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My mother Lalita

2021-06-05 18:28:45

I am one of a couple of siblings in a mixed family. My mother, Lalita, is Indian...from India and my father is Caucasian. I guess for now the best way to describe my mother is by what my friends have said. They say looks a lot like the adult star Priya Rai. My mother is only 5’1”. She has long black hair, dark smoldering eyes, large tits for her body frame and light mocha skin. When one of my friends let that slip, I realized why they like to come over to our home so often. After I heard that, I did look up her videos online and I had to admit, to myself, that my mom does look similar to her. I never had any erotic thoughts about my mother although after watching those videos occasionally my mother would slip into my mind when I was jerking off.

I was home alone with my mother one day. It was close to Halloween. My mother had just come home with a costume she had bought. Her and my father were going to a party a themed party, only costumes reflecting the 1980's. She told me got a sexy costume and asked me for my opinion. She said she wanted all eyes on her at the party. She went to her room to change as I went to the kitchen to get myself a snack. I heard her say from behind me, 'Ok tell me what you think and be completely honest.' I turned around and saw my mother wearing the Princess Leia bikini outfit from Return of the Jedi. My cock went rock hard as soon as I saw her. My mother works out all the time so she has an amazing body for a woman in her 40's. The top made her tits look huge! Then I noticed I could see the tops of dark areola. I thought either the top boosted her tits up like that or she has huge areola. That is one of my huge jerk off turn ons...I love women with large to very large areola.

I just stood there looking at my mother as she twirled around. 'So what do you think?' At first, my sole reply was 'oh shit mom! You look super hot in that.' She smiled and said thank you. Then she asked if I was serious and if she was my wife would I be happy seeing her wearing that. I do not know why but my cock took over my mouth and I said, 'Just seeing your boobs like that would make want to jerk off all over them.' Her eyes got as wide as mine did. Neither of us could believe I just said that aloud.

I quickly grabbed my snack and made a beeline to my bedroom. I shut the door as the wave of mixed emotions overcame me. I felt embarrassed, stupid, nervous and worried that she would tell my father. I worried how she would react and how much trouble I was in. However, my cock was fighting with me and I could not get the mental picture of my mom in that outfit out of my mind. My cock was trying to bust out of my pants and I could feel my underwear had a large wet spot of precum. Then those Priya Rai videos popped into my head. I went into my bathroom, dropped my pants and began to jerk off. I tried to picture anyone but my mother but she was front and center in my mind.

My eyes were closed as I began to stroke my cock. I never felt my cock throbbing so hard and looking as thick as it did this time and I knew it was all because of my mother. I began to blend to porno videos with my mother in that outfit. I tried to imagine her tits and her areola. My cock was drooling precum all over my fingers as each stroke milked out even more. Then I decided to go to my computer to watch a video of Priya while thinking about my mother. I opened my eyes and turned with my cock still in my hand. My heart stopped as I saw my mother standing there with her arms folded, still wearing the outfit. She did not say anything and she had an odd look on her face. She put the lid down on the toilet and sat down on it. Then she just motioned me to continue! I could not describe the look on her face...I did not know if she was mad or something else. I stood there for a moment looking down at my mother; my eyes were glued to her tits. Lustful instinct seemed to take over before I realized I was stroking my cock in front of my mother...to my mother.

The only noise in the bathroom was coming from my cock; all that precum was making a soft squishy noise as my hand moved up down my hard, swollen shaft. My mother just sat there watching me stroke my cock. Her eyes would move from my hand on my sliding up and down my cock to my eyes. She did not say a word. As I kept stroking my cock, a bit faster now; my mother folded her arms under her tits. Her arms pushed them up a bit more and in doing so, I got to see more of her areola. I knew from what I saw she had very large ones. That only made my cock seem to get thicker in my hand and the amount of precum, in my mind, almost doubled.

Now my eyes were just glued to my mother's tits. As I studied them, dreaming about what they look like I noticed that her bikini top had the clip holding it together in the front. My mind began to race with thoughts of reaching down and trying to unhook it. I wondered if my mother would get angry, would that make things worse and would she let me. I pictured if I did that watching her tits bust out of that top. I knew if I saw that I would explode all over her. By now, I was stroking my cock quite fast. I could feel a large cum load building up in my balls. I had no idea if I should tell my mother was I was close to cumming. I did not know if she wanted me to cum on her tits or in her face. Should I just cum in my hand instead?

