laughed and forcefully grabbed his hands, taking them away from my hips. “Not so fast, big guy. Your under my control.”

His eyes were in shock and used all ounce of my strength to shove his hands over his head with only one hand while the other reached for the handcuffs on my back pocket right where all my toys were kept.

His hands were secured with a click on the bed railing and he was trap and all for me to savor.

Elmer really wasn’t in his mind. He kept pulling for his hand when he can’t.

He whined. “Please I need to touch you.”

My hand cupped his cheek and I couldn’t resist the face his was making when he begged. “I’m not gonna release you.”

Elmer’s face suddenly changed form like a wild rabid pitbull. He thrashed in the bed even with me straddling on top of him.

“Let me go! I need to fuck! I need to fuck you!” he screamed in wild agony.

Ahhh now there’s the berserk I’ve been looking for.

His eyes were locked on me and mine locked on his back. “Let me go,you slut! I swear I’m gonna fuck you hard! I’m gonna fuck that tiny ass of yours and flood it with my come!”

His words were music to my ears—and to my cock, it became hard as a rock and I could just feel my ass clenching. I needed him.

I bent down and picked his chest all the way up to his neck. The both of us groaned, him with the sensation and me with tasting his sweat salty sweat.

“Mmm,” I moaned as I rubbed my ass on his cock. My hands were on his bare chest, feeling for his hard pectorals. “Tell me, my berserker, tell me what you want. You want your cock inside my ass, yes?”

He groaned and thrust his cock on me. “Please. I’ll do anything.”

“Anything? Really?” I quipped.

“YES. Let me go and I’ll fuck you really good. I’ll fuck you hard and fast and I’ll fill both of your holes with my cock and cum. My cock is yours. Just please let me have my release.”

“PLEASE!” He screeched and began thrusting up on my ass. I felt like I was riding a galloping horse.

I slapped him in the face for being insolent. He stopped thrusting and I immediately grabbed his face with both of my hands. “Listen, my berserker, you are mine. You cock is for my ass. Your cock belongs to me. You serve to fuck me. I may love to have my ass rimmed and filled, but I do not tolerate insolence. I may crave for my ass to be used, but you also belong to me. You are for my pleasure and this only the beginning my berserker, I may have you shackled today, but there will be many more days. And if you learn to treat me right, I will no longer bound you. You will be free to hold me and fuck me and use my ass to your hearts content.

Listen, my berserker, I want to be fucked hard. I don’t do vanilla, that’s why I drugged you. So that I could bring the monster out inside of you. I need the monster, Elmer. I need the crazed fucked who can fuck my ass like he owns it.” I looked at him straight, wildness burned in my eyes. And I kissed him thoroughly. My tongue met his and they fought and clashed in swirling motions.

I pulled back and I stepped in front of the bed. His huge majestic body was displayed before my eyes. His flesh was the raw meat I listed for, hungered for.

Without a moment’s notice, I was naked before him, my hands stroking eagerly on my cock.

I climbed back on top of him. My naked ass laid bare on his chest and my cock just above his open mouth. He looked at me in awe. “Show to me, my berserker, prove to me how you want me—crave me, and next time I promise you that I will let you reign free to feast on my ass, my cock, my body.”

I shoved my cock in his wet mouth and I was met with a whirlpool of pleasure. He licked my shift like a madman that starved for days. “Ohhh fuck! Yes!”, I moaned in bliss. I fell forward, my hand grabbing the railing. The man was good at his blow jobs, I wondered how well he’d be good at fucking my anus.

I pulled out of his pleasurable wet caverns, to my surprise he groaned at the lost. I kissed him eagerly. The scent of my musk still stuck in his mouth. “I’m sorry, my berserker, but I refuse to come inside your mouth. I want us to come at the same time with you thrusting your cock inside of me while I ride you and stroke my cock so that my cum will spurt on your body.”

Elmer groaned and I took that as a yes.

“YES. Please! Anything my master wants, I’ll do it for him. Just please let me fuck your ass. My cock aches so bad!”

“Patience, my beast,” I snickered.

I rushed and unbundled his belt and pulled out his pants from his legs. It was horrid to think that these putrid denims were concealing these beautiful, long and strong legs from sight, my sight. If I could drug him everyday, I would let him run free naked so that I may have him fuck me all the time when I need a good pounding.

My eyes were graced by a fully huge monstrous cock standing upright. The thin white boxers were barely able to hold it down, barely able to conceal it. It truly was a beast because it couldn’t be held down. And a determined cock like that needed a reward.

