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Go Ahead Feel Up My Mother

2021-06-04 14:22:46

It started several months ago after I turned fourteen and Dad left us. I would brush up against my mother’s body whenever I thought that I could get away with it. Mom chose to ignore it at first but that was when I was just touching her ass or the side of her breast as I passed by her. It actually seemed quite accidental. However, when I started to let my hand cup an ass cheek and linger there or cup one of her breasts when I gave her a hug from behind, that was quite obvious.

Eventually Mom said, “I know you are feeling me up.”

I replied, “Can I keep doing it? Please Mom.”

I was pretty sure that she thought that I would say that I was sorry. She wasn’t prepared for me asking permission to keep doing it. She asked, “You want my permission to feel me up?”

I smiled and said, “Well, I can keep grabbing at you anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter.”

Mom said, “Well, in that case I guess it doesn’t matter then.”

I was sure she was going to say ‘no’ but instead Mom said, “Okay, then I might as well let you.”

So I boldly reached out and rubbed my hands over her ass, up her sides, and lifted her bra covered tits. I said, “This would be nicer if you weren’t wearing a bra.”

Mom said, “Then you take it off.”

I reached up under her blouse and unhooked it. I had seen Mom pull it out through her armholes before but I just reached around and started unbuttoning her blouse.

Mom asked, “What do you think you are doing, young man?”

I replied, “You told me to take it off, so I’m taking it off.”

She did not resist me after that. I took her blouse off and then I took her bra off leaving her standing there topless in just a short skirt. I got behind her and held her big breasts up with both hands.

Mom asked, “Can I put my blouse back on?”

I said, “No, I like you topless.” Then I rolled her nipples between my thumb and finger causing her to moan softly and push her ass back into my hard cock. She was enjoying it as much as I was. I lowered my hand to her crotch and cupped her nice warm pussy. She had panties on but I decided not to push her too far all at once.

I told Mom, “I really like holding you warm pussy and rolling your hard nipples.”

Mom said, “I really like it too. You definitely have my permission to feel me up.”

I said, “Thanks Mom. So can I ask you not to wear any underwear around me.”

Mom said, “But a bra looks sexy and my panties soak up my moisture down there.”

I replied, “Okay you can wear a bra if you don’t put a blouse on over it. As far as your panties I think I would like to feel your moisture.”

Mom rolled her eyes and said, “Okay. No panties and I get to wear either a bra or a blouse. I can live with that.”


Our lives were just getting better and better without Dad around. We were both happier without him. We had no idea of how bad our lives had gotten with him hollering at us all the time and pushing Mom around. Mom was a very attractive thirty-three-year-old and she made pretty good money working as a waitress at a nice restaurant.

The following week was the greatest week of my life. My hands were all over Mom and she cooperated completely. If I grabbed for her as she walked by she would stop and allow me to feel her up. Her nipples were always hard and my fingers were always wet. I started sucking my fingers clean and Mom would suck them whenever I offered them to her. I liked her taste.

Somewhere in there she started feeling me up too and I started cumming in my pants a lot. It was really nice when she did that for me. I started to just wear my tight Jockey underwear when I was home with Mom. That way she could see the effect that she had on me.

Near the end of that week I found her clit by mistake. She jumped out of my arms when I hit it so I wrestled her to the ground and rubbed the hell out of it until she had so many orgasms she begged me to stop. As she begged, I negotiated. The results of the negotiation was for me to slip my cock into my mother’s pussy from behind. That way she didn’t have to look at me and she could close her eyes and pretend that someone else was fucking her. I gave Mom my virgin cock up the same hole that I had come out of fourteen years old. She really got into it and got up on her knees and started fucking back at me. Mom loved having my cock in her and had a wonderful orgasm before going flat to the floor again with me still thrusting into her. A couple of minutes later I was cumming inside my mother for the second time. I had stayed hard after the first time and just kept going.

Mom let me feel her up all the time but she fought me off whenever I tried to fuck her again. She told me that I could do it again sometime, but under her control.

On Friday after school I asked Mom if I could invite my best friend Billy over to play on Saturday.

Mom thought about it for a moment and smiled as she asked, “What about our little game?”

I replayed, “Maybe Billy would like to play too.”

Again Mom thought about it. She sat me down to talk it over. She set some rules about not fucking her, not ganging up on her, and Billy not sleeping over. She would let us molest her for a few hours from just before lunch to just after dinner. Sweet!

I called Billy and told him to come over the next day at eleven o’clock. He said okay, without any other information.

That night Mom was even more wet than usual. At bedtime she asked me to take a shower with her. During our shower our hands were all over one another. Afterwards Mom took me to her bed. She then taught me how to eat her pussy so that she got the most feeling.

