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Sarah left me 3

2022-01-12 01:14:59

This is the sequel to “Sarah left me 1 & 2”

The next night I was sitting alone at home, thinking about all the sex that I had enjoyed over the last few weeks. I realised that I no longer wanted Sarah back, at least not on the same terms as before she walked out. I did still miss the companionship that we had shared over the years of our marriage.

Just then the phone rang, I picked it up, it was Sarah. “Hello Phil, I hope that you are well?”

“Hi Sarah. Very well thank you. What can I do for you?”

“I would like to talk with you. Could we meet somewhere for a chat?”

So we ended up agreeing to meet the following evening in the Marble Bar of the Hilton hotel in the city centre. I was early at our rendez-vous, and so was Sarah. We sat at a tiny table with our drinks and made small talk for a while.

Then Sarah said, “Phil, I feel that I owe you an explanation. I have been having the most wonderful sex since I left you and Angie. I could never give the sex up, and yet I still miss you. I keep wondering how you are coping, and if you miss me.”

“Sarah, I too have discovered an exciting sex life since you left, which I would not want to give up for anything, and yet I miss the warm feeling of being with you, as a friend.”

I was not anxious to tell her that all the sex that I had had was either with our 16-year-old daughter, Angie, or in her presence. Instead of quizzing me about my sexual activity, she turned to recounting some of her adventures.

“Dick and his wife are heavily into group sex, and so am I now. Most weekends we kick off with a visit to the local pub on Friday night. Doris, Dick's wife, and I have to dress like sluts, usually a very short skirt, no nickers, a skimpy, see-through top, no bra, bare feet pushed into rubber thongs. We both attract randy men who proceed to grope us there in the bar. Then Dick steps in and invites them back to 'our' place for a 'party'.”

“Sometimes this only takes about a quarter of an hour; on a slow night it can take half an hour or more, but it never fails. On the walk home Doris and I do a bit of groping of our own. Usually we have the men's cocks liberated from their jeans before we get home (a 10-minute walk); if it is a good catch Doris and I each have a cock in each hand. Often one or two girlfriends of the cocks trail along after their boyfriends. Dick does his best to make the girls feel welcome too.”

“When we get inside the house, Doris and I throw off the little clothing we have on then kneel in front of our catches and start to suck cock.”

By this point I was extremely aroused. This was the woman who had lived such an unadventurous sex life with me, and here she was describing the most outrageous sex orgies, that she reveled in. I cut her detailed description short.

“I want to fuck you, NOW”

We stood up and headed to the Hilton reception desk. I payed for a room with my credit card. No one asked why we had no luggage at all. In the lift I slipped my hands under her top and discovered that her nipples had been pierced since she left home. I reached under her short skirt; her pussy was smooth (waxed or shaved?) and she had piercings through her outer labia. She moaned as I stroked her slit, finishing with her clit. She made no move to discourage anything that I did to her. I thought, “This is not the woman that I used to know.”

Once inside our room, with the door shut we were both naked within seconds. Sarah pushed me backwards onto the bed, then straddled me facing my feet. She pushed her cunt into my face and took my prick into her mouth. That is when I discovered another piercing, this one through her tongue. It was so erotic, rubbing up and down my cock, that I was terrified that I was going to cum too quickly. I concentrated on tongue fucking Sarah. Then stuck two fingers into her cunt and worked them around, hoping to find her G-spot.

Sarah had never let me finger fuck her or tongue fuck her in the past, now, judging by her moans, she was really enjoying everything that I did to her. When I sucked her clit, which was as big as her little finger, into my mouth she screamed and started squirting fluid over my fingers. Wow! This new Sarah was very exciting, so exciting that I started pumping my load into the back of her mouth.

“What now?”, I asked Sarah, “Can you stay for the night?”.

“Sure, if you will order room service. I am hungry.”

When a young man knocked on the door and called “Room service.” Sarah opened the door, still naked, and pulled the young man and his trolley into the room.

“Would you like to fuck me in front of my husband?”

