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My New Degrading Life ch. 1

2021-12-21 17:20:32

The Money Load, a luxury yacht left the harbour a little pass nine o’clock. On it as one might expect were dozens of beautiful women. Most of them were about my age, possibly younger. Though the music was jumping and food was in abundance the look on the girl’s faces weren’t all that excited. I couldn’t blame them. If they were here for the same reason I was here then I’d be surprised if anyone of us could ever possibly smile again.

My name was Samantha Foxx. Just a little while ago I used to be a regular middle class white girl from the suburbs. I had a mother and father, as well as a little brother and sister. That all changed when I found out how much of a scum bag my father was. The bastard who had always been cheap, had gotten into the mob for over 4 million dollars worth of debt. I mean how the fuck does a man with no money get into 4 million dollars worth of debt. Then to top off the pile of this shit, the debt was increasing day by day, minute by minute, like a fucking fungus.

I remember the day ‘they’ came to our house. It was a day I’d never forget. They came in pairs, as most scum bags do. One was a giant, obviously the muscle, and the other one was a skinny man, with a trusting face. The big one was called Thor, and the other one had an actual name, not just a first name like Cher. His name was Edward Newchild. Apart from his eerily trust worthy face the man a vile feel to him. I got shivers every time I looked in the eyes. The two of them had come to talk with my father. Unfortunately for me I was at school at the time, so I couldn’t be apart of the conversation. Had I been there, I would told them to fuck off and simply take my father. Since I wasn’t, I ended up getting brokered off as a part of his deal to settle his debt. I also happened to be my bad luck, to be my father’s only child. Sure I had a brother and sister, but those two were my step mother’s children, and she was smart enough to get the fuck out of town with them. If only she had decided to fill me in on this. Seriously, I must have been born under the most horrible fuck star shinning on this part of the damned world.

It was during that same night that MR. Newchild and his cronies took me away. I was in the kitchen scanning the inside of the fridge like all teenagers do. And, like most teenagers I didn’t find anything good to eat. Though even if I had, I wouldn’t have been able to eat it. It was there in the kitchen, while standing in front of the fridge that these bastards abducted me. They grabbed me with gloved hands. There were two of them at that moment, one on either side of me. I was lifted from the arm pits and carried to their van, because as we all know, kidnappers have vans. I tried screaming at first but they placed a gag inside my mouth. It wasn’t even a descent store bought gag either. It was just some disgusting crap that they must found on the ground somewhere. I saw my father before I was pushed in the back. The look in his eyes disgusted me. He had a look that no father should ever have in situations like these. He had a look that said, ‘better you than me’.

If I could talk then I would have called every vile name in the book of vile names. I remember thrashing like a fish trying to get free. If I had gotten free then first I would have knocked out the bastard who had once been my father and then run away and never come back. The problem was that I was a 120lbs 16 year girl against two large and very strong men. Once I was thrown into the van there was a moment when I thought that I could get by the two fore mentioned large men. It was amazing how fast that thought got knocked out me, as well as how fast I blacked out after being punched in the stomach.

When I woke up it was in some plain white, windowless room. A part from that oh so useful tidbit of information I had absolutely no idea just where the hell I was. I wouldn’t have even known there was a door if my second least favourite person had shown up. It was the first time I had seen Mr. Edward Newchild. At first glance I found he was a good looking guy. On the second glance the love was gone and he was just another asshole to add to my list of people’s asses I needed to kick. So far there were three people on that list, and two of them were my father. He was such an asshole that he needed twice the necessary ass kicking.

Anyway, there I was sitting on a chair. I didn’t want to be sitting on the chair, but the ropes and handcuffs thought otherwise. It was a good thing for Mr. Newchild that they were there otherwise he’d be getting a taste of foot. But, there wasn’t anything I could do for the moment. Knowing this he sat on the only other thing in this room. He crossed his legs and his arms and simply stared at me. It was really disconcerting. Watched as his perverted eyes went up and down my 16 year old frame. After a minute observing his Lolita complex he began to talk. And, from the way he talked it sounded as if he’d said the same thing over and over again.

