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The Wedding Reception-Chapter 1

2021-12-21 17:30:19

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I was dragged to a wedding reception by my girlfriend for one of her family friends. Needless to say I was terrible over joyed to go... not. But I went anyways, we would go to the reception and then stay at a hotel for the night. The food was alright and I had my fill, I danced a bit with my girlfriend but mostly just stayed in my seat drinking free beer. I entertained myself by scoping out the cute girls at the party. Four of them caught my eye, A blonde milf in a short black dress, a cute younger girl in tight blouse, tight jeans and knee high brown boots, a young brunette woman in a cute black dress, and another young blonde woman in a blue dress.

Sally, I would later learn her name, was the older woman in the short black dress that went half way down her thighs, her dress had a bit of cleavage but mostly showed off her long sexy legs, black heals with inch thick straps showed of her pretty feet and sexy pink toes (I have a foot fetish). I'd say her tits were a large C cup. Her blonde hair was almost silver and reached down past her tits. She had pretty brown eyes and knew how to show off her body.

Jamie, again I got her name later, was the young teen girl in the tight jeans and boots. She was only 19, 4 years younger than I, but she was damn cute, her brunette hair was straight and went down to her tits as well. She had smaller B cups but they were perky and cute. She had a cute tight butt and even though I don't usually go for boots, they drew me too her.

Alli was my girlfriend and her sisters friend. A very beautiful young woman same age as I, brunette hair curled down to past her shoulders, she had pretty green eyes. Her black dress went down to her knees and that was a bit disappointing, but it did fit her tight enough to make out her sexy body, and large C cup tits. She was wearing cork platform peep toe heels, the tops of which were white, unfortunately they covered almost all of her feet, but she later took them off to dance and I got a good look at her cute feet with dark grey toes.

Bethany was my girlfriend and her sisters, cousins girlfriend. She was beautiful blonde girl a 2 years younger than I, her straight hair fell just past her shoulders. She had on a long blue dress that hid her long sexy legs and only allowed peaks at her gladiator clad pink toes. She had B cups too and beside the fair skin of her tan shoulders, the only feature really imaginable through her dress. But she did have very pretty green eyes.

Throughout the night I made eye contact with every one of those girls, the milf from a distance on the dance floor, the teen girl across the room and Alli and Beth that sat at the same table as I. I got the most response from Sally who would smile at me and would always face my direction while dancing to let me look at her. At one point in the night, she left to go to the bathroom, everyone else at the table was either on their phone or up dancing. I took the opportunity to go to the bathroom myself, trying to time it to get a better look at her. I watched as she moved to the bathroom, she was apparently already drunk. The place was crowded as food was still being served and I made my way slowly to the bathrooms, as I got there, Sally walked out of the bathroom.

“Hi” She stopped me and smiled. “I'm Sally” She held out her hand. I took it and introduced myself.
“Shall we go down stairs?” I asked, I don't know why, I had no intention of fucking her, just a fantasy really, but I knew she was drunk and flirting with me so I thought why the hell not?
“Sure” She said taking my hand and led the way downstairs. She leaned on me as we went down, we reached the bottom floor.
“Which way?” I asked not knowing this place.
“Left, the bar is over there” She gestured. I walked behind her with my hands on her hip as she found a room that looked like a conference room, the bottom floor was pretty much abandoned. We walked in and closed the door behind us. She turned around and put her arms around me, I pulled her waist to mine and we kissed passionately for a few seconds, taking time to use our tongues to explore each others mouths.
“I was hoping you'd take me down her.” She broke our kiss.
“Is that right?” I asked coyly.
“I didn't think such a handsome young man would want and old hag like me” She confessed.
“Old hag? No! You are a very sexy and beautiful woman and I couldn't keep my eyes off you in that sexy dress.” I complimented.
“Is that so?” She sexily asked as she walked crossing her legs over each others to the table and leaned against it. “Prove it.” My fantasy was quickly coming true as I saw in her eye that she was wanting a hard fuck right then and there.

I walked over between her legs and leaned into her for a kiss. As we kissed, our tongues twisting and lips sucking, I pulled her zipper down the back of her dress and slid her straps off her shoulders. I stood her up and slipped her dress down revealing her bare tits and sexy lacy panties. She had to lean on the table again to kick away her dress, as she did, I grabbed her foot and crouched down, I unstrapped her heel and took of her shoe, tossing it to the side. I grabbed her foot with both hands and massaged her foot and sucked each toe into my mouth, she approved with a moan and began to rub her pussy through her panties. I worshiped every inch of her foot with my mouth and tongue, sliding it between her toes and along her arch, sucking on the ball of her foot and her toes. I dropped that foot and picked up the other, worshiping it the same. I licked and kissed up her legs to her thighs and hook her panties to pull them down, she stopped me and shoved me back.
“You first.” She said pointing at me. I pulled up my polo and tossed it, then unhooked my belt and unbuttoned my pants dropping them to floor as I kicked off my shoes. I pulled down my boxers and was standing in front of her with a rock hard cock. She cooed as she saw it spring free. I squatted down in front of her again and pulled her panties off, revealing her bald pussy with its swollen lips. I inhaled her musky scent and then buried my face in her pussy, I gave her lips a few lick tease her before forcing it between her lip. She moaned her approval throwing her head back. I licked up and down her slit, stopping to teasingly probe her wet hole and then moved my tongue to her clit and made a figure eight around it before sucking on it. She groaned and moaned her approval, a minute later and her legs were starting to shake as I brought her closer to orgasm, I slid my tongue to her waiting hole and then stuck it as deep as I could to tongue fuck her, savoring her juices as they flowed out and down my tongue. A few seconds later and I brought her to a full body orgasm as she lurched forward, clamping down around my head and tongue, her juices filled my mouth as her pussy spasmed around it, I could feel her whole body shaking. She released her hold on me after she came down from her ecstasy filled high. I smiled up at her and she down at me.

