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Alley-Sex Cuckold: Used-Condom Drinking

2021-12-16 01:12:04

The list:

10. Drank a girl-racer's piss-puddle from the floor of the car park.

9. Wanked off in a used-condom after watching couple fuck in same car park.

8. Me and some mates took turns spunking into our friend's sister's dirty panties.

7. Snogged a woman at a party after two guy's had spunked in her mouth.

6. Had sloppy seconds with a woman at a party.

5. Licked another guy's cum from girlfriend's pussy.

4. Paid an escort to let me fuck her with one of her client's used condoms.

> 3. Sucked a used-condom clean after watching a couple have sex in an alleyway. <

2. Sucked ten used-condoms clean from a escort's bin in her bathroom.

1. Paid an escort to save all her customer's spunk in a jam jar for a whole week for me to drink.

This story is the 3rd on the list.


Ten Most Depraved:

Alley-Sex Cuckold: Used-Condom Drinking

True Story No. 3:



If devouring another guy's cum from your girlfriend's pussy is the gourmet-experience of hotwifing, then guzzling his jizz from a used-condom is very probably the cuckold-equivalent of eating a kebab (drenched in garlic sauce). Nothing in this world, quite provides that feeling of downright depravity and seediness, than sucking a stranger's used-condom clean. And for me personally, the fact that I'm not even into guys, makes it an even dirtier, more depraved act.

Having previously only wanked-off in used-condoms, this was the first time I had ever sunk to the depths of drinking and sucking out the contents of one. And whilst spying on another couple having sex in a back-alley was exciting enough, subjecting myself to the humiliation of guzzling all the guy's filthy fuck-seed afterwards, made this experience so deliriously-hot, that merely thinking about it, even decades later, can be enough to send me into my beta-sub cuck-space.

So, to set the scene: I had made my way out of town, supposedly to meet up with a mate and go nightclubbing with him. When the useless twat didn't turn up, I ended up at the end of the evening, sulking in a kebab-shop, all-by-myself. Well, not completely by myself; as I waited for my pizza, an insanely hot young couple were stood in the window, groping and snogging each other. His hands were wandering all over her body, including right up between her thighs. She, it has to be said, was simply stunning; a quite beautiful, leggy fuck-doll, with gorgeously soft long brown hair, a perfect round ass and exquisitely shaped breasts, which were virtually spilling out of her tight-fitting purple silk dress.

The guy was quite alpha with an irresistible air of arrogance about him. My cock was getting seriously hard, watching the way he groped and dominated her, so effortlessly. She kept looking over at me; sneering disdainfully. And whilst it was clear this voluptuous fuck-doll held me in nothing but contempt, she was evidently quite aroused by the fact that I was watching her being mauled in such a vulgar fashion. As the alpha-male pulled her panties aside and slid his finger up into her juicy fuck-hole, she gasped out loud, giving me a seething-hot glare; positively wallowing in the fact that she was being finger-fucked, so publicly.

A moment later, she whispered something in his ear and before I knew it, they had suddenly both vanished. What the fuck?! I thought, having only turned away for a few seconds. I looked out the door of the shop and they were nowhere to be seen. I wondered if they had snuck up the side-street to go find somewhere more private. And of course, being a complete perv, curiosity got the better of me and I thought I'd better go investigate.

Wandering out into the main road, I peered up the side-street and unable to see them, wondered if they'd gone into one of the alleyways. Making my way up the terrace, my heart jumped as I suddenly spotted them in the access-way to the back alley. She was leaning against the wall, knickers around her thighs; her smoothly-shaven pussy-meat now fully on display as the alpha-male resumed sliding his fingers in and out of her juicy-snatch. Oh my god! I thought to myself, the dirty-fuckers have probably come out to have a sly-fuck whilst waiting for their pizza.

Unfortunately, the young lady noticed me approaching and, quickly pulling up her knickers, withdrew around the corner, dragging the alpha-male with her. Figuring that they were now getting it on in the back-alley itself, I quickly hatched a plan; I knew that if I was quiet, I could possibly sneak into the access-way at the other end of the terrace, peek around the corner and spy on them as they continued their session of very heavy-petting.