“Ms. Foxx, I’m sorry to inform you that your father is a bum. He selfishly raised a debt of over 4 million dollars. In as effort to pay off his debt he sold you, his only daughter to men like us.” he said. “Now in order to pay off his debt be a good little girl and do everything we say, or your might get hurt.”

He looked at me with an expectant face. I assumed at that point that he and his ‘people’ made many girls do all sort of lewd things in fear for their dead beat parents or siblings. I personally wasn’t one of those girls. Luckily Mr. Newchild took the filthy gag out of my mouth at that moment.

“Listen, I don’t care what you do to that pig. Just let me go.” I pleaded.
“Such hateful word. He’s your father, shouldn’t you do everything you can help him in his financial crisis.”

I looked at him straight in the eyes, which was pretty hard to do since they sent shivers down my spine, and told him, “Hell no, why the hell should I help some dead beat loser willing to sell his 16 year old daughter.”

I could see he was agreeing with me. But, I sensed that even if he agreed with my point of view it wouldn’t change the fact that he some new property, which was probably a lot more profitable than some nasty old man.

“Well you make a good point. But, the fact still remains that we own you now and you’ll be earning back that 4 million your father owes us.” said Edward Newchild. “Don’t worry though, with a fine piece of ass like you, that debt will be paid off in no time. Actually in terms of debt, 4 million is in the top ten of the lowest amounts we’re owed.”

That was a low blow. I mean, come on. To be subjected to this kind of crap while being in the top 10 of the lowest owed amounts is kind of an insult.

“Now then I’ll be off, but don’t worry, you won’t be alone for long.” he said.

True to his word I didn’t have to wait long. As soon as he left three young guys and an nasty old man entered the room. The only shred of clothing they had on were black ski masks to cover their face. Though to be honest I wasn’t fixated on their faces. It was the first time I’d seen a cock in real life. I wouldn’t even let my boyfriend whip his out, and now there were four of them. All them had plans of entering me. This made me wish I was back in all those classes I skipped to hang out with friends. Though on a more fucked up point I was a little bit flattered. It was my vanity acting up. I mean they wouldn’t want to forcibly rape and violate me if I wasn’t attractive. It was a good feeling in the fucked up and twisted sense of the word. Trust me though, that feeling passed exceptionally fast as the old man grabbed my face and rammed his meat rod down my throat.

It tasted like someone boiled garbage and seasoned it with rank. Although I thought that, my opinion didn’t matter much in this situation. The old man was determined to scrape off whatever died on his dick with the muscles in my throat. I wanted to throw up but it couldn’t get past his nasty penis. There were tears trickling down my face, and once the other three guys started on me that trickle would turn into a stream. I was untied from the chair which was immediately pulled from under me. The sudden lost of something under me sent my face farther into the old man’s silver bush. It hurt like hell going that far onto the man, and it hurt even more when he, engulfed in his pleasure grabbed my blond hair and pulled like he was holding onto reigns for a horse. That small bit of pain distracted me while the other guys managed to get my skirt off and my panties around my ankles. It wasn’t until one of them had their cocks pressed against the lips of my vagina that I noticed what was happening beyond the end of the old guy’s penis. The bastard was chuckling while he teased me. I wanted to kick the prick, but my legs were restrained by my panties. Instead I thrashed about, putting up the most resistance I could with the limited mobility I had.

I got my ass slapped for my troubles of trying to resist. It didn’t obscure my goal of trying to get these assholes off of me. I was slapped again, and again, and again. It was when they began using the riding crop that I settled down a bit. And, once I did the man at my precious pussy decided it was time to be an even bigger jerk. He rammed his entire shaft inside of me, causing me to unintentionally bite down on the old man. His reaction wasn’t without its cost, but it was satisfying none the less. He screamed like a prepubescent girl seeing her favourite boy band live in concert. He pulled out of me quickly and once he did I spit out a good amount of blood as my chest hit the floor. The other three guys, including the fucker fucking me were laughing at the old man’s misfortune, which he decided to take out on me. The kick to the face came out of now where like a bolt of lightning. Luckily for me he wasn’t wearing shoes. I tasted blood in my moth that wasn’t the old man’s cock blood. And, for a moment I found it ironic how I was now bleeding from both ends.