My mother could sense I was closing in on my bursting point. She could tell my how fast my hand was working my cock and by my audible heavy breathing. Then what happened next blew my mind. I watched my mother's hands go up to the latch on her bikini top. She hesitantly grabbed it and slowly unhooked. My mind kept saying 'oh shit she's gonna do it, you are going to see her tits!' I dared not to say anything out loud. My mother hesitated for a few moments, holding her unlatched biking top together but then she just let go and allowed the halves to fall to the side. My mind shouted out 'OH FUCK!' My mother's tits were amazing! Large, real, her dark nipples were hard and her dark areola were almost as big as half dollars! She has teardrop shaped tits. My eyes nearly jumped out of the sockets when I saw her tits. It was very apparent to my mother how much I liked what I saw.

Then she slowly reached up with one hand, grabbed my hand and pulled it off of my cock. My cock was twitching like crazy wanted to unload my massive build up of cum. Then with her other hand she hesitantly grabbed my cock. My mothers hand was soft and warm. She had such a gently but firm touch as her fingers wrapped around my throbbing, messy cock. Then with no words still being spoken, she began to jerk me off! At first she started slowly almost as if she was thinking about not doing it. She did not make eye contact with me . She just leaned in close and stroked my cock. I stood there looking down at her tits. She sat straight up so I could see them. I loved watching how they shook with the motion of her hand going up and down on my cock. Then as she sped up her hand motion she finally looked up at me to make eye contact with me. It drove me crazy! Looking into my mothers eyes as she sat there topless giving me a hand job. I was even closer to blowing my load. My mother could sense it too as I was sure she must have plenty of hand job experience. Just as I was about to explode my mother leaned back on her free hand giving me an amazing view of her jiggling tits as she stroked my cock like a pro.

My cock stiffened, signaling to my mother I was about to cum. At this point I could not remain silent anymore. I finally uttered my first words, 'I'm going to cum Mom....I'm cumming!' I think my mother was shocked by the force of my teenage cock spurting cum. She looked startled as the first large spurt of cum just exploded out from my cock onto her right tit. She quickly twisted her body in time to get my second spurt of cum on her left tit. Then my third spurt shot cum between her large tits. My thick white cum looked amazing on my mothers mocha skin and on her dark areola. I think that was my most impressive cum load ever. My mother quickly leaned closer and milked out the last of my cum onto her tits. She moved her body back forth making sure the drops of cum landed on her tits. For a minute afterwards she held onto my cock as she looked down at her tits. She almost seemed to be marveling at the large cum load I just gave her. She looked up at me still with the odd look in her dark smoldering eyes. Then my mother let go of my cock, which was still hard and throbbing.

I had made a nice sticky mess of her hand. As she pulled away her hand, there were string of precum attached to her fingers from my cock. Then she spread her fingers and all my precum and cum formed strands between them. She seemed to examine her hand for a moment as she leaned back. She looked down my cum load on her tits. Then she looked up at me for a minute or two as if she was letting me get a nice mental picture of my white cum on her tits. It was great...beyond anything I would have dreamed. It was a combination of her large tits, her huge areola, her mocha skin and the fact it was my mother!

She looked at her hand again and I assumed she was going to reach over for some toilet paper to clean her hand. She held her hand up both of us looking at it. I watched as she slowly moved it closer to her face and then watched in delight as her pink tongue slowly snaked out of her mouth. At first she just used just the tip of her tongue to taste my mix of precum and cum on her fingers. Then she closed her eyes, snaking her tongue all over one finger, taking in all my salty mix into her mouth. I watched her swallow it! Then she slid another finger into her mouth and very slowly she removed her now clean finger. Again she swallowed. I wanted to shout out 'my mother is cum swallower!' And then shout, 'my mother is swallowing my cum'. I didn't as I seemed to be glued to my spot standing there watching my mother clean one finger off at a time. I watched that then glancing down to my large load on her tits. I started to wish he would use her pretty tongue on all of that cum in front of me. I wanted to watch my mother swallow my cum load and enjoy it.

When she had finished with her fingers and her hand she stared at my hard. I got rock hard just by watching my mother clean up my cum from her hand. It also helped just seeing my jizz on her fantastic tits. I twitched my cock up and down a few times, making my bright red shaft dance for her. She slowly reached out with her hand and grabbed the base of my shaft. She held my cock firmly for a moment or two just looking at it and then looking up at me. Looking into my mothers dark eyes while she held my cock in her hand was an image burnt into my mind…just as cumming on her tits was too.

My mother seemed to be analyzing the precum all over my swollen cock head. Then, in almost slow motion to me, her tongue slowly emerged from her mouth. The tip of her tongue brushed across my cock head. It was as if she was testing and taking a slight taste. Her tongued darted back into her mouth, she swallowed as she glanced up at me. I did not say a word but I know my eyes were pleading with her to continue. My mother’s tongue emerged again and this time she held my cock straight up as she ran her tongue very slowly along the underside of my shaft. She stared from the base and in one slow lick she moved all the way up to the head. She swallowed the precum her tongue had collected. Then she had my cock straight forward as she took her tongue and swirled around and around just the head of my cock.

