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Daddy uses uses his Asian Kat for the first time

2021-07-09 02:23:45

Kat looks in the mirror at her own reflection… long tapering legs inside some thigh highs. Her feet are inside some high heeled Mary Janes. The dress Kat has on are very short and barely covers her ass. Her bra straps are showing. Not that Kat really needs to wear a bra as she has little girl 32A tits. Kat’s butt swings into sight as she sways around and strikes a few different poses in front of her mirror. She’s checking herself out in the mirror before she heads out to the mall. Her thong is nestled deep between her round Asian butt cheeks. “Mmm… I bet I’ll drive the boys at the mall wild!” Kat thinks in her head. “Oh! That’s right, school’s not out yet!... I’ll first prance around the mall and drive the salesmen wild…. especially that big goofy looking guy at the hot dog stand! … he cannot stop staring at my girly tittys everytime I’m in line for a delicious hot dog!.... when school’s out and all the boys head to the mall… then that’ll be my chance to drive the boys nuts!” Kat touches her fingers to the crotch of her panties – it’s wet. What a conceited girl Kat is… she is turned on by her own reflection! Kat is a straight A student and more or less a teacher’s pet! Lately though… like a cat in heat, Kat cannot concentrate in class and all she wants to do is have a big dick stuffed into her pussy. Sometimes Kat will sit at the back of the lecture hall when class is going on. She’ll put an eraser under her pussy and rub against it. Back and forth back and forth. Just last week, as Kat was orgasming on her eraser, she couldn’t contain herself and let out a loud orgasmic cry “Ahhh!!..” . Everyone in class turned around and stared and Kat bent down at her notes blushing from the orgasm but felt very satisfied. Being a crazy bitch in heat lately, Kat secretly ordered a vibrator online. This Hitachi Magic wand was supposed to be the rose Rolls Royce or all vibrators. It’s strong vibrations on her clit drove her wild and she sometimes had to stuff a sock or her own panties inside her mouth to stop the orgasmic whimpers from waking up her whole family.

Ever since Kat was 11 when puberty first hit and she discovered mastrabation, Kat’s favorite fantasy would be of Daddy. “Daddy… oh Daddy!!! … Daddy was a strong and strict man. He had big hands and when Katherine was little and misbehaved a lot, Daddy would show Kat who was boss. Since Katherine had become a star student, Daddy had been satisfied and had not laid a hand on Katherine in a long time. At night and sometimes in the morning before school, Kat would spread out her legs as far and they would spread, turn the vibrator on high and grind the pulsating head against her wet and creamy clit. She would put mentholathen on her nipples as the cool oily sensation felt amazing. Those small nipples… nipples that never ripbened into a women’s big full round nipples are so sensitive! Perhaps it was all those Daddy fantasies running wild in her head, but Katherine’s figure stayed very much like a little girl’s figure. Kat thought it was a great idea to just skip out on class today … since she cannot have Daddy… she might as well go and drive some poor sods nuts and give them boners.