Rapist #1 was increasing his speed. He was hitting me like a fucking jack hammer. Then he stopped. He gripped my ass tightly and shot his load off inside of me. He pulled out leaving me on my knees with my ass in the air and my face pressed against the floor. I could feel the liquid mess dripping out of me and the terrifying thought of there being two more people, three if you included the old man with the hopefully scarred penis, left to rape me. And, I wasn’t even counting the first guy wanting a second helping. The tears were really coming down now, and only the picture of my father being tortured at the hands of sadistic specialist got me through to the next minute. As they say, positive thinking. Then as if my luck couldn’t any worse, my lord and master Edward Newchild waltzed into the clean white room only blemished by the blood on the floor from the old man and my self.

“Well gentlemen I’m afraid time’s up. I hope you’ve had your fill.” said Edward Newchild. “This young lady has other appointments to attend to.”

There was a moment when the two guys who hadn’t got some of me looked as if they were going to say something. The moment went as soon as it came. Edward Newchild had given them one of his patented blood chilling glares. Then he looked down at me. I would’ve been thankful that he came in when he did, but knowing this man I was sure he had some other fucked up fate for me. The four men filed out of the room. The guy who stole my virginity had a huge smile on his face. The old man was rubbing his swelling cock. Personally I hoped he would catch some kind of infection and have to have his dick cut off. The other two guys looked down. They were the only ones that didn’t get any. I wasn’t exactly feeling sorry for them.

With just me and Mr. Newchild alone, he stooped down to get a better look at me. He held my chin in his hand, and I was tempted to spit some of the lingering blood in his face. That was when the common sense of brain teamed up with the self preservation part of my brain, and did something that’s normally impossible. It shut my mouth. I looked away reluctant to look this man in the eyes. He dropped my chin then causing my head to bounce a little. He snapped his fingers, and his partner Thor came into the room. My imagination kicked in and I thought he was sent in to rape me with, from his stature could only be an inhuman horse cock. I closed my eyes preparing for the worst to happen, but instead I felt myself being lifted off the surprisingly warm ground. I reopened my eyes and saw that Thor was carrying me down a plain hall way with no identifiable markings. Edward Newchild was right beside us. I looked to him to get some kind of clue as to where I was going next. There was nothing there. From just looking at his face there was nothing I could do except trust him, and that scared me. I didn’t want to trust this guy. In his own way he was more frightening then the big man Thor who could hold me over one shoulder.

We came up to this door at the end of the hallway. It was a big heavy looking door. Almost like the kind that you’d find in a kitchen, or the entrance to a walk-in freezer. My head was instantly filled with thoughts of me being hung from a meat hook where I’d be cut up and sold as cheap meat to restaurants. I tried kicking and squirming and yelling to be let go. None of them worked. My legs were still hampered by the panties around my ankles, Thor had too strong a hold on me, and Mr. Newchild seemed like the kind of man to get a hard on from the screams I’d make. I was expecting the worst when Edward Newchild opened the big metal door. I was pleasantly surprised to a little make up studio. Thor walked in a little bit before he threw me down on the ground. Once I was down Mr. Newchild graciously undid the heavy fucking handcuffs for me. He stepped back away from probably afraid that’d lash out. Truthfully it hadn’t occurred to me to do that at that moment, and I didn’t know why.

I was on the ground with Mr. Newchild and Thor blocking the only exit for a about a minute before I heard the clanking sound of expensive heels on concrete. I looked toward the door as the owner of those expensive heels made her way inside. She was a tall woman, even without the high heels. She stood a couple of feet above Mr. Newchild. This woman, who I’d learn to call Madam was beautiful if not a little old just around the edges. She seemed like the kind of woman that used to be some kind of super model back in the day, and was now trying to work the mature look. That night she started off wearing a long black and midnight purple dress that ended at her ankles. Over it she wore a heavy fur coat. Long black silk gloves covered her arms, and a large hat covered head of sandy blond hair.

“Welcome Madam.” said Edward Newchild. “Sorry, she was in the middle of something when the payment cleared.”