I couldn't believe my luck when I made my way around to the other end of the alleyway. Pressing my chest up against the side-wall of the house, I peeked around the corner and there she was; the voluptuous young fuck-doll, already down on her knees like a total-slut; her lips around the alpha's thick meaty-cock, sliding them up and down the whole length of his shaft, demonstrating her skills quite aptly.

Thankfully, not only was it fairly dark at my end of the alleyway, making me quite well hidden, but there was a street-lamp at their end, within the back-alley itself. So they were fairly well lit-up. Unfortunately though, within about twenty seconds or so of her taking his big huge cock into her mouth, the hot steamy-action was interrupted by a loud banging noise at my end. Startled, the fuck-doll suddenly stopped sucking, looked-up and exclaimed:

"Oh, my god! There's somebody there!"

Immediately gripped with fear, I pulled my head back around the corner, out of sight. Everything went deadly-silent. I froze for a moment and considered doing a runner, but figuring that if I just kept my head out of the way for a minute and kept quiet, she might just conclude that she'd been imagining things. The silence, however, continued longer than I'd hoped and, just as I began to consider legging-it, there was another loud banging noise (which sounded more obviously like a door shutting this time).

"It's just someone going into one of the houses." I heard the alpha say, clearly eager to get his cock back in her sweet-throat.

There were a few more unintelligible words, but then I heard the fuck-doll say something along the lines of: "I must just be seeing things."

My heart thumping, I waited a few more moments, giving them a chance to get back to doing what they were doing, before peering back 'round the corner and observing the action. So there she was; this beautiful young fuck-doll, down on her knees, her lips around this fairly dominant guy's cock, giving him the sweetest throat-job I have ever witnessed; sensuous and sloppy, but going quite deep at times, pushing her face right into his crotch and balls.

Even from this end of the alley, I could see her gorgeous, plump-lips all puckered up around his shaft, travelling from his tip, all the way down to his balls. Leaning back against the wall, the alpha-male grabbed her beautiful long hair and began pushing her back and forth, easing her lips up and down the whole length of his cock, like he was simply using her mouth as a toy to wank himself off with.

Not only was it incredibly horny watching them together, but it was also incredibly exciting doing it in such a covert fashion. My heart was beating like crazy as I stood there, hiding around the corner, feasting my eyes on their supposedly private, but admittedly, semi-public sex-act. The alpha reached down with one hand to grope at her tits, pulling them out of her dress, as he continued pushing her head back and forth with the other hand, making her lips slide up and down his prick.

She must have choked and slobbered on his tool for a good five minutes or so before suddenly taking his cock out of her throat and asking him if he had a condom. He genuinely seemed quite insulted by this. He was obviously not too keen on using one. And, with such a voluptuous young fuck-doll, who could blame him? With him claiming not to have one, the fuck-doll reached inside her handbag and after rummaging around a little, pulled one out. It was at this point, I began to wonder if they were an actual couple or whether they had just met in one of the nightclubs. Either way, she wanted him rubbered-up before putting his cock inside of her.

At first, I was a little disappointed for the alpha-male. I thought it was quite mean-spirited of her to deny such a masculine, red-blooded male, the chance to ride her bareback in the alleyway, squirt all his love-piss deep inside of her juicy snatch and impregnate her with his superior DNA. But, as she rolled the rubber tube down the full-length of his prick, it slowly dawned on me that this guy's loss would be my gain. Because, her insistence that he use protection would mean that I finally get to fulfil my life-long fantasy: i.e. quench my depraved sexual-urge to drink another guy's sperm from a used-condom (and a freshly-spunked one at that). Moreover, the fact that the sperm belonged to an alpha-male, only added to the exquisitely charged sensation of shame-filled lust within me.

Once she had eased the condom down the full-length of his shaft, the stunning young fuck-doll got back on her feet, turned to face the wall and bent over, offering her ample-behind to him. Making her wait, he stood there with his cock in one-hand, wanking, as he groped her bare dangling-tits with the other. As he did this, a light came on in one of the bedroom opposite them. Spotting this in his peripheral vision, the alpha turned and looked up at the window. For a moment or two, I was a bit worried that it might discourage him from continuing, but the fact that he might have an audience didn't put him off in the slightest. Without informing the voluptuous young fuck-doll, he continued jerking his cock inside of the rubber-casing of the condom and even switched from groping her tits to fingering her pussy with his free hand, causing her to groan quite loudly.

