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Missy Brother and Dad

2021-06-13 18:15:25

Josh was torn between having the hots for his mom and his sister. They both fucked really good. He liked his sisters being young at 18, and so taboo, and fucking his extremely horny mom now. He didn’t think about his mom moving into the spare bedroom, that she would be right next to Missy’s room.
That night he went to Missy’s room first. She took his hand and laid him on his back. Pulling down his boxers and took them off. She had on a sexy blue nightie, with little tiny blue panties. She laid on top of him as they kissed and felt each other up. After having Jen lick her real good that afternoon,

Missy wanted more clit licking done on her. Josh eased her little panties down as she panted, getting so turned on. He felt her butt and ran his fingers down her little butt crack…She moaned…as he fingered around her little back hole. She puckered her butt and moaned louder…‘Shhhhh‘..Josh said. Missy whispered, (‘oh joshie!...you know how to make me so hot.’) Missy turned and stuck her little pussy in Josh’s face. He started licking her soft at first, he let her squirm for more. She pushed her clit firm into his tongue and then he started licking her clit, and slowly speeded up as she moaned and squirmed more,

...she uncontrollably started fucking his face and moaning in bursts…“ohohohohohohoh” and pumping her pussy into his face harder..she moaned…(“Oh my God Joshie!”)…and locked her little body up and shook ..with a shaking squirming climax. Josh shot right in her warm mouth as she started swallowing it fast as she could, then what she loved to do best, taste his cum, over and over in her mouth.

They were spent...little spasms jolted them at times….

(Mom swallowed hard, with her ear to the wall.)

.....Mom sat up in bed in a daze. She had just heard her son and daughter having glorious sex. Her mind went back and forth between being happy for them, and shock. But what could she say, she too was having sex with her own son too. Finally her head cleared and she began to grin. She thought, little Missy is feeling Josh just like mom, and it does feel good. She had heard of brothers fucking their sisters before, but now….hers were. She wanted Josh bad, and Missy would just have to share with mom, and that was final. She was finally getting the hot sex she longed for and she was going to get it even if ….they
….oh my god…both fucked him together.
Her heart jumped at the words that just came out of her mouth. Her pussy jumped with a jolt of a hot tingle . She felt a warm wave of desire flow over her, just thinking about it…
wow…her body liked that idea.
She paused...and let her self think of the pure excitement of having sex with her son….and her daughter. She was already having sex with her son, now adding her sexy daughter…..she got a hot feeling in her stomach. She felt her pussy getting soaking wet. She started picturing them all together.

She once had a an affair with another girl, that no one ever knew about. It happened in high school. Her best friend, Megan. They slept over. They talked about sex. They wondered what it would be like to have sex with a girl. Megan wanted to try it.

.....They turned out the lights. Megan’s folks were gone for the weekend. They started by just kissing at first. They liked that. Next they felt each others young tits, mom had the bigger ones. Megan got real excited feeling them. Mom got warm tingles in her nipples. Megan asked her if she could suck on them. Mom didn’t answer, this was all so taboo, and the fear of being branded a ‘lesbo‘. Megan just went ahead and raised her nightie up. Mom froze and just let Megan do what she wanted, loving the massive tingles she was getting.

....It was all coming back to her now. How hot that was
and she never forgot it, but kept it a deep dark secret in her mind. Now she let the thoughts of just how much hot pleasure it had really been to her.

.....Megan started sucking on her tits. She got new tingles she never had before. This was so very taboo, it made the pit of her stomach feel hot. She just lay there and let Megan do whatever she wanted, it felt so good. She remembers now, how she felt like a little sex slave, and liked the feeling. She wasn’t doing anything taboo, Megan was, not her. Megan was breathing hard, and just reached down and felt her pussy hair. Mom secretly loved this, as her pussy had never been so wet. She said nothing, but Megan could tell by her squirms, she liked it. Megan pulled her panties off slowly, expecting Mom to stop her any second. Megan felt her pubic hair more. She ran the tip of her fingers along mom’s young slit. She remembers she shivered and felt more wetness in her pussy as Megan pushed her fingers in further. They neither one said a word.