Without thinking, instead of pulling off Elmer’s boxers off of him, I ripped it into shreds. I felt like I was the one who was drug, not him. I felt like I was a beast myself.

I took hold of his hard aching cock. It was beautiful. The beautiful head was plump like a mushroom, and it looked like it was tinted in purple because of the blood trapped inside of it. His giant shift was majestic in my hands. I could barely wrap my fingers around it. It was amazingly huge. And it was hot! It felt like it had a furnace inside of it, but my mind had other thoughts. Elmer’s cock was more like a giant volcano, waiting to erupt its hot love seed inside of my ass.

The veins were popping and pulsed erratically. I let go to temptation and lick his shaft feverishly like a list crazed animal. I liked up and down and I swirled my tongue on his plump bulbous head. I gave many blowjobs in my lifetime, but only few cocks were as challenging like Elmer’s.

Elmer roared on the bed. His body lifted and his muscle strained. “Fuck!” he screamed.

He trusted inside of my mouth and his cock delved deep into my throat. I was a pro at blowjobs, I gave so many I no longer had gag reflex. But Elmer, his was big. His cock was a level godzilla. These kinds of cocks were a short supply these days. They were rare and extremely a challenge to find. Luckily, Elmer is one of the men who possesses this beast.

I felt his cock beginning to thicken and harden. The head bulged and I knew he was about to come.

I pulled my mouth off from the giant and Elmer roared. He thrashed and kept thrusting his cock into the air, hopelessly plunging to nothing.

“Damn you! Damn you! Why the fuck would you do this to me! Fuck!” he yelled at me in anger. Raged blazed in his eyes and it reflected in mine as well.

I immediately grabbed hold of his balls and grabbed them tight. He barked and whimpered like a puppy that was kicked, but I had no choice, this beast needed to be trained.

“We’ve discussed this. I DO NOT tolerate insolence,” I said menacingly.

Elmer was panting deep and hard. His face was neutral and locked on me. “I’m sorry, my master. I will not do it again. Please master, please let me find release.”

I sighed. “Patience, my love,” I smoothed him. “I swear to you, my rosebud aches for your cock just the same. Please forgive me.”

I kissed him and he kissed me back in response.

I stopped the kiss and looked him in the eyes. His eyes were glazed all over, shining and looking longingly on me. “Please,” he begged in a whisper.

I nodded and he smiled in craze.

I climbed on top of him. My ass faced him and was away from my cock. He was confused by this but realization fell into his face when he saw the plug inside of my ass.

“Pull it out, my berserker,” I said, smiling at him.

Elmer’s face was astounded. He gave my ass a lick. His tongue glazing it saliva all over my whole making me shiver. He used his tongue to push against the plug to go deeper. I moaned at the feeling and pushed back towards him needing some more.

“Pull it out, Elmer, or else your cock will never get to fuck me.” I whined.

That hit him back and he opened his mouth, teeth showing, and used those pearly whites to grab on hold of the plug and pulled it out of me in a swift tug.

“Ahhhh!!!!” I moaned at the buzz. My hole was open and gaping and it clenched at the lost.

In seconds, Elmer plunged his tongue inside and locking the inner rim. I could hear his slurping tongue over my back and a pushed to him for more.

My ass was open and wet and I couldn’t hold it any longer. I was more than read, I was way ready.

Finally satisfied, I turned ass was finally against his cock. My face was above Elmer and I asked him, “Are you ready to fuck me, my beast?”

Elmer nodded eagerly and I laughed. “Remember, my majestic berserker, I want it hard. I want it fast. I want it deep. Fuck me good and there will be more nights and perhaps even days like this and in those days, I will not bind you. If you prove to me how eager and good you are at fucking me, I’ll give those days.”

Elmer gave me a beastly smile, his teeth showing and he growled like the Sex crazed beast he was. “I swear, master, I’ll make it good.”

I plunged deep into his cock in one quick motion. His big juicy meat dived right into me and my hole just stretched even more.

“Fuuuuuccckkk!!!” I cried out loud. The pain… it felt good… insanely fucking good.

I lifted myself up l from his cock so only the tip was inside of me and I slid right back down again, taking him deeper and deeper inside of me.

“Fuuuuuccckkk!!!” it was Elmer this time. His face was contorted like a wild beast and I took pleasure in it.

“YES, my love. Scream it. Yell as loud as you can of how much this feels. How much my ass feels so good wrapped around your monstrous cock.” I cried as I kept thrusting myself onto him for more.



“LOOK AT ME, MY SLUTTY MASTER. LOOK AT ME!” He boomed and I followed his command.

“DO YOU FEEL THAT?!” H trusted his cock inside of me harder and deeper and I cried out.