Up to that point I had just been all hands and pretty bold and violent about it too. Now all that had changed. Mom was giving herself to me instead of me taking her by some force.

Mom liked it soft and gentle. I could just rub the tip of my tongue back and forth across her clit while spreading her pussy lips with my hands. I could see liquid forming in a small pool down in her pink opening. Her inner lips were beautiful and looked like cute little pink hills. I used my tongue on her until her hole was almost full of liquid. That was when Mom pulled me to her other lips for a very sweet kiss. As our lips met my hard cock slipped into her. It was meant to be. The first time that Mom and I had sex it was like a wrestling match followed by a rape, this was what making love was all about. This time sex was wonderful, it was slow and sweet, it was pure love. My cock felt like it belonged in my mother. It felt like it went on forever before I finally cum in her. Mom rolled me to her side and we just cuddled.

In the morning Mom woke me up a kiss and breakfast in bed. I was still in her bed and I was naked. I was glad that it had not been a dream. Mom had on a very sexy red transparent nightie without panties and she climbed in next to me. We ate breakfast off the same plate with Mom feeding me. She also told me how nice our lovemaking had been. By the time we finished eating Mom had told me that she likes the grabbing throughout the day but that she really likes the way we make slow passionate love. She said that we could try it again next Friday too.

A couple of hours later Billy arrived. Mom had dressed special for him. She had on a sexy little top that tied under her breasts and she had on a short pleated skirt that was not tight and confining. I tested it out to make sure that I could reach inside her top and cup a breast or reach up between her legs easily. She was perfect and her outfit was too.

I took Billy into the living room to watch an adult film that Mom had rented for us. It was not hardcore it was one of those Girls Gone Wild with lots of college tits to watch. Billy could not believe that we could watch it with Mom right in the next room so I called out, “Mom can you bring me a Pepsi, please.”

Shortly Mom came into the room and stood between me and the coffee table. When she bent over her firm ass came closer to my face, I placed a hand on the inside of her knee, and raised it up under her skirt. Billy went wild as I finger fucked Mom right in front of him. When I extracted my wet fingers Mom walked back into the other room.

I looked at Billy and he was staring at my wet fingers. I sucked them clean and said, “Go ahead feel up my mother.”

Billy called out for a Pepsi too. It took Mom a little extra time to get her courage up and come back into the room. She stood between Billy and the coffee table, she opened her stance to allow him better access, and then Mom bent over.

Billy took so long to react that Mom started to stand up. Then she felt both of Billy’s hands on the back of her thighs as he pushed them higher, up under her short skirt. I could see Mom’s breasts heaving as her pleasure started to peek, her nipples stiffened, and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. I knew from my short experience with her that Mom was having an orgasm.

Mom stayed bent over in front of him until he finally pulled his fingers out of her pussy. They were really wet too as Mom stepped over past me and looked at Billy as he sucked his fingers clean.

Mom said, “Drink that soda and I can bring you another one.” She smiled and said, “Or I can bring one potato chip at a time if you prefer.” Then Mom left the room.

Billy looked me and said, “Oh my God, that was fantastic. Do you get to do that a lot?”

I said, “Billy, you can’t tell anyone about this, understand. If you do I might not invite you over again.”

Billy smiled at me, smelled his fingers, and started watching the topless college girls on television as he stroked his cock through his pants.

I called out, “Mom can Billy and I jerk off in here?”

Soon Mom came in with two small plates and said, “Squirt on these so that I can lick them clean.” She smiled as we both unzipped our pants and pulled our cocks out. Then Mom asked, “Can I masturbate with you?” Then without waiting for an answer Mom sat on the big chair across from us. As she sat down she pulled her short skirt up to her waist and spread her knees out to the side. Billy and I watched Mom stick her fingers in her pussy and then rub her clit giving herself an orgasm right away. I looked over at Billy and his hand was a blur as he picked up that plate and shot big gobs of his cum onto it. The first one hit so hard that it slid to the far edge and started to drip off. Mom was right there with her finger saving it. She held the plate until Billy couldn’t fire anymore out.

We watched as Mom licked his plate clean, then licked his fingers clean, and finally licked his cock clean. I saw Mom slip her mouth over his shrinking cock, give it a really nice suck, and then kiss his cock on the pee hole as she stood up.

That was all that I needed. When I announced that I was about to cum, Mom got down in front of me and just started sucking on my cock. Billy went wild when I untied her top, pushed it off her shoulders, and held onto both of her breasts.

I looked over at Billy and said, “Go ahead feel up my mother.”

That afternoon Mom, Billy, and I remained naked until it was time for him to go home, then we still didn’t get dressed. Billy begged Mom to let him spend the night or to come back the following day.