“I would love to fuck you but I will lose my job if I am not back downstairs pronto.”

“When do you finish work?”

“At midnight. Can I come back then?”

“Please do.”

While we ate our food, Sarah started to quiz me about Angie and me since she left us. I told her all about how I had helped Angie release her inner slut, and how I had encouraged her. I told her about the King-sized bed, the IUD, the foursomes, Angie with Tom Dick and Harriet. But Sarah wanted to know if I was getting any. I did everything I could to avoid answering her until finally Sarah looked me in the eyes and said,

“You are fucking our daughter, aren't you?”

The embarrassment written all over my face gave her all the confirmation she needed.

“Phil, I cannot believe that you would force yourself on Angie, or anyone else. Perhaps if you had insisted more with me we might have had a more exciting sex-life. Who knows? Assuming your fucking Angie is consensual, I can hardly criticize you for it.”

“Believe me, you are welcome to ask Angie. It was not just consensual, it was her idea. At first she felt sorry for me, not getting any. She and Harriet both sucked me off, then later fucked me. I did not feel guilty while we were fucking, but now, talking to you, I am embarrassed.”

“Don't be!”

Then I told her about the porn movie of three cocks in a girl's three holes and both Angie's and Harriet's response, about each of them 'practicing' anal with me in preparation for a three-hole fuck.

About then, Sarah wanted to fuck again. She noted that during our talk my erection had come back to life.

“You have never fucked my arsehole. I would like you to rectify that failure now. So she bent over the bed and I started fingering her arsehole. I found that I could easily push three fingers into her.

“You have been fucked this way often haven't you?”

“I started to tell you about our weekend orgies, but you were too aroused to listen. Yes, I often have three cocks in my three holes. If you use the moisture from my cunt, that will be adequate lubricant.”

So I stuck my fingers in her cunt then rubbed the moisture over my cock, then into her cunt again, and this time I smeared the moisture around the inside of her anus. I was amazed at how easily my cock slipped inside her. This time I lasted a bit longer, eventually after fucking her for at least 10 minutes, playing with her clitoris as I fucked her, she came with a screaming orgasm. This triggered me off and for the first time in my life I deposited my load deep inside her bowel.

I collapsed onto the bed beside Sarah as my shrinking cock slipped out of her arse. By now it was just past midnight. When a knock sounded on our door, Sarah hopped up, still naked, with my cum dribbling down the back of thighs, and opened the door to the young boy. She pulled him inside again, and wrapped her arms around him, kissing him passionately. He let his hands stray to her tits, then to her bum cheeks, eventually inside her slit. She did nothing to discourage him, indeed her little moans indicated that she was enjoying his attentions.

She helped him out of his clothes. His penis was so very erect, that she did not bother to suck it, instead she just fell backwards onto the bed beside me, pulling him on top of her. He plunged into her cunt and started pumping in and out. To my surprise he did not cum immediately. In fact he kept pumping into her until she started to push her hips at him as her orgasm hit her. That was it for him, I realised that he was pumping his cum into her cunt. A few minutes later he went to the toilet for a piss, then came back, got dressed, thanked Sarah, and left.

Sarah snuggled up beside me and we both fell asleep. In the morning I woke first, with a healthy erection. I turned to Sarah and started stroking her body, concentrating on her nipples, then eventually visiting her slit. She woke with a smile on her face, kissed me passionately, then asked,

“How do you like your slutty wife?”

“I want to fuck her again.”

This time I fucked her in her cunt, I managed to last until her second orgasm before that beautiful feeling of release swept through me.

We had room service bring us breakfast again. This time it was delivered by a young woman, who seemed to take completely in her stride the fact that we had not bothered to dress yet. In fact she complimented Sarah on all her piercings. Sarah stuck out her tongue to show her the one that she may have missed, then spread her legs and tilted her pelvis forward to display the piercings through her labia.

As we ate breakfast, after the girl left us, I asked Sarah, “What next?”

“I'm not leaving Dick and Doris, because I have never had so much fun, but I would like to spend some time with you, and I want to get to know my slut daughter.”

