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Denise The Submissive Mom Chapter 16 , 1 year later

2021-11-12 23:52:58

Denise was at her home with her cuckold husband . She was licking a 21 yr old woman's cunt & Bill her hubby was filming it .Tiffany a short-haired brunette who attended the local college was enjoying getting her pussy licked by the experienced tongue . Dee who was Rocky's most experienced sex slave had spent most of the past 6 months making lesbian xxx movies for Rocky's porn empire. In most of them she was used by a younger Femdom like Tiffany , who unlike Dee was not hypnotized , she was naturally dominant & did porn to pay for her tuition & residence ( her family was not wealthy ) . Licking away at the clit Dee had no inhibitions & was now in her late fifties with years of nasty , taboo filth under her belt . Once Tiffany acheived her orgasm , she followed the script ( written by Rocky to a tee & collared & leashed Dee , put her over her knee and spanked her hard til the married sluts ass was red as an apple . Afterwards she led Denise by her leash & had her crawl like a dog to the bathroom , where Bill filmed the once respectable housewife & mom being pissed on by a much younger dominant lesbian femdom. Covered in piss from head to toe & all over her face, Tiffany & Dee took a water shower together . While the wimp, cuckold Bill mopped the piss off the bathroom floor.


Rocky was having a helluva of a birthday , his mom /sex slave Sheila had come over that morning & now was licking his asshole while his wife Cindy fucked her mother-in-laws cunt doggy-style with a 12inch strapon dildo , Sheila could barely keep it together as she moaned loudly with pleasure . Rocky grabbed Sheila's head roughly as he began facefucking her without mercy . The woman who had giving him birth was now stuffed with cock . As Cindy added some lube to the equation , she stuffed her mother-in-laws asspipe with the huge rubber phallus . Sheila yelped like a dog with pleasure , the were using her like she was nothing but a fuck toy today . As her moaning continued she knew that today was not for her pleasure , Rocky & Cindy would have to reach orgasmic bliss first , before her real pleasure could begin. As Cindy continued ass fucking her mother-in-law she spanked Sheila's buttcheeks til they were apple red. . Rocky liked what he was seeing so he motioned for Cindy to position his mom/slut on his giant penis. As Cindy took the big dildo out of Sheila's orifice for a few seconds , Sheila obediently sat on Rockys giant hard penis & the married couple , started dping mom/mother-in-law. Stuffed like a xxxmas goose ,Sheila was moaning superloud , & screaming "fuck me hard please master , stick your prick up my pussy , please , oooh Mistress fuck my ass" . Rocky was loving it ,Sheila , had developed into quite the nymphomaniac & would drop by his home a few times a week ( without him even asking ) to eat his jism & or get screwed in all her holes . Just thinking of that , Rocky let loose a massive load of his man dessert in Sheila's pie , as the cum dripped out of his mom's pussy , Cindy his wife withdrew her strapon dildo out of Sheila's ass & Rocky shoved her face in Sheila's cunt & Cindy obediently ate her husbands jizz out of her mother-in-laws pleasure zone.

Chapter 2- The Next Day

Rocky's mom had left earlier that morning & Cindy was out doing the grocery shopping . So Rocky had told Cindy to call her mom Nina to come over . He was going to use her today . He had Nina wear a slut dog collar, leash ,ballgag, with whore-like spiked heels . All he was doing right now was jerking off all over his wife's mother's face. His mother-in-law Nina Rogers was covered in facial jism but was not allowed to speak that's why she was ballgagged .On her knees Nina watched Rocky wack off to a bukkake movie where a Spanish woman in her 30s by the name of Linda & her mom Carmen who was nearing 60 received continuous cumfacials from 50 guys , the men would rotate from daughter to mom , til both could barely see with all the jizz on their faces . It must of turned Rocky on she thought cuz he already came on her face 3 times . Once all the men were drained of their jism , Linda & Carmen got a big surprise as both mother & daughter received pissfacials from all the 50 men who were now laughing& dinking beer in between their turns . Linda & Carmen look horrified at first but in the end they were resigned to the fact they were nothing but paid human toilets.

Nina counted how many times Master Rocky had cum on her face & it turned out to be 8 , before he led her by her leash doggystyle & took off her ballgag and pissed on her face & down her throat . Rocky had imitated what the guys had done in the xxx movie , Nina smirked.

Chapter 3- Esperanza , its Saturday Night

The tall colombiana amazon had just finished her shift at the local strip joint ,she of course was the best dancer in town. She dropped by Rocky's & wasnt surprised to see that he was naked in the living room receiving head from his Mom(Sheila ) & Nina ( his mother-in-law ) was licking his ass. Esperanza stripped naked & left her heels as she rubbed her clit as she watched the taboo spectacle. Sheila's face was now covered in her son's man cream . So it was obvious that Nina was now ordered to give Esperanza a rimming instead. As she played with her pussy Esperanza , loved the way Nina ate her feminine butt so after she reached orgasmic bliss . Rocky ordered the three wenches , to french-kiss , take a shower & join him in his huge master bed for more taboo xxx fun