Mom said, “As long as you keep our little secret I will let you come over again next Saturday. We will just see how it goes. I’m not sure that I want a sleepover with both of you guys.”

Billy looked at me and asked, “You sleep with your mother?”

Mom said, “That is none of your business Billy and if you want to feel me up again you better not say anything to anyone. Do you understand?”

Then Mom went over to Billy pulling his hand up to her pussy and said, “Remember me and come back next Saturday, alone.” Then Mom kissed Billy on the lips and opened the door for him.

After Billy left Mom said, “Why don’t you invite that nice boy Ronnie and his little sister over tomorrow right after they get home from church. I bet that sweet little thing will give you her virginity if you ask her nicely.”

I knew for a fact that they were a lot more wild that they let on. In fact I wasn’t even sure that Joyce was a virgin but she was thirteen and built pretty well. With Mom’s help I knew that I could feel her up and that thought gave me an erection. Mom smiled at me as I picked up the phone and invited them over after church.

After I hung up Mom took me to bed with her again but much earlier than usual. We made sweet passionate love and talked about what we might do Monday through Friday.


After church Ronnie and Joyce came over. Ronnie had on his dress pants, dress shirt, and a tie, Mom said that he looked very nice. Joyce had on a baggy dress to her ankles and she hated it, saying that her mother made her dress too conservatively for church. She said that if she can wear miniskirts to school then she should be able to wear them to church.

Mom took Joyce off while I put the Girls Gone Wild DVD into the machine. We had only watched a couple of minutes of it when Mom came back in with Joyce. Both girls were dressed in Mom’s baby doll nighties. Neither one had panties on. I just stared at Joyce while Ronnie stared at Mom.

It was clear that they had had a talk because Joyce came right over to me and sat on my lap facing me with her knees on the couch on either side of me. Then she pushed her tiny breasts into my face while I slipped a finger into her pussy.

I looked over at Mom and Ronnie. She was in the same position but she had lifted her top up so that he had her nipple in his mouth. Then I watched as Mom slipped his hand in between them to give him access to her pussy.

After seeing that I lifted Joyce’s nightie up over her head and sucked one of her tiny nipples into my mouth. It took some maneuvering to get my pants and underwear down to my knees while keeping Joyce on top of me. It was she that grabbed my cock, held it up straight, and slipped her pussy down over it. Then she whispered, “Are you surprised that I’m not a virgin?” I nodded that I was surprised. Then she whispered, “The minister and Daddy fuck me every Sunday in the church basement while Ronnie is in Church School. I usually let him fuck me after we get home but this is a lot more fun. Your mother is so pretty. Does she let you fuck her too?” I nodded that she does just before I held onto Joyce real tight and cum up inside her.

She placed her head on my shoulder and we watched as Ronnie cum up inside my mother.

Ronnie was so excited that he just burst out like a little kid, “Can we do this every week after church.”

Mom replied, “If your sister also wants too.”

The next time I had sex with Joyce it was in my bed and I made love to her like Mom had taught me. Joyce loved it as much as I did. That day Joyce became my girlfriend. Her minister and her father still fucked her in church but her brother had Mom now, so he left her alone.

When I got home from school on Monday, Mom and Joyce’s mother were there on the couch together. They both had on one of Mom’s baby doll nighties without panties. I smiled at them and walked over to them. I reached down and fondled Mom’s tits as I kissed her hello. Then I reached over and fondled Mrs. Smith’s tits as I kissed her too. My kiss lingered, my tongue slipped into her mouth, and my fingers slipped into her pussy.

I pulled on her knees to get her ass close to the edge, I removed my clothes, and then I slipped my cock into her pussy. I made love to her as she panted and cooed. Mom played with Mrs. Smith’s nipples while I poked and prodded around inside her. We managed to cum together and she cried out, “Sweet Jesus, can your son ever fuck. No wonder Joyce loves him.”

Mom replied, “Your son isn’t bad either. However, your husband and minister don’t fuck Joyce very well.”

Mrs. Smith’s said, “I know. My husband can’t fuck for shit and even the minister’s wife doesn’t want him fucking her anymore.”

There was a knock on the door and Mom walked to it in the nightie. She came back with Ronnie and Joyce. They found a note that told them to came here after school. Ronnie saw me pull away from his mother, dropped his pants and underwear, and then he thrust his cock into his mother. Joyce pulled her mother’s nightie up over her head then she did the same to my mother before she too undressed. By then I was naked and ready for Joyce.

As I took Joyce to my bed I heard Mom say, “Slow down Billy. Remember what I told you. Girls need more passion.”

Joyce whispered, “You have plenty of passion for me.”