Madam walked over to me. She stooped down a bit to look at me. I was amazed that she could manoeuvre her self in the outfit she was wearing. Like Mr. Newchild she cupped my chin in her gloved hands. She twisted it to the right, then to the left. Up and then down. She picked up and let strands of my hair fall back onto my head. She looked me in the eyes and I looked back into hers. They were cold, yet not vile like Mr. Newchild’s eyes. Then her eyes dipped to scan my mouth. I think the blood was beginning to dry on the corner of my mouth.

“She’s been roughed up a bit.” said the Madam standing back up. “But, not too bad. Not bad at all. Usually your stock is just so horrible that its not even worth all the money I’m spending.”

“Sorry about that Madam, we tend to be a little impatient when it comes to new merchandise.” said Mr. Newchild.

There was a snicker from Thor who quickly stopped when he saw the look from Madam. I didn’t know her, but I had to guess that she was a very powerful person. Only powerful people could make big men like Thor stop and obey without even saying a word. I learned right then that it was probably best not to get on this woman’s bad side.

“Ok get her cleaned up and bring her to my car.” said Madam turning away from me and leaving the room.

For about an hour or so I was brought to several different little rooms. In these rooms I was showered off, douched out, patched up. All this was down by other girls that Mr. Newchild had apparently acquired. All of them were fucked up. Some were fucked physically, with one girl having only one eye, and all of them were fucked up mentally. I was as if their free wills had been sucked out their bodies. They looked happy. Now that scared me more than my first time watching Halloween when I was six. After my skin was down, I was dressed in a black mini-skirt that barely went past my pussy, black hold up stockings, and tight fucking corset over a white lace shirt. My hair was done up with a single black ribbon. Who ever designed this little outfit for me had a taste for Gothic Lolita.

When I was fully dressed, save my panties, I was escorted out of their little hide out and into their little hide out’s underground garage. The Madam’s car was waiting for me. It was, as expected, a black limo. The door opened and was ushered inside. I sat facing Madam and attempted to sit in a way that would expose me to her. Before we left Mr. Newchild stuck his head inside the limo as well. He smiled as he looked from me to Madam.

“Thanks for doing business with us Madam. If you need anything else, please feel free to call a day in advance.” said Edward Newchild. “And, I almost forgot. Ms. Foxx this for you.”

The bastard reached inside and placed a collar around my neck. From what I could see it was black, and had a little tag that said Foxx on it. I’d noticed that the other girls in there had similar collars, but at the time I hadn’t paid much attention. Then after placing the collar around my neck he reached over to Madam and handed her something. The two of them nodded to each other and then Mr. Edward Newchild got out and closed the door. Once the door was closed the limo took off out of the garage and into the sunlight of a new day. I didn’t know so much time had passed. When they abducted me it was only about eight in the evening.

When the shock of time wore off I turned my attentions to Madam. She was staring at me in a very creepy manner. If she were a man I’d swear she was checking me out. As it turned out she was checking me out. I began to feel uneasy and started rubbing my legs together in an attempt to better hide bare snatch. She giggled at my embarrassment, which made blush a little. After that little moment of playfulness she turned serious.

“Ok then. What’s your name?” she asked.
“Samantha Foxx.” I said.
“Well Foxx, I’m your new master. You will refer to me as Madam. I’ll also accept Mistress.” she said. “Now come over here.”
I hesitated a little bit and I discovered just what it was that Mr. Newchild gave her. It was the remote to the shock collar that the fucker put on me. She pressed the button and sent a disgustingly painful jolt of electricity into me. I got the message then. This bitch wasn’t playing around. I moved my pert little ass over to and knelt in front of her. She smiled at me and rubbed my blond hair like a little dog. Then to add further insult to injury she patted the seat beside her as if I was a real dog. Not wanting to get another one of those annoying fucking shocks I got up beside her. From there I discovered a part of the service she wanted. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but this was all happening within the span of a day.