“FUCK!!! Yes! I feel it” I cried to him.

“This cock… is yours, master… I live to pleasure you... to fuck you whenever and wherever you need me!” he swore and it only turned me on more.

His thrust gained even more momentum and my ass was being destroyed. “Master… you say my cock belongs to you, but… your ass also belongs to me…sweat it, master!!... Swear your cock and ass belong to me too!!! Swear it, master!”

“YES!!! Yes, dammit! Now cuz inside me!!!! Fill me up now!!!” I was barely holding on to him he fucked like a wild animal thrusting vigorously inside of me. The bed kept creeping and creeping and Elmer didn’t even look tired. He looked as if he only had one thing in mind: to fuck me.

“Elmer… now!!!” I screamed and cum spurt right out of my aching cock and onto his abs. I wasn’t even stroking. Ha made me cum with only his cock driving wildly inside of me. My hands were both holding on to his shoulders to keep hold and stay on top of him.

“MASTER!!!!!” He screamed and I felt his whole penis bulge and erupt inside of me. His cum flooded me and it surprised me at how much came out of his dick. It splayed my inner walls and I could feel my gut expanding at how much he was releasing. It was almost as if his orgasm wasn’t normal.

The cum inside of me was too much, too many. It began leaking out, I was too greedy with need to let a single drop out.

I clenched my anal rim hard and his cock only spurred more come. I wasn’t just stopping the cum from leaking out, I was also milking him hard.

I groaned at the fullness.

“Elmer…” I fell into his body, panting and out of energy. My body collapsed onto him and I was there on top of him, skin to skin, chest to chest.

“I love you, master...” Elmer panted.

Darkness engulfed me, and I slept in pure bliss. His cock was still inside of me and although softening, it was still huge enough to plug all the cum inside of me.

Heaviness fell on my eye lids and darkness began to engulf me. I tried to resist, but the night was over. And so, I slept.


My eyes, although still heavy with sleep, began to lift open. My whole body ached, especially my ass and I was overjoyed with the feeling.

“You’re awake…” a voice spoke.

I gulped. “Ummm… Elmer… ughhh…”

I couldn’t make up words. I was caught in a heap of mess. No, I was tangled in a heap of mess and and splashed with burning hot lava.

I can’t believe I forgot to leave him! I was supposed to just fuck and clean him up and leave him so that he’d wale up fine in the morning with ko recollection of everything!

Elmer would T have memory of anything last night, but seeing me naked with him in his bed and shackled at that… I’m completely fucked!

Elmer smirked. “I remember everything last night, you know.”


“Ummm…what do you remember?” I asked nervously.

Elmer eyed me. “I remember you. Me. Fucking.” His eyes burned with lust and as confused as I was, my body shiver with his stare.

I was silent as I didn’t know where to begin.

“Please, release me from these cuffs, John.” He asked nicely.


I immediately moved away from him and grabbed for the keys inside the pocket of my jeans which was rumpled on the floor.

I released from the binds and I sat back a bit away from him warily.

Finally, free, Elmer rubbed at his wrists while looking at me. I was looking at the floor and thinking a lot of things over my mind wondering g what the fuck I was going to do.

We sat there silent for minutes and Elmer was the one to break it.

“My mind was foggy and I had this headache when I woke up. It was like a hangover, but then times or maybe a hundred times worst. But I recalled everything that happened when I found you on me.”

He was smiling. He was literally smiling! Maybe that’s a side effect? I should have really searched over that drug when I got the chance, but I was just too damn impatient.

I was still silent and I couldn’t respond. My mind was still riling in the possible outcomes.

Suddenly, Elmer crawled on the bed towards me like a like a predator to a prey.

“Why so silent, master?” he guffawed.

When Elmer finally reached me, we were face to face. His face was merely inches from mine and his eyes still had that glazed look and they were searching through mine.

“I remember you using me to fucking you. I remember my fat cock pounding you and trusting inside of your ass. I remember you wailing and crying out how good it was—how good I was. You’ve been wanting me for some time, haven’t you, John?”

I was still paralyzed and could only afford a nod.

Elmer smiled and suddenly his hand was cupping my cheek. “I’ve been having the hots for you to, my vixen.”


Elmer pushed me down the bed and he was unexpectedly right above me and holding me down. “I van let the drugging me part slide for now. I can punish you for that later. But I must admit, the Sex was fucktastingly hot.”

“WHAT?” I was still out of my mind.

“My, my John. Here I thought I fell in love with a smart guy and he can’t even catch up to what I’m saying.”

“In love?” I squeaked.