She stood up and I with her, she kissed me before crouching down and sucking my cock into her mouth. It was the best blow job I'd ever had, she was very good, sliding her tongue all over and taking me deep and fast, sucking me hard. I knew she could make me blow a load in her mouth, but she stopped and smiled up at me, she then looked around and picked up her lacy underwear.
“These stay on” she commanded.
She wrapped it around my cock before sucking me into her mouth again. A few seconds of heaven later and she popped me out her mouth and leaned back against the table with 'fuck me' in her eyes. My cock twitched with anticipation as it lead me to her pussy, I lined myself up and with a groan from me and a moan from her I was balls deep in her wet pussy. Not the tightest pussy every, but she still gripped me with her muscles, I grabbed her head and pulled her in for a kiss as I fucked her on the edge of the table. Her legs wrapped around my waist her heels digging into my ass to push me into her harder. She laid down on the table and grabbed the bottom with both hands as I began to pound her. Her tits looked amazing as they bounced up and down with each thrust, her moans, my grunts, and the sound of my balls slapping her ass filled the room with the smell of sweat and our mixed juices. A few minutes later her body stiffened, then shuddered violently as I sent a waves of pleasure coursing through her pussy. Her spasaming pussy felt great around my cock, but I wasn't finished with her yet. We paused as she came, her pussy sucking my cock in deeper and trying to milk it. I picked up my pace again as her body relaxed from her high, soon she was moaning in pleasure again as I gripped her thighs and gave her all I had. I could feel that I was close to cumming and soon I took my final plunge deep into her pussy which sent her over the edge again, her tits jiggled as she shook from the orgasm, this time her pussy succeeded in milking my cock as it massaged it and sucked it deep into her. 6 ropes of my hot cum shot into her as my whole body went ridged and I groaned. Exhausted I fell on her kissing her sweaty chest. We stayed like that trying to get our breath back. Finally I stood up and pulled my half stiff cock out of her pussy, watching as some of my cum seeped out of her.

“I want you to fuck my ass.” She said as she slid off the table and onto her knees, grabbing the base of my cock she sucked it in again, sucking off our combined juices, soon I was back at full mast. She turned around after she stood up and bent over the table presenting her tight ass to me. I lined myself up and pushed into her tight asshole gently. As soon as my head was past her tight opening I could feel her sphincter clench and sucking me in deeper. I let it take me all the way into her, reveling at how tight her ass was. She growled and moaned as my balls hit slapped against her pussy. I started slow and then worked up to giving her ass a hard fast pounding. Her ass was so tight I was about to cum but she beat me too it and I squirted another 4 ropes of hot cum into her ass. My cum sent her even more over the edge, she let out a yell which turned into a groan, her knuckles turned white from putting a death grip on the table, and her ass tried harder to suck me in and milk my cock. I braced myself on the table as I collapsed from exhaustion. I pulled out of her as started to go soft leaving her ass a bit gaping, my cum leaking out of that hole too. She stood up and kissed me thank you after she turned around, something told me she wasn't quiet done yet. I was right, she pushed me back a few steps and squatted down again, sucking me into her warm wet mouth. Her amazing blow job got me hard and twitching again. She stood back up and sat on the table, I expected her to demand another fuck.

“You ever had a foot job?” She asked displaying her feet and spreading her toes. I shook my head no.
“Why don't you get my toes nice and wet for your cock.” She instructed. I grabbed a foot in each hand and immediately sucked her toes between my lips, for the second time I worshiped each of her delicious feet, between every sweet pink toe I slid my tongue, she cooed her approval as she watched me. I licked her feet from heel to ball, sucked on her arched, and nibbled her feet.
“I think that’s good, now fuck my feet...” she seduced. Without missing a beat, I grabbed her feet and put my cock between her arches and started fucking her feet, her soft arches felt like a miracle on my cock, I was in paradise as I watched my cock slid between her pretty feet. Sally started playing with her pussy, scoping up the cum with a finger and sucking it off as she watched me fuck her feet. I adjusted her feet so that her toes could grip around my cock and then continued fuck them, I starred at her pretty toes as I pumped them. Soon I was close to cumming and I think she could tell.
“Let me finish you.” She stopped me. She placed one foot on my hip behind my cock and pushed my cock onto it with her other foot. My cock was trapped between the silky flesh of the top of her one foot and the ball and toes of the other. She slid that foot up and down along my cock, her foot had my knees weakening as she brought me to my orgasm, I didn't think my cock had much cum left, but I shot two ropes straight up a string of cum landed on each foot and a bit on my stomach and her ankle. She cooed as my hot seed splashed on her cool skin, looked on in awe and smiled. She took her feet back after I came down from my high and proceeded to get dress.
“We better get back before anyone notices.” She led, “Remember, those panties don't come off” she smiled pointing down at my cock. I had forgot that she wrapped that around my cock, I could see now that her panties were wet and stained with out juices. She put her dress on, it was kinda hot knowing that her pussy was naked under it, and leaking my cum out of both her holes was just a bonus. I put my clothes back on as well and watched as she strapped her cum covered feet into her heels without bothering to wipe off my cum. Damn, this woman was a walking sperm bank with a sole donor, me. It was sexy as hell to think that she was gonna go the rest of the night like this. She pulled me in for one last kiss before we headed out. I let her walk up the stairs first and then I followed. I got the table, beer in hand and was relieved that everyone was still doing the same as when I left them. I spied Sally on the dance floor and got a peak at her feet, I could see a shimmer of my cum still wet on her toes and smiled, she caught it and smiled back. I also caught the gaze of a certain teen girl...

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