.....Mom was quivering inside her pussy now, steady. She just let Megan proceed. Megan opened mom’s legs wide apart. She put her finger in deep and felt around, and pushed it in and out. Mom loved this and squirmed. Megan found her G spot, and massaged it. Mom moaned and raised her pussy high in the air. Now the Megan was really excited, and so was mom. Megan went under the covers and raised mom’s legs at the knee. She opened her legs and pussy wide. Mom next felt Megan’s tongue licking around her clit. Mom jumped and moaned. Megan kept licking her clit till mom reached down, held her head tight against her pussy. Mom shook hard, and moaned out long and loud with a shuttering orgasm.

Mom shivered thinking about that event. Megan did this every time they slept over. Megan never ask mom to do it to her, but mom so wanted to do it to her.

She pictured licking Missy’s pussy, and got a jolt in her pussy, just thinking about it. Maybe this was going to work out hot for all of them. How would she started it.
She got an idea.
She’d make little Missy horny for mom.
She knew just how to do it.
Mom’s can touch their daughters like no one else can, without anyone suspecting a thing. She decided to take advantage of that.
The next evening, mom had a talk with Missy in mom‘s room. They talked ‘girl’ talk, giggled and talked low. Mom whispered, (“when was the last time we took a shower together?) She knew Missy loved this. Missy’s face lit up and said back: (“how about tonight!”) Mom grinned and held up one finger to her lips, like it was a secret. Missy shivered at the thought. Mom had not seen much of Missy’s now 18 yr old body in a while. Missy’s tits were growing and so was her shape. She had a little pussy hair now. About 8pm they went and both put on their robes. They both waited till all was settled down in the house. Missy was excited and mom was triple that.

.....Missy couldn’t remember the last time she saw her mom naked, but she always loved mom’s big tits, hoping hers would grow that big. Whenever she hugged her mom, she always put her head on her mom’s big tits and felt them with her head. Mom knew this, only to well.
At 8pm they went in and shouted they were showering now, letting Josh and dad know. The guys didn’t think anything about it.
Mom and Missy went into the bathroom, mom locked the door. They grinned and watched each other take their robes off. Mom start to hyperventilate as she watched Missy drop her robe, Oh the site of little Missy’s body excited her. Her tit’s had grown nicely, she had more waist and hips now. And that little patch of pubic hair looked like it was dying to be licked.
Mom dropped her robe. Missy for the very first time got tingles in her pussy from the site of mom‘s hot looking body. It shocked her. She saw her big tits, her nice curves and a full bush of pubic hair. Missy was getting a preview of what she hoped her body would be like. They both just smiled as they stood and looked at each other.
.....Running their eyes up and down their body’s. Mom started the shower and they stepped in. Mom couldn’t wait to wash little Missy body. Memories of mom washing her came to Missy’s mind. Mom always started first with the soap. Missy stood with her eyes closed and let mom wash her. This time was different. Mom hands went slow, rubbing Missy’s body all over and she saved her tits and pussy for last. Missy noticed this and asked if she could wash mom some. Mom was weak in the legs and leaned against the shower wall, and closed her eyes now. Missy did the same to mom, but not washing her tit’s or pussy. They both stood for a minuet and just looked at their soapy body’s. They both grinned and started rubbing each others soapy body’s. Mom was breathing fast and Missy too. They started doing each others tits.

.....They both got tingles and chill bumps, feeling each others warm tits. Missy had new feelings now, and got hot doing this. Mom was trying to compose herself and not suck on Missy tits like the wanted to. Missy just went ahead and started kissing her mom’s tits. Mom jumped and held Missy head, just feeling her as she now sucked on mom’s nipples. This was all new to Missy and she was ecstatic with the jitters. She never had an adult shower this way. She hoped her mom wouldn’t stop her from the hot pleasure. Mom had never showered this way with another woman and her stomach shook inside. They continued squeezing each other’s tits, and mom join in sucking Missy tits and sucking her little nipples. Missy’s hand drifted down toward mom bush. She was dying to feel the hair. Mom spread her legs indicating, go ahead. Now mom’s trembling hand slid down to Missy’s little pussy. Missy jumped, and then spread her legs as well. They both got hotter and hotter as their hands felt new pussy’s.