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Samantha Silverton First Interracial Sex

2022-08-03 13:49:19


Samantha Silverton, an attractive blond hair blue eye girl in her thirties was sitting on the couch waiting for her husband, Douglas to come home from work. She had no way knowing that very evening she would have her first interracial sex experience. Douglas had phoned her earlier in the day to let her know that he was bringing an old friend of his home for her to meet. Samantha said that was okay with her.
When Douglas came home that evening at six, he had his old friend. His old friend was a black man, by the name of James Duff.
“Mr. Duff, this is my wife, Samantha. Samantha this is James Duff,” Douglas said making introductions.
“Nice to meet you, Mr. Duff,” Samantha said greeting the guest. “Welcome to our home.”
“Nice to meet you too, Mrs. Silverton,” James said returning the greeting. “Please call me James.”
“I will, if you will call me Samantha,” Samantha said. “Shall we go into the living room?”
Going into the living room, Douglas asked their guest if he could get James anything to drink. James said he would take a Scotch on the Rocks. Samantha said that she would take a Tom Collins. Douglas fixes the drinks and then he fixes himself a drink.
“Darling, will you help me in the kitchen,” Samantha requested.
“Now, Honey?” Douglas asked.
“Yes,” Samantha answered.
“Excuse us for a minute,” Douglas said.
Samantha and Douglas got up and went into the kitchen.
“What can I help you with, Honey?” Douglas asked when they entered the kitchen.
“Oh, there’s really nothing that you can help me with,” Samantha said. “That was just an excuse to get you in here so I can talk with you.”
“What would you like to talk to me about, Sam?” Douglas asked.
“Well,” Samantha began, “I know that you bring your clients home so they can have sex with me, but you don’t expect me to have sex with a black man, especially if he is an old friend of yours?”
“Well, I do,” Douglas said.
“If I do have sex with him, his dick would be bigger than that of Mr. Smithers’ was,” Samantha said.
“How would you know that since you think his dick would be bigger than Mr. Smithers?’ Douglas asked.
“Well, I heard that black dicks were bigger than the average size of six inches is on white males,” Samantha replied.
“Mr. Smithers was seven inches long and didn’t say anything that his was bigger than six inches long when it was erect,” Douglas said.
“Well, there are some expections to the rule with white dicks,” Samantha said. “But if you want me to have sex with a black man, then I will.”
Then to make it look like that Douglas did help Samantha in the kitchen, she handed him a tray of snacks to carry out to the living room. Sitting down again, James said that he hoped that the Silvertons didn’t mind if he had fixed another drink when he finished with the first one. They said that they didn’t.
“Excuse me, will you for a minute,” Samantha said.
The gentlemen excused her while she went to check on dinner. Seconds later Samantha announced that dinner was ready. The dinner was Cheese Enchiladas and French wine. During dinner Douglas made a bet with James concerning Samantha. The bet was that Samantha wouldn’t have sex with anyone of James’s race. James counters the bet by betting that she would have sex with a man of another race. Listening to the bets that her husband and James made, Samantha spoke up.
“Douglas, how dare you make a stupid bet like that?”
“Samantha, I was just making some conversation,” Douglas answered. “I wasn’t serious about it.”
“Well, I am,” Samantha said. Looking at their guest, she added “James, after dinner and it digested let’s have sex, so my husband will know that I would have sex with a man of a different race.”
“You really want to make love with me?” James asked Samantha.
“I really do want you to fuck and screw me,” Samantha said.
Looking at Douglas she said “I just hope that you realize just how stupid your bet really was and that you don’t make that kind of a bet again.”
Dinner was over shortly after what Samantha said to Douglas and James. Clearing the table of the dinner dishes, the three went upstairs to the Silvertons’ bedroom. Douglas sat down in one of the armchairs to watch, while James and Samantha had sex.
Moving toward each other James and Samantha, began kissing, embracing each other. As they embraced, kissing, James began to unzip her cocktail dress in the back. Samantha felt her dress coming loser around her. Unzipping it down he paused a moment to undo her bra, then he resumed unzipping her dress then he had the zipper all the way down. Having her dress unzip all the way down, he pulled the back towards her shoulders to pull the front down to expose her tits. While he was unzipping her dress, she was undoing his shirt to feel of his broad chest. Breaking the kiss, she let James to pull her dress over her shoulders and off till the top was down. Removing her bra, her breasts were exposed to him.
“Those tits are magnificent that I have seen,” James said, running a hand over Samantha’s tits.
“I usually get that kind of reaction about my tits,” Samantha said.
James continued to run his hand over her tits, tweaking her nipples til they were up.
“Would you like to suck and lick on my tits?"
“I do,” James replied.
Moving his mouth down to her love mounds, James began to suck and lick her tits.
“Oh, awe, yes, James,” Samantha said feeling James’s mouth on her tits.
James ran his tongue over her tits, kissing them, while he squeezed them. As he did, Samantha undid his pants. Pulling his dick out, she began to run a hand over the shaft of his penis. Feeling his pants lose, he pulled away from her tits so he push his pants and shorts down, so Samantha could have a better feel of his penis. While he did, Samantha pulled her dress completely off, leaving her panties on.
“Wow, I do believe that is the biggest cock I had seen in the limp state.” Samantha said seeing James’s seven inch long limp penis.
“Like to suck my dick, and stroke it, Samantha? “James asked.
For an answer, Samantha knelt down, taking his cock, she began to suck his love pole. The head of his dick was the size of plumb. She ran her tongue over his cock head, licking his piss slit. She worked over his dick head onto the shaft of his penis. She worked down his shaft to the base. As she did, she could feel his penis head in her throat. She slowly went back to the cock head stroking the shaft. She sucked and stroked his cock til his penis was hard. During her sucking and stroking his penis, she didn’t forget to suck his balls. Getting his penis hard, James’s cock stood fully erect at nine inches with a six inch diameter.
“Oh, yes, suck that dick,” James said. “Play with yourself, while you suck my dick, Samantha.
Placing her free hand down in her panties, she began to play with her clint. She rubbed her clitoris while she played with her clint. Soon she felt some wetness coming from her vagina. She was having an organism. Stopping briefly she pushed her panties down and off so they wouldn’t get all messy from her organism.
“Wow, that’s a fine snatch you have, Samantha,” James said seeing Samantha’s snatch.
“Would you like to feel of my snatch, James?”
“Would I? I sure would like to feel of your snatch, Samantha,” James replied.
Leading James over to the bed, Samantha climbed on and lay down, spreading her thighs apart, for James to have better access to her pussy. Positioning himself between her thighs, he began to finger her and lick her pussy.
“Oh, yes,” Samantha said in pleasure.
Soon he had another finger in her vagina, then three. Samantha felt pleasure sweeping over her as James finger her with his three fingers. The more he finger her and lick her snatch, she whether in pleasure she felt. James knew he was pleasing her with his tongue and fingers.
James’s fingering and licking of Samantha’s pussy, was lubericating her vagina to make it easier for his dick to slide in. Getting her snatch well lubericated, he moved up to her lower abdomen licking it. He moved to her belly button to drive his tongue in it, and then he licked her rib cage. He again sucked her tits. Samantha felt the cool air on her body. Then he position himself to enter her with his harden dick.
Continued in Part Two of Samantha Silverton First Interracial Sex