He laughed again. “YES. I fell in love with you. I was saving up money when I worked for you and I was planning to court you when I finally graduated and wasn’t working for you anymore. I’m a man and I have my pride you know. I felt that you had interest in me too but I guess it was still not the right time.

But naughty, naughty, my dear John. You have a fetish. And a bad side I’ve never seen. In truth I wasn’t also into these kinds of stuff but when I woke up hours ago… I started thinking everything over. I realized something. You, my love, like to be used and dominated. But you also crave control. You like to be on bottom but also on top. Hence the chains, isn’t it?”

Wow. He’s fucking smart. What is he, Sherlock? I thought.

Elmer bellowed on top of me. “I’m guessing from the look on your face, that everything I just said was true and that drug you used on me had amnesiac side effects, but I guess they just didn’t have that play on me.”

Again I was silent. Wow. He really is Sherlock.

I was surprised when Elmer suddenly kissed me. “John, this isn’t over. I may have feelings for you and I may have loved the mind blowing sex and can’t wait to experience more of this fetish you have, but let me make one thing clear: NEVER FUCKING DRUG ME LIKE THAT AGAIN. You got it?

I nodded. Am I dreaming?

Elmer gave me a sudden smile and hugged me close to him and kissed me deeply. It was the kiss that woke me up from my half panicked daydream of sorts.

“I’m sorry,” I croaked. Man I feel bad.

Elmer only smiled and hugged me tighter. “Apology accepted, love. I can never be mad at you, but keep in mind that I will punish you later.” His hand gripped my ass hard.

I gasped and his grip and croaked, “fuck.”

“Tell me, John, what does my little horny vixen really into.” He mused.

“Umm…” I sat there in his lap speechless.

“I remember that I promised you that I’d give you everything you’d need to fulfill your sexual needs last night,” he intervened. “I remember that I’d fuck you hard, fast, and deep when you needed to be fucked. I also remember that I belong to you and you belong to me.” He smiled at me with dreamy eyes.

“John, I’m yours and you are mine. Forever and ever. But I want to know more of what you want. I want to know what makes you hard. What pleasure you. Please, John, tell me.”

“I… I like to be fucked by huge cocks. I liked to be fucked by hot men like you.” I said in a little toned voice. I was still spooked with the whole ‘Elmer remembering everything” thing.

“Mmhmm,” Elmer nodded. “We already did that.”

I quivered. “Yes and no,” I said. “I liked to be fucked by men. As in plural.”

That gave Elmer a wide eye. He laughed at my confession and he kissed me on my neck then my cheeks.

“Whoah, I really am in love with a horny Slut,” he growled and I could feel my cock harden again. “So… you like to be gangbanged, is that it?”


“Hmmm... Sooner rather than later, John. I will have you surrounded by hot men ready to fuck you til your hearts contempt,” Elmer swore and he grabbed my hand and laid it to his already hard cock. “To this I swear. As long as I am there and joint the fuck fest, I will have you fucked by many hot muscled men who are ready to fuck you and fill you and cover you with their come. And I’ll be there joining them. Wait. No. I’ll be the ring leader. It’s my duty to fulfill my master’s sexual needs. Besides, you’ll only have eyes for me anyways. I’ll make sure of it.” He said that last part with seriousness and looked at me sternly.

“You are also mine, John. Mine. Make no mistake, you belong to me as much as I belong to you. I may fulfill any needs you desire, but you must also fulfill mine. Under no circumstances will there be another person to fuck you without my consent. I’ll kill anyone who so much as touches you without my permission and take you away from me.

And you don’t need to worry about me, my love. I’ve always had eyes only for you.” He kissed my neck and bit me lightly, only enough to leave a mark.

“Agreed?” he eyed me.

I’ve never seen this side of Elmer before. Throughout the whole time I was awake and finding out that the drugs didn’t make him forget… he still wanted me. In fact, he wants to fulfill everything I desired. But I never saw the side of him that was obsessive over me.

Damn. He was obsessed with me. I had no problems with that though. And the threat thing? Although it was twisted and kinda scary I felt safer than ever in my whole entire life.

There is a man who wants me and is obsessed with me and also wants to fulfill all of my sexually desires. Could it really agree on it? But what would happen if I declined? And why would I even pass this offer.

I like taking risks and I’m definitely taking this one.

I jumped him and laid my lips on his, devouring his mouth and tangling his tongue with mine. Quickly I moved my body to wrap my legs around him and he held me tightly.

When we finished our kiss, he looked at me in awe. “Does this mean, yes?”

I looked at like isn’t it obvious?

“Yes, my sexual berserker.”


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