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Taking Jennifer

2021-12-21 17:30:14

Jennifer Riley is 40 year old never married only child from a wealthy Detroit family living in Grosse Pointe.
My gaze travels slowly down her body and she became excited at my scrutiny. She wanted to shift on her feet in nervousness but held her passion wound body completely still. My gaze paused at her chest and she held her breath as she saw my eyes twinkle in appreciation. My hand moved from her face, tracing down her neck as I walked around her. She feels my hand on her shoulders, down her back, across her hips and up her arm. My fingers are firm against her, slow, methodical, and as I step back in front of her again, she is breathing heavily again. Her eyes hungrily search my green eyes blazing with passion and want. Jennifer knew what I wanted. " I willingly to give myself to you John, in all ways of pleasure. To do with as you desire tonight and for many more." She spoke slowly and firmly, staring into my eyes fiercely, trying to convey all the desire she feels for me at that moment. I smile and lean in, grasping the back of her and moving her mouth to mine. I kissed her firmly, passionately, but in complete control. She kissed me back fiercely, giving me everything, as our tongues twirled and explored each other. When I released my hold on her, she swayed, knowing I had delved into her in that kiss. I had explored another inner part of her and claimed it. She stared up at me, feeling my hand on her shoulder steadying her, as her universe narrowed to each breath she took and my touch on her.

" Lay down," I instructed and Jennifer slowly made her way to the floor and stretched out on it. She watched me watch her in the dim light of the room. She will cherish the dim light after this, it will always remind her of the first moment she met me and the kiss. She smiled blissfully at the thought and watched as I moved back into the room. She didn't want to roll onto her side to keep me in her gaze and so she stared up at the ceiling, waiting. She didn't know what I had in store for her tonight; although she was sure I would sexually claim her. How and for how long she didn't know, but it would be an amazing night. Her pussy clenched at the thought and her body flexed against the carpet with desire. It is so hard for her to lie quietly and wait for me. Light blazed in the room and she reflexively raised her arm to shade her eyes. She blinked in the brightness as I moved into her view, with a smile on my face. " I want to be able to see everything I am offered tonight," I stated and she blushed. I kneel next to her " To see and touch everything I am offered." I amended with a twinkle in my eyes. " Touch what John?" She asked with a spark of her natural playfulness. " Anything I want Jennifer," I lean over her, my lips hovering over hers and my eyes staring fiercely into hers. " I want all of you Jennifer. Are you willing to give me that?" " Yes John," she whispered staring at eyes. " I want to give you all." " Good," I whispered before kissing her, lips pressing softly and firmly against hers. Parting my lips as my tongue slips between hers and opens her mouth to mine. She kisses me back passionately and feels the touch of her hand on mine. She turns her wrist to hold my hand but feels me push hers firmly back to the carpet. " No," I murmured against her lips. " Keep still." She mewled a little in frustration at the command but complied none the less. My fingers traced her fingers, up her wrist and brushed up and down her arm. Her flesh tingled at my touch and she froze with a gasp of pleasure when I touched certain sensitive spots. Spots she hadn't realized were sensitive until tonight.

My lips continue their soft and lusty kisses, my tongue moving sensually through her mouth, circling around her tongue. She moans as my fingers move over her shoulder and across her collarbone. I found the sensitive parts of her neck and twirled my fingers in little circles, teasing her into louder moans. As she begins to squirm in rising pleasure my fingers move down across her chest, over the mounds of her breasts, back and forth, over and over again. She feels the pressure against her dress and then the roughness of my fingertips across her skin. She mewled in arousal each time my fingers trailed across the soft skin of her breasts. And began to whimper the closer he came to her nipples. Finally he paused. "Is there something you would like to say Amanda?" he asked leaning over her.
"No Sir," she panted, trying to cool her aroused body down. " I liked hearing your moans, your whimpers," as I bent in close to her ear grasping both of her nipples firmly in my fingers. She screams out in pleasure, her back bent off the floor, feeling my fingers twist her nipples slowly. " And your screams." I whispered in her ear and released her tender flesh. Jennifer relaxed slowly to the floor, moaning softly as my fingers stroke her stomach. Her body is on fire with desire and her mind is rolling with the passion of it. She feels my fingers stroking the fabric over her hips only peripherally, following my fingers down her thighs, along the outside of her legs. I reach her feet and she feels me shift next to her. She blinks, focusing on me as I bent towards her feet. " Let me just take care of these." I stated and she feels me lift her foot, removing one and then the other shoe from her foot. Her toes are set loose to the air and she feels my light touch along her foot. I trailed my fingers over the arch of her foot and along her toes. She blushed and as I paused there, to stroke each individual toe. " John," she stated quietly in embarrassment.

" Shhh, Jennifer," I hushed her. " I know what pleases you." She reddened more as I bent down, and she feels me blow softly across her toes. She gasps, feeling my breath against her sensitive skin. It embarrassed her to no end to admit it, but she had a bit of a foot fetish. Her feet are very sensitive, it is probably the reason she is also so ticklish, and she confined that sensitivity to me, knowing of that sensitivity, I'm proving I remembered it and was going to use it as I desired. My fingers came to softly stroke her toes again and make my way up her foot and ankles. " Enjoy it all Jennifer," I directed her gently as she laid back down, releasing that embarrassment to me. She said she was giving all of herself to me as she is a woman of her word. My fingers trailed back up her legs, touching the soft skin of her inner thigh and moving beneath her skirt. I walked my fingers, tip by tip, up her thigh. She whimpers softly and clenches her fingers into her palm at the strength of her desire. I move slowly, so slowly, exploring every inch of her inner thighs as she spreads her legs. She can't help it; she wants me to touch her there so badly. She is cleanly shaven except for a well groomed triangle of hair over her mound, but I had not felt that yet. There is only smooth skin from her thigh to her pussy, now open and waiting, wanting and wet. She bit her lip slightly when I paused, wondering if she had displeased me. She froze and held her breath. She can hear me breathing too, my head bowed over her, my hand steadily held against her thigh only inches away from her labia. She opens her mouth to beg my forgiveness when she hears a long held breath come gushing out of me. My fingers made little slippery circles against her thigh and she suddenly realized I had found the wetness of her pussy that has run down her thigh.