I, in the meantime, was so turned-on, that I had unzipped my jeans and had my own cock out, surreptitiously stroking it. Although fairly well hidden in the access-way, from both the couple in the alley and the street, it was still a public place and I was aware that anybody could enter at anytime. But, feeling a bit daring, I somewhat recklessly pushed my underpants and jeans around my ankles, thereby increasing my feeling of vulnerability and intensifying the thrill of being caught.

I watched and drooled as the alpha-male lifted up her silky-dress and tugged down her cream-coloured knickers, exposing a very hot-looking plumptiously-firm pair of bum-cakes. Rather than getting his cock out and mounting her, the dirty bastard, knelt down and started feasting on her bumhole, causing her to arch her back and groan out loud.

At this precise moment, a fairly dowdly-dressed, but not completely unattractive, plump blonde mature-lady, with quite large breasty-dumplings, suddenly appeared in the bedroom window opposite; looking directly at the couple. She looked horrified, but at the same time, quite intrigued. In fact, once she'd gotten over the initial shock, a huge grin spread across her pleasantly-plump face and she continued watching, smiling quite smugly to herself.

Reaching behind her, the voluptuous young fuck-doll, grabbed the alpha's hair and pulled his face deep into her arse, wedging it right between her big juicy bum-cheeks. Then, bending her knees a little and pushing her arse slightly upwards, she began gyrating her ass in his face in an obscenely rude fashion. I still to this day, have a vivid image in my mind, of the dumpy-blonde lady, peering out of the window, covering her mouth with shock in response to this quite vulgar libidinal-gesture.

By this time, the guy was really devouring her arse. I distinctly remember trying to imagine just how far his tongue was up her ass, wishing so much that it was my tongue, deep inside of her exquisitely formed derriere, violating her bumhole. The mature-lady, who was also spying on them, seemed just as entranced as I was; probably wishing she was having her own arse, being so enthusiastically tongue-fucked. After a good five-minutes or so of snogging her bumhole, the alpha-male evidently decided it was time to mount the delectable young fuck-slut from behind.

Pulling his dishevelled looking face out of her arse, he grabbed hold of his swollen condom-covered prick, slid it deep into her pussy and began pounding her arse-meat for all he was worth. It was like watching a freight-train thundering down the alleyway! As he slammed his crotch hard into her juicy arse-meat, huge shock-waves rippled through the flesh on her body; her large dangling-breasts violently swung back and forth, slapping against her firm toned belly. She was making quite a lot of noise, too; filling the alleyway with her excessively loud grunts. I was so insanely turned-on by all this, that I stopped wanking, flattened my stomach against the wall and started rubbing my cock against it's cool hard surface, imagining that I was fucking the voluptuous young fuck-doll myself.

Being a typical alpha-male, the arrogant young guy quickly pushed things up a notch; still slamming his balls into her at a phenomenally vigorous pace, he grabbed hold of her hair, and twisting her torso slightly, reached forward to give each of her boobs a good slap. As he did so, her breasts began doing somersaults, twirling around, breaking up the hypnotic-swing caused by his thrusts. Apparently quite partial to a bit of tit-slapping rough-sex, the voluptuous young fuck-slut moaned and groaned even louder, causing him to respond by increasing the ferocity of his slaps.

"Oh, fuck! Yes. Harder!" She begged, as he alternated slapping her tits, arse and face.

Having previously vanished just before the action got too rough, the frumpy mature lady reappeared once more at the window. Apparently fascinated by this couple's animalistic-antics, she just couldn't keep away. Whilst it was genuinely quite intriguing, observing her repressed-sexuality come to the surface, I didn't want her nosing around when it was my turn to emerge from the shadows and snaffle the used-condom. Fortunately, she didn't stay long; closing the curtains and switching the light-off. She'd evidently seen enough pornilicious rough-sex for the evening. And it wasn't a moment too soon, because within about thirty seconds of her doing so, the arrogant young alpha-male reached a thundering-climax; ejaculating squirt after squirt of molten love-piss, into the condom inside her, before virtually collapsing on top her her, puffing and panting.