Kat steps out of her room and heads down the stairs to the front door quietly. Kat’s ass comes into Daddy’s view as she is going down the steps one step at a time. Daddy just happened to be home this morning and hearing some noise, got up off the couch and walked to the stairs as he heard shuffling sounds. Daddy thought no one was at home. Katherine and Tim (Katherine’s little brother) was supposed to have gone to school. Kat’s mother had passed away a long time ago. Kat’s ass checks swayed from side to side while her thongs cut deep into her pussy. Daddy was staring right into an upskirt scene.
“Katherine… just where do you think you are going wearing some thigh highs and that super short skirt?!... why are you not already at school! I know school starts at 8am and it’s 10am right now!...” Daddy yells.
“Daddy!! I didn’t know you were home!... I’m…. I’m….” Katherine stammers.
One strap of Katherine’s dress falls down her shoulder as Katherine is shaking in front of Daddy and one bra cup is exposed. Katherine does not even notice. She is a bit scared that Daddy would punish her. It has been years since Daddy even yelled at her let alone apply other sorts of punishments! Kat remembered how much it hurt when Daddy hit her with his bare hands. If Daddy was really mad, he may even find something else to hit her with! Strangly enough, Kat felt her pussy swell and she felt some girly musky wetness ooze from between her pussy lips. Kat knew she was turned on by Daddy’s manly body but she had no idea the thought of Daddy taking control and punishing her turned her on as well!
“Naughty Katherine! Are you thinking of heading to the mall to drive the boys wild? You may not know… but Daddy had been keeping his eye on you lately. I noticed last quarter, you received a B. That did not make me happy and I wanted to find out what was causing you to loose concentration!... I saw you at the mall in your short skirt! Prancing around. Did you know that you panties were showing? Did you know that this type of shameless behavious gets Daddy really worked up and MAD!!?”
Katherine stood there blushing and felt guilty and embarrassed. She was shocked that Daddy saw her acting like a silly slut at the mall.
“Now naughty Katherine, Daddy is going to knock some sense into you. We’re going to go up the stairs to Daddy’s room. You will lie on the bed with your feet planted on the ground. I want your ass sticking up in the air. You are going to get a good spanking.”
Katherine just froze in the spot. Even with a blushing face and shocked eyes, Kat looks very stunning. Daddy decided to speed things up so he just simply scooped Katherine up in his arms, climbed the stairs and posited her in the position he wanted her to be in. He disdainfully flicked Kat’s dress up to review her butt. What a naughty girl his model student Kat had been of late. He did not tolerate disobedience in his household. As sunlight shone on Kat’s bare butt (bare except for the thong strap between her ass crack) Daddy gulped and felt his big penis stir. Kat’s butt was round shapely and perfect. Daddy had not had a woman in a while and suddenly his little girl was looking fairly appetizing.
“Daddy! Oh Daddy! Please don’t punish me! Please don’t punish your sweet Katherine this HARD! Oooo… it hurts Daddy!”
Kat’s ass was reddening as the Daddy whacked his slippers down on both ass checks relentlessly.
“No Katherine… have you learnt your lesson?”
“Yes Daddy… I know I have to work hard and school and I cannot act like a slut in the streets… I have to control my urges…!”
As Kat squired on the edge of the bed, Daddy noticed all of a sudden that the crotch of Kat’s panties was wet. No… they were not just wet, they were soaked. Kat’s pussy actually pulsated a little as Daddy was moving in to get a good look.
“Kat, why is your little girl pussy so wet?”
Daddy disdainfully hooked one finger over the crotch of Kat’s thong and yanked it to the side. He saw a red swollen pussy that once again pulsated.
“Has my baby Katherine turned into a baby slut?! Is Daddy punishing you turning your baby pussy on?..... Answer me!”
WHACK – right onto the pussy.
“Spread your legs … spread them wide! Daddy’s going to whack your pussy full on. No more butt whacking. You need to be punished more you horny slut girl! In fact, go lie on your back and spread your legs wide open…. Yes… just like a TV antenna… the ballet lesson’s Daddy paid for will finally be in good use… spread your flexible legs wide apart and take the punishment.