" Strip," I ordered and Jennifer jumped to her feet. She reached to the zipper on the back of her dress and stopped. " Slowly." I reminded her and she turned, looking over her shoulder at me with her fingers on the zipper. " I want you to strip slowly." She nodded a smile on her lips. She didn't have a lot of clothing on, so she would have to go very slow. She wrapped her left arm across her chest, holding the dress firmly to her full breasts as she deliberately pulled the zipper down her dress. She turned, as the zipper came to the end, revealing her pale back and the line of the black lace bra across her back. She held the dress to her and slowly moved it down her body. Revealing her pale and luscious ass so slowly, inch by pale skinned inch. As the hem of her dress hit her ankles she dropped the dress in a pool around her feet. She turned a little, looking over her shoulder to see me staring at her with my pants undone and my big cock in my hand. She blinked, and her breathe came quickly, her breasts heaving in passion as she realized I was stroking my cock as I watched her strip. She stood, holding her heaving bosom and watched excitedly as my hand moved smoothly up and down my cock. She licked her lips, panting and reached around to unclasp her bra. It sprang loose and she held it firmly in place, still watching me stroke my hard cock. She turned further, showing me a bit more of her mound and the mounds of her breasts beneath her arm. She looked hungrily into my eyes and turned her back to me. She stepped to the side, spreading her legs and dropped the bra to the ground between them. She paused, teasingly, and bent forward; reaching out a hand to touch the carpet in front of her. Her hair rolled down past her to touch the floor and she looked through her parted legs at me. I'm standing and she blinked as my pants and then shirt hit the floor, she started to stand up when I spoke.

"Stay," I commanded forcefully. " Right there." She swallowed nervously and watched in anticipation as I stepped toward her completely naked. I stepped up to her, touching her ass with just the head of mu cock. It is smooth and wet and she moaned as I stroked her ass cheeks with it. I moved it across the round cheeks of her ass and up and down her ass crack. My hand reached forward and grasped her hips, holding her steady as she begins to sway in pleasure. I move it between her ass cheeks but never touched her pussy. She moans as I got close and moves away, my hard wet cock moving against her ass. She whimpers and feels as if she is going to collapse as I teased her. His cock moving harder against her ass, moving closer and closer to her pussy, the wetness from his cock's head driving her insane with passion. " Get flat on your stomach," I ordered and Jennifer dropped instantly to her hands and knees then onto her stomach, looking back over her shoulder at me hopefully. I got to my knees, positioning myself over her closed legs and she begins to quiver in desire. She hung her head, feeling nothing but the pleasure I inflicted on her, as my hands rest on each side of her hips. She moans as I move to her ass cheeks, clenched, and kneaded her ass cheeks in my hands. Moans and whimpers of pleasure passed past her lips, she feels the head of my cock yet again against her skin. But this time I laid it directly against her clit and she screams in pleasure. I move my cock against that sensitive bit of flesh, the soft skin of my cock slipping in her plentiful juices. She groans and held herself from pushing back against me. She wants to feel me inside her so bad. I push my cock lower, gracing the edge of her pussy. She moan as my cock head moves around the edge of her pussy, round and round, feeling the softness of my skin and the firmness of my thick cock. " Please, please," she whispers. " Please, John, take me." She asks moaning and feeling my hands clench her hips and slowly I move my hard length inside of her.

Jennifer arches back as she feels my long length penetrate her so very slowly; taking her in my own time. She moans feeling my cock continue deeper into her, the long length making her clench repeatedly in pleasure. All she can feel is my hard cock, sliding in her wet and warm cunt, in one never-ending push. Her mind is without thought, feeling just me inside her, feeling as if there is no end until my balls hit her ass and they call out in pleasure together. Her pussy twitching around my length and she feels all of me deep inside of her. She groan as I pulled back and begin to fuck her slowly, each stroke from the round head of my cock to the thick base, my balls slapping her ass with each stroke. Slowly, I fuck her as she rocks and rolls in pleasure. Her hands clenching at the carpet beneath her, her head moving back in forth in calls of desire. My strokes sped up and she screams, feeling the pressure of orgasm building inside of her. Her pussy is sopping wet, each stroke is a wet slap of cock against cunt, my balls dripping in her juices as I stroked faster. She screams, begging. " Please, please, please!" In an unknowing litany of her desire. " Yes, Baby," I called, urging her on, inciting her higher. The pleasure of orgasm rose higher and higher, her cunt tighter and tighter in her desire and when she feels the peak is in sight. I pull out and flipped her roughly onto her back. My hands slamming down onto her wrists, pinning her to the carpet and she looks up in shock as I thrust my cock deep inside her cunt. My bright eyes shone deep into hers as I fuck her roughly, taking what I had wanted for so long. Her body exploding in pleasure as I thrust balls deep inside her, feeling my entire length within her.

She shook and screams, her body rocking against my grasp, my hands pinning her fiercely to the carpet as she shook and screams against me. Her body clenching and she pushes her breasts up against my chest, arching in orgasm. I groan, grinding deep within her as I released my load deep inside her. She feels my cock jerking with load after load of cum and she screams, orgasming again in my grasp. Our bodies thrashing together in orgasm, one twitch of pleasure sending the other into another wave of orgasm until they twitched and spasmed, spent. Laying, wet and languidly on the floor.