I let out a moan as my eyes rolled up into my head. I looked down and as my mother continued to circle my cock with her tongue she looked up at me. She kept her eyes locked onto mine for the next minute while she tortured me with her snaking tongue on my cock. Then it was a moment I will always remember. My mother opened her mouth, holding my cock she guided it very slowly into her mouth. Her lips wrapped tightly around my throbbing shaft as it disappeared into her wet mouth. My mother took my entire cock into her mouth and left it there. I could feel her sucking on it as she took her tongue and made undulate on the underside of my cock! Slowly she slid my shaft out of her mouth up until the head of my cock hit her lips. She kept her lips wrapped tightly around my cock head, sucking on it and taking the tip of tongue she worked it all over it. I was going crazy as I looked down at my mom.

She looked up into my eyes as she slid my cock back into her mouth. Now my mother kept focused on my eyes as her tongue lapped and snaked around and around my shaft in her mouth. She was sucking so hard I had let out another moan of pleasure as I looked down at her. My mind was exploding with a multitude of lustful and taboo thoughts. I still could not believe I was getting head from my mother. I thought how jealous my friends would be if they knew what my mother was doing to me and how fantastic her tits looked. My mother kept sliding my cock in and out of her mouth slowly at first. She would leave it in her mouth, sucking hard and using her tongue to give me pleasure.

Then she closed her eyes and changed the pleasure she was giving to me. My mother stopped letting my cock sit in her mouth. Now she began to bob her head up and down on my shaft. Her pace was slow at first but each time my cock went in and out of her mouth her pace began to quicken. As I looked down at my mom soon I was just looking at her long black hair moving up and down on my cock. I could hear her slurping away on my shaft. I let out another moan of delight letting my mother know she was giving me great pleasure.

Watching my mothers head go up and down on my cock drove me wild. I could not resist any longer. I gently placed my hands on her head and I began to help move my mother’s head up and down on my cock. At first I was nervous that she would stop if I touched her but to my relief and delight he didn’t. As I held my mother’s head I began to thrust my hips back and forth slowly fucking my mother’s mouth. She did not mind in fact she stopped moving her head on her own as if she was letting me fuck her mouth.

This went on for a few minutes, the only noise was coming from her mouth with the slurping noise, my moaning and my heavy breathing. I could at times hear my balls slap against her chin. Then my cock stiffened and swelled up. I could feel another load of cum getting ready to erupt. My mind raced as I wondered if I should tell my mother, should I keep going, should I stop or should I pull my cock out of her mouth. My mother sensed the change in my cock as she started to bob her head up and down my cock as fast as she could. I took it as her giving me approval to keep my cock in her mouth.

The more I tried to hold back cumming the faster her head moved up and down my shaft. I tried to holding it as long as I could and finally I let out a moan ‘oh god mom I’m going to cum’. She did not stop and I could not hold back any longer. Suddenly I felt my cock spurt out a nice stream of cum into her mouth and down her throat. Then, in an instant, I felt my mother swallowing it! My cock sent another spurt and then another spurt of my cum down her throat. I felt my mother swallowing my cum. I thought flashed into my mind that I was feeding my mother my cum load. I gave a smile as I looked down at the top of my mother’s head. I emptied my cock into her mouth. My mother was sucking hard, swallowing my load and sucking the remaining cum out of my cock. She slid my cock out of her mouth. She looked up at me, wrapped her lips around my cock head and sucked on it like it was straw. She made sure she got every drop of my load out of my red swollen shaft.

When she was done she let my cock slip out of her mouth. She just looked up at me as she licked her lips. She had that odd look in her eyes for another minute. Then she looked down at her tits, my cum was still on them and slowly running down her body as well. Then as if flipping a light switch the look in my mother’s eyes suddenly changed. She got a nervous almost upset look. She quickly got up and just said, ‘oh my god’. She grabbed her top, covered her cum covered tits and rushed out of my bathroom.

For the next week her and I barely spoke to each other let alone were able to make eye contact. I think we were both embarrassed and ashamed of what had occurred. But I have to admit I was jerking off everyday and the only person in my thoughts was my mother. My father and my siblings did make comments if something was wrong. They noticed we seemed to be acting oddly. I just said I was not feeling well. After a week had passed my mother sent me a text message and said that we need to talk about things. All I can say is that our talk did not end in just a talk and that was not the only time we allowed incest lust to take control…it was just the beginning.