Madam pushed me against the leather upholstery and split my legs apart. I felt a rush of anxiety as I felt her gloved hand brush against my exposed cunt. I watched as she slowly rubbed my snatch up and down and all around. There was a rush of heat that shot up me like a volcano. Madam was enjoying her teasing. She enjoyed bringing me to the edge of orgasm, something I’ve only had once in my life, and then stopping. I was biting my lip and clenching my fists.

“Are you going to come?” Madam asked me after sliding her tongue up the side of my face.

“Yes.” I whispered.
She laughed at me, then pulled my head back by my hair. I yelled from the sudden and unwanted pain. Seriously what was it with people and pulling my hair. Did they know how long it took to do my hair, or how long it took to grow the fucking thing. Anyway, after she pulled my head back she decided it was time I had my first lesbian French kiss. Her tongue that had just slid up the side of my face was now duelling with my own tongue. She leg go of my hair and moved her hand from my slit to grab my face for a more intense kiss. I was starting to lose air when thankfully the limo stopped. I was released from Madam’s grasp and allowed to breathe. I gasped for precious, precious air. Once I caught my breath the door was opened from the outside and I was allowed to get out. There was a glare in my eyes for a second and then I saw where we were.

We were in the Big apple, New York city. I couldn’t describe my level of surprise, considering that until just recently I lived in a suburban neighbourhood, in Canada. It was my first time being in New York. I’d always wanted to come here but my father always said we didn’t have the money. Turns out he did have the money since he had burrowed enough to owe dangerous amount of money to dangerous men like Mr. Newchild. The limo was parked in front of one of those Trump building seen in the background of New York city pictures. It was tall and looked well kept. Madam stepped out of the car beside me. From there she led the way inside the skyscraper. I couldn’t help being captivated by the lobby of this building. It designed in such a way that it looked as if the entire place was made of solid gold. Before I knew it I was in the elevator with Madam heading up to the penthouse. To be perfectly honest, the only reason I did notice was because Madam had blocked me into a corner and began where she left off in the limo.

Her right hand was under my skirt rubbing pussy. Her left hand was occupied with my left breast. And her mouth was clamped onto my own. Madam was wild. It was easy to see that she was eager to devour me. I couldn’t say the feeling was mutual. Somehow though, I had a feeling that I’d better start feeling mutual very soon, or there would be a price to pay, I’d just recently developed a fetish for getting things for free.

My knees were buckling. All of my feelings were migrating south, and I was finding it hard to find the strength to stand, or mentally resist the fact that I was loving this. Madam knew what she was doing. Madam ran her hand over my blond bush that I had the embarrassing honour of having trimmed down for me. It now cleverly looked like a fox. She played around there for a moment before twisting my clit. As she touched the little nub it was like being struck with a less painful jolt of electricity. My screams were covered up by the Madam’s mouth and I felt the last of my strength disappear. I went limp in the Madam’s arms, barely able to form a thought much less say anything.

The elevator came to a stop, and the Madam pressed the button on the shock collar control. I instantly perked right up, and a bit of cum escaped my pussy. The shock also cleared my head enough for me to have an epiphany. I was getting used to this treatment by the Madam. I was actually liking it. She could have beaten me with a metal studded cane lit on fire until I was a bloody pulp and I would be happy with it. God, I was fucked up, and I hadn’t even been at this for a couple of days. And it was painfully clear that I was a lesbian. I mean if I was just a masochist then I wouldn’t be so disgusted with the things those men did to me, but I was disgusted.

The door opened and the Madam walked out first with me at her heels. I may have come to realise that I would endure any treatment the Madam would subject me to, but that didn’t mean I wanted to incur her wrath. We walked into a large apartment that had a pictures of the Madam every couple of feet. Each one had the Madam in a different outrageous outfit. She looked beautiful in most of them, but there were some that just made her look like some kind of scary clown. I decided that if she ever asked for my opinion on the matter it’d be in best interest to lie my ass off.