“Oh Daddy!!! No… I don’t want to show you my pussy! It’s wrong! Daddy!!!... don’t make me do degrading things! I don’t want to pose like a little slut! I don’t want to get hit!! Daddy, it hurts! You’re so strong!!”
“I’m afraid you have no choice little whore… you must be punished and punished good!”
Katherine scampered onto the bed and spread out her legs. She looked great in the thigh highs and small little thong. This little thong was getting very soaking wet. Whack… Daddy slammed his slipper right smack onto Kat’s sensitive clit.
“Ooooo…. Ahh…….. Daddy!!!”
Katherine’s clit swelled up even more. It may have been from all that whacking and it could also be because Kat was very turned on.
Daddy left the room momentarily and returned with Kat’s vibrator.
“Gasp!... Daddy! How… how… did you know….” Kat stared at disbelieve at Daddy and the secret vibrator he held in his hands.
“Daddy saw you one night. You thought it was late and everyone was asleep but the sounds you were making woke me up and I walked to your room to take a look and saw you pleasuring yourself with this toy.”
“Daddy… what are you going to do?”
“As your Daddy, I command you to take off those thigh highs and that soaking wet thong of yours. Lie back down on the bed and spread those long asian legs of yours wide again. WIDE I said. You are to do exactly as Daddy says. Daddy owns you and your pretty ass you know that right naughty Kat? You surely don’t want Daddy to pull out that chicken feather rod I have still to beat you with that right?”
Katherine was scared and so she obeyed… “Daddy… it’s wrong for me to expose myself to you! Daddy… I’m a big girl now!... and Daddy… I’m so ashamed… how did you find my vibrator? I kept it so well hidden!!”
“Daddy knows everything. Daddy is powerful and controls your ass.”
Katherine’s pussy was a beautiful pink and it was glistening in the sunlight with the constant goo oozing out of her slut hole.
“As punishment… Daddy’s going to make this baby slut come again and again.”
Daddy pressed the vibrator to Kat’s glistening clit… Brrr…. The vibrator hums.
“Ah… Daddy… Ah!!” The strong vibrations made Katherine’s back arch and along with the crazy excitement and forbidden thrill of all this, Katherine’s legs clams shut as she cannot withstand the pleasure.
Daddy is pissed. He goes and gets some shirts out of his wardrop and starts to tie Kat’s hands and legs tightly to the bedpost. Daddy thought… at last… he understood the purpose of bed posts.
“Daddy! What are you doing? Daddy, please don’t tie me up!!”
Daddy finishes a great job at tying helpless and horny little Katherine up. As she is writhing in her binds, Daddy decides to take his pants off. His big member springs into full view.
Katherine gasps and is in awe. Kat had never seen a dick in real life before. She could not believe her luck that it would be Daddy’s dick she would see. She had always thought that this would only happen in her dreams. Kat’s pussy pulsated again and a fresh gush or goo ozzed out of her pussy.
“You like what you see little slut baby? … yes… this is what a real man looks like. I don’t want you to go around lusting for little boy’s dicks. You know no one can satisfy you except your big Daddy right you slutty baby?”
“Oh Daddy!... your dick is so big and hot!!... Oh Daddy!... I want to taste and suck it like a lollipop!... but Daddy… I feel it’s so wrong!! This must be wrong!”
“Slut Kat… beg for Daddy’s dick! Beg to suck it! NOW!”
“Daddy! Daddy! Please put your big dick in my small mouth! Please fill it! I need it!”
Daddy steps on to the bed and teases Katherine with his dick. He brushes the cock head under her nose.
“Oh Daddy! I want it! I want your dick! Give it to baby Katherine!”
Daddy traces his dick along Katherine’s lips. He pulls her dress all the way up from her belly where it had been resting … over her boobs and over her arms… he lets the dress stay around her arms as the binds are still on Kat. Kat’s baby boobs are in full view. Since she was lying down and actually spread taunt in all directions, her boobs were spread out and practically flat. She looked like a pre-teen. Her tiny nipples were erect and standing at attention for Daddy.
“Oh Daddy! Don’t look at my boobs! Don’t look! Oh Daddy… please look! Please check out my nipples! Please suck them!” Kat’s emotions were torn in both directions. She felt bad and wrong that Daddy was using her body and punishing her body in such a sexual way. This was DADDY after all. Father and daughter are not supposed to do such depraved acts! But she wanted it bad. She wanted Daddy to abuse her and have his way with her.
Daddy slapped Kat’s two small boobs a few times. This was a continuation of Kat’s whacking punishment. Daddy went to the bathroom and from the laundry supplies found two laundry clips. He clamped one on each of Katherine’s nipples. Katherine cries out in pain and exhilaration. Her every nerve ending was on fire… especially her baby nipples and her crotch.
“If you can only see yourself Kat. You look like such a helpless slut! I read somewhere that small boobs are especially sensitive. Is this why you are especially horny? You little girl? Now… baby slut Kat… beg for Daddy’s dick… Beg Daddy to have his way with you. Beg to be daddy’s sex slut and say thank you Daddy for making me feel so good!”