The beautiful young fuck-slut twisted her body around and attempted to kiss the alpha-male as he stood behind, his cock still inside of her. Unable to reach properly and only able to touch tongues, this rather awkward but incredibly pornographic kiss, which only really lasted only about fifteen-seconds or so, seemed like an eternity as I impatiently watched, desperate to get my hands on the jizz-filled rubber. After he withdrew, she pulled her silky cream-knickers up from around her ankles, giving me another nice glimpse of her smoothly-shaven snatch, in the process.

He pulled the dishevelled looking condom off his cock and dropped it on the ground, as I hoped he would. One-step closer to fulfilling my sick depraved-fantasy, I pulled up my jeans and put my own cock back inside of my underpants and waited, ready to pounce. They had another rather slow, long kiss and chatted for a few moments, before finally disappearing around the corner, presumably making their way back to the pizza shop to collect their food. The second they stepped out of sight, I made my move.

Making my way down the back-alley, to where the couple had been, I spotted the used-condom lying on the floor. Checking the coast was clear, I picked it up and held it in my hand, gasping at the weight of it. It was simply brimming with freshly-spunked jizz. That superior male-specimen had spunked an impressive amount of cream inside of it. I stood there for a few moments, nervously wondering what to do with it. I looked up at the bedroom window, pleased to see that the curtains were still tight-shut.

My heart raced as the thought occurred to me, that rather than taking and ravishing it in the privacy of my own home, I could have my wicked way with it, right there in the back-street!!! With the thrill of being caught - far outweighing the fear, I determined to go through with the vile dirty deed, right there and then. And so, after psyching myself-up into a deliriously lust-filled frenzy, I braced myself for the main event.

I lifted the cum-filled condom up to my mouth and paused as I contemplated what I was about to do. Knowing full well, that after this moment, I would have to live with the shameful fact that I swallowed another guy's cum, forever.

"Oh, my fucking god!" I gasped, nervously. Metaphorically grasping the nettle.

Shaking almost uncontrollably with anticipation, I put the base of the condom up to my lips and slowly but surely, tipped it's contents into my mouth. Oh, fuck! -- Oh, fuck! -- Oh, fuck! I thought, as my mouth filled-up with the alpha-male's sperm. I was actually doing it! I was actually tasting another guy's dirty filthy seed! I couldn't believe how revolting and yet at the same time how creamy and delicious it tasted.

With the jizz in my mouth and the condom still hanging from my lips, I pulled out my cock and began stroking it, right there in the alleyway! Wilfully and glady immersing myself in the shame, I wanted to increase my torment further still. I pushed my jeans and underpants around my ankles again, making it impossible for myself to make an immediate escape; revelling in the thought of being caught red-handed in such a truly embarrassing and sordid position.

Desperate to swallow the spunk, but also yearning to slip my cock inside of the condom and feel the alpha-male's sperm squirming all over it, I carefully drooled all his semen back into the tube, before slipping it over my cock. Once in place, I started slowly but surely, easing it up and down. The sensations were incredible, just sliding the cream-filled tube along the full-length of my throbbing-shaft. It was a sheer joy to degrade myself in such a manner and I became so overwhelmed with lust, I began to slip deep into my cuck-space.

And the humiliation didn't stop there. As I removed the cream-filled condom from my cock and placed the base back between my lips, I could see in my peripheral vision, the plump mature-blonde's bedroom curtains opening. Just a tiny bit, but enough to make it clear that I now had an audience. My heart almost stopped-dead!

"Oh, fuck!!!" I gasped out loud, over and over again.

Desperate to finish and truly wallowing in the sweet-humiliation of my predicament, I carried on wanking, massaging the alpha-male's sperm into my cock, pretending not to have noticed her big fat face at the window. I pushed my tongue inside of the condom and tipped it upwards, so that the semen was momentarily trapped inside. Then, turning myself sightly towards the window (to give her a better view), I grabbed hold of my cock and started wanking it furiously; using the coating of sperm as lube. The sensations were so intense, and the humiliation of my exposure so overwhelming, that I began reaching my climax, almost immediately.