The two of got to the living room. I assumed it was the living room because of the furniture and the television, but it was still hard to tell with the large garden off to the side. I realised then that the Madam’s apartment took up the entire top floor of this building. Damn this bitch was rich. The Madam sat down on one of the sofas and ordered me to stand in front of her. Once I was positioned the way she wanted she gave me another shock. I know I didn’t do anything wrong this time. I think she liked to torture me. Before I could get over the tingling sensation the jolt of electricity gave me the Madam told me to strip for her. I went to unlace the fucking uncomfortable corset when she pushed the button again. I got the message loud and clear. When she said strip, she wanted me to do it like how they did it in the clubs. There was a slight problem there though. I was sixteen, I’ve never been in a strip club before. I quickly searched my mind for anything that would give me a clue on how I was supposed to fucking do. Then I remembered some movie I watched a long time ago, and decided to go off of that.

I started by swaying my hips to soundless music while grabbing for my tits. This seemed to put a smile on the Madam’s face. After gyrating for about thirty seconds I began to do a little teasing. I started off by lifting the shot skirt a little bit and then giving the dyke a small preview of my pussy. Then I put the skirt down and turned around. With my back to her I mooned her while untying the fucking corset. Once all the goddamned laces were loose I let out a very large breath of fresh air. With me able to breath again I stood up straight and dropped the constricting garment on the ground. Turning around I began unbuttoning the my white blouse. The Madam licked her lips and used her finger to usher me over. I started to walk over but she shocked me again. This time she held the button until I fell to my knees. She again used her finger to usher me over to her. For a second I thought about standing up again to go to her, but the prickling sensation told me otherwise. Instead I crawled over to the Madam, with my shirt open and my breasts exposed.

“What a good little dog you are, Foxx” said the Madam. “Now remove my shoes and lick my feet.”

I started with the right foot. I was enchanted by the foot wear. It was the type of shoe a girl dreams of destroying her foot. It was also the kind of the shoe someone like myself would never be able to afford. Just handling them was a rush for me. When I finally got past the excitement of touching shoes that weren’t even available for a couple of months I proceeded to lick her toes; first the big toe and then the little one. I wasn’t being shocked so obviously I was doing something right. When the Madam had enough of me licking her right foot she gave me a light kick in the mouth. I really didn’t like getting kicked in the mouth so I started on the left foot.

As I was licking the Madam’s foot she was shifting her hips, and hiking up her black dress. From my position I could see that the Madam wasn’t wearing panties. I could see her bare crotch. It was bright red in colour, with no sign of hair except for a small patch just above her clit. I watched as the Madam spread her pussy lips open for me to see, and with another light kick I realised that she did that for me to lick.

This week was just full of new experiences. Monday I stayed out pass curfew for the first time. Tuesday I shoplifted with some of my friends. Wednesday I got sold off to pay off my father’s debt. Thursday I was raped and learned how to suck a cock. Now on Friday I was learning off to get off from the touch of another woman, and also how to fulfill the perverted urges of said woman. Yes, this week was just full of new experiences; the newest of which was eating pussy. I raised my mouth from her foot and brought it to her cunt. I was moving slowly, and breathing heavily. My breath was making contact on the Madam’s skin, and it was bringing her off, but I knew that wouldn’t be enough. I knew I had to take the plunge. I was scared of the plunge though. If I did this then it would be official, I would be a lesbian. I took one last breath and then sunk my head in.

My tongue extended. I licked from the bottom of her pussy to the tip of her clit. She gasped. I did it again, and she gasp once more. I tried concentrating on just the clit, and she seemed to approve. This was all new to me. Not only had I not eaten a pussy before, but neither had someone eaten me. I was just trying my best. The Madam had let go of her lips and decided to push on the top of my head. I suddenly had d? vu, but I kept going. It was gradually getting easier for to perform with all of the positive encouragement. Finally she screamed and I felt a stream of awkward tasting liquid filling my mouth. I lifted my head and was happy to see a smile on the Madam’s face.

“That’s a good doggy.” she said to me. “I think I’ll keep you, now what do you say?”
“Thank you Madam.” I said.

She smiled and stood up. She towered over me, her dominance set. I saw, as if out of my own body, the situation I was in now. I was her dog, and she was my master. At least she had good tastes in shoes, clothes and slaves. That point was driven in even harder when she walked me over to my new area. It was equipped with everything a good dog could need; a bowl for water and a bowl