“Daddy… please let Katherine taste your big cock even though Katherine does not deserve to. Thank you Daddy for torturing my tits! They deserve to be tortured and I just love those clips on them! It’s excruciating!!... Thank you Daddy! I cannot wait to suck your cock!
“Good girl. Good little slut girl!”
Daddy sits of Katherine and let’s his dick slide into her mouth.
“Mmmm… Daddy’s dick is heavenly!” Katherine though. She furiously pumped her head and her mouth up and down Daddy’s big cock. She even deep throated him.
“Slurp slurp, suck suck”
Katherine was a natural cock sucker. Katherine could see she was pleasing Daddy very well.
Daddy took his dick away and turned his attention to Katherine’s slut hole. He turned on the vibrator again and grinded it on Kat’s pussy. Kat’s body tried to leap off the bed. This vibrator was strong! Kat made lots of sounds. Daddy turned the vibrator off. He was going to tease baby Kat and give her no relief. He put his dick back into Kat’s mouth. She renewed her sucking with extra vigor. She was very horny and sucking his dick was giving her orgasmic joy. Daddy pulled out for a moment and turned to Kat’s clit again. He put his finger on it and because it was so slippery in that area, his finger slipped right into her virgin virgina.
“Are you a virgin Kat? I know you are because I can feel how tight you are. Beg Daddy to take your virginity away. Take it away in this helpless spread eagle slutty circumstance that you are in… beg hard and maybe Daddy will consider it.”
“Oh Daddy! Please take my virginity. I offer it to you! I want you to take it from me rough like I’m a horny girl from a brothel! I love it that you have me tied up. It’s so demeaning and degrading and humiliating!... I just love it Daddy!”
“What a potty mouth you have Kat… Daddy shall grant you your wish and pop your little baby cherry. Aren’t you so glad and lucky your first time will be with Daddy?!”

“Daddy! I always dreamed it would be you! You’re all I think about… and you’re the reason I’m so horny all the time and cannot concentrate at school!”
Daddy proceeds to tease Kat’s virgina with his dick. He slides it around her pussy area. Her pussy lips, her opening, her clit. Daddy felt Kat’s virgina jump and contract in excitement and saw goo oozing out. Yes, his baby Kat was as ready as ever.
Daddy gave a big push and his big dick went in a little bit. It felt really good. Daddy looked into Kat’s face. She was in heaven and almost drooling from excitement and horniness. Kat had never had anything inserted into her tight pussy before. She did not even dare to use tampons before. The big dick inside of her virginal hole was a completely new sensation and it was mixed in with pain and pleasure. She loved it. Daddy continued to push his dick into her tiny pussy. He saw some blood ooze out of her as her hyman broke. Mmmm…. It was delicious to take his hot Asian baby girl’s virginity! Daddy proceeded to pump his strong dick expertly into Katherine. His dick was pounding her pussy. Kat writhed around… the feeling was indescribably good. She was in heaven.
“Ah…. Ah… O…. Daddy… may I come?.... may your slutty baby cum? Please Daddy! Let me cum!”
“Wait…… ok you may cum”
“Ahh…..!!!!!! I’m cumming!! I’m CUMMING!!”
Katherine had wave after wave of orgasms. When she was done. Daddy continued to pump his dick into her. Katherine felt another wave of orgasm coming. “This is to show you who’s boss Kat… I want you to come so many times that you cannot stand the pleasure anymore!”
“Ahhh!!.... Daddy!! You dick is so strong!! O… please may I cum again? Please may your slutty Kat cum again? …. You’re so skillful at this… Daddy! Please!!!”
Katherine came again. Wave after wave of orgasms hit her and her back arched up uncontrollably.
“Since Daddy didn’t give you permission to cum yet and you did so before you were told to, Daddy’s going to punish you and make you cum again… now BEG to cum!”
“Please Daddy! Please let me cum… please! You drive me wild! Your big hot dick inside of me!”
“Yes you slut baby… you may cum now.”
As Katherine writhed and her eyes rolled back in her head from the sheer pleasure of the powerful orgasm, Daddy pulled out of Kat’s virgina. Kat’s virgina was now a big gapping hole where Daddy’s bid dick once was. Daddy started to cum. He was cumming on Kat’s beautiful face.
“I’m going to cum on your beautiful face. You are to remember who is boss and that you must always be an obedient girl.”
Daddy untied Kat’s hands.
“I want you to scoop up all of Daddy’s cum on your face. Lap it up and swallow them. Do not waste a drop!”
“Oh Daddy! Thank you! Your cum tastes wonderful! I am so happy you took my virginity! It was my dream cum true!”
“Now baby slut! I want you to study hard at school and if not… Daddy will punish you harder… perhaps I may even share your hot body with someone else so that you will be extra humiliated…”