Knowing I was about to cum, I slowly-but-surely, eased my tongue out of the condom, allowing it's contents to ooze-out into my waiting mouth. As the trickle turned to a flood, I relaxed my throat and let all the delicious yummy-cream dribble down into my oesophagus. As I greedily guzzled down this superior alpha-male's liquid-orgasm, a tidal-wave of humiliation washed over me and within seconds, I was squirting-my-fuck, all over the wall, fully revelling in the fact that my perverse actions were being observed by a total stranger.

I spurted over and over and over again, plastering the wall with spunk; my knees buckling and my body almost collapsing with the intensity of my orgasm. After completely emptying my nuts, and taking a few moments to recover, I pulled up my jeans and admired my handy-work. With the condom still hanging from my tongue, I turned around to see if the plump-mature was still looking, but to my horror, instead of seeing only one face at the window, there were two!!! Her's and a much younger one. Possibly even her daughter's. They were both glaring out of the bedroom window, with the light off and the curtain draped around them; their mouths wide-open, looking absolutely horrified!!!

Ripping the now-empty condom from my tongue, I quickly knelt down and in some sick and depraved parting-gesture, began licking my own spunk off the wall. Then, feeling deeply satisfied in the knowledge that my fiendishly-warped actions would very probably be forever burned into the minds of my two witnesses, I turned and gave the mature-blonde and her younger "companion" a huge wink and a grin, before nonchalantly strolling out of the alleyway and into the terraced street.

As I smugly made my way down the side-street back onto the main-road, I suddenly got an image of their horrified faces in my mind and burst into uncontrollable laughter, almost pissing myself in the process. There was no sign of the couple once I hit the main-road and it was now getting quite full in the kebab-shop. Ignoring everyone inside, I confidently strode up to the counter to get my pizza.

Funnily enough, when I opened it up to check if it was the right one, I couldn't see any meat on it. I asked him what it was and he said it was a vegetarian pizza. I told him that I had ordered a meat-feast. He looked a bit shocked and said that he had given the meat-feast to the couple that had been in. I told him not to worry and that I'd just take the vegetarian. He offered me a partial refund and I said that it was fine. I was just so amused that the couple had gotten my pizza by mistake and it was absolutely covered in pepperoni and spicy-beef and she was probably a veggie!

I walked up the road, wondering where the couple had gone and having eaten most of their pizza, I hailed a taxi-cab. Hilariously, a bit further up the street I saw a pizza dumped on the ground, topping-first. Then, I spotted the couple further up the road, without a pizza; the voluptuous fuck-doll a few feet ahead of the alpha-male, looking more than a little pissed-off. Feeling incredibly mischievous, I wound down the window, asked the driver to slow down and shouted out of the taxi:

"Did you enjoy having your tits slapped?"

They both looked up, him looking instantly annoyed and her a bit shocked.

"Nice shaven pussy, by the way!" I added, throwing the remainder of her pizza out onto the pavement, like a frizby.

As the taxi sped off, I could hear the alpha-male threatening to disembowel me, the next time he saw me. Strangely enough, even though it was he who got to have doggy-style sex in the alleyway with the voluptuous fuck-doll and I who had submitted myself to him - devouring his alpha-sperm from the condom afterwards - for some childish reason, I felt quite pleased with myself that I had at least gotten one over on them both with the pizza.

After this incident, I was on a massive-high for days if not weeks. It would have been an epic enough experience in and as of itself, but the fact that, far from being merely my own guilty-secret, the plump-lady and her young "companion" had seen me do it too, added another extra-sordid dimension to it. Which only served to give me an incredibly deep and deliciously-warped feeling of self-satisfaction.

After finally satiating my sordid desire to swallow another, much more dominant, guy's jizz, it wasn't long before I ended up in a hotwifing relationship with Julie. However, splitting up with her left a huge hole in my perverse love-life. And, having acquired a bit of a taste for other guy's jizz and unable to find another woman willing to cuck-me at that time, I found myself desperately searching for discarded used-condoms in laybys and car parks. Foraging in prostitute's bins and even paying them to empty their client's used-condoms into my mouth.

Inevitably, this self-indulgent hobby turned into an addiction; forcing me to seek professional help. But in the meantime, I engaged in some pretty-fucking-warped experiences, such as bareback gang-bangs, forced bi-sessions with dominatrixes and even paying an escort to empty a jarful of her client's jizz she'd collected in my mouth. Happy days and happy memories.

The End.