“Why don't you come for dinner and stay the night some time soon?”

“I'd like that. After the weekend orgy I am always too sore to fuck on Monday night, and often on Tuesday night too. How about this Wednesday?”

“Done. I have already told you that we do not wear any clothes at home.”

“Cool! I'll be there at about 7pm, ready to strip.”

That evening, over dinner and afterwards, I spent a long time telling Angie all about my night with Sarah. When I told her about Sarah's visit planned for the following Wednesday, she seemed much less enthusiastic than I felt. I puzzled about this for a bit; thinking back I realised that Angie's sexual freedom dated from Sarah's departure. If she identified Sarah with a sexual straight-jacket then I could understand that Angie would not be thrilled. I tried to explore this thought:

“Angie, since Sarah left us we have all become sexually emancipated. Sarah most of all, but also you, me Harriet, Tom and Dick. Sarah is not going to want to change any of that. In fact her last words to me were, 'I hope that my slut daughter is going to like her slut mother. I know that I already like her just from what you have told me of her.' In any case she is not moving back in. Give her a chance, will you?”

“OK,” said Angie, “but I am not giving up my plans for a three-hole fuck.”

“I am sure that Sarah would fully approve of that or any other plan involving sex with multiple partners. She might even want to be there to cheer you on.”

Angie grinned and said, “We'll see.”

On Wednesday night Sarah arrived early. She was dressed stunningly: high heels, bare legs, a micro-mini skirt, about 3” from top to bottom, which she wore low on her hips so that it just hid her pussy, bare midriff, a halter top which left her back and shoulders bare.

But the most shocking, surprising, delightful part was that there were neat holes cut in her top, through which her nipples protruded. Thin silver chains, about 12” long, hung from the piercings in her nipples. Another, identical chain hung from her pierced navel, and two more chains hung below the hem of her skirt, presumably from her pierced labia.

I greeted Sarah warmly with a big hug and a kiss. She returned my affection then turned her attention to Angie who was hanging back. Sarah grabbed Angie to her body and kissed her full on the mouth, something that she had never done in the previous 16 years.

Once Angie relaxed into Sarah's embrace, Sarah put one of Angie's hands on her nipple, then squeezed Angie's nipple with her fingers. I was afraid that this would freak Angie out, but she seemed to be OK with this intimacy.

“Hello Angie, Phil tells me you have developed into a teenage slut. I have become a slut too. I hope that we can be friends again.”

“Hello Mummy, I hope that you are not shocked that I have become a slut. I really enjoy it!”

“Fuck, Angie! Who am I to criticise a fellow slut? But Angie, our roles have changed since I walked out. From now on I would like you to treat me more like an older sister, not your mother. So please call me 'Sarah' from now on.”

“OK Mum, oops, Sarah.”

“And since you are fucking Phil, I think you should start calling him 'Phil' too.”

I thought this would unsettle Angie but she just said, “Do you think so?”

They broke their embrace and turned to me. “So what have you planned for this evening, Phil?”

“I have booked a table at Limoncello.”

Limoncello is an Italian restaurant 10 minute's walk from our place.

“Are you really comfortable going out in public dressed like that?”

“I'm going as I am, but you two had better put some clothes on.”

I wore jeans and a T-shirt, Angie wore her shortest skirt and a see-through top with no bra. I suspect that she was trying to compete with Sarah; she came close to succeeding, but it would be impossible to beat Sarah's exposed nipples with their hanging chains.

Walking to the restaurant we got a few wolf-whistles. In the restaurant our waiter was a young Italian man, who I guessed to be in his early twenties. He was positively drooling over Sarah and Angie.

Towards the end of the meal, Sarah pulled his ear to her mouth and whispered something. He nodded and disappeared to the back of the restaurant. A few minutes later Sarah stood up and pulled Angie to her feet; they both headed to the back of the restaurant, while Sarah explained to Angie what she was planning. About 15 minutes later they came back, both grinning broadly.

Once they sat at the table again, I saw that Angie had a few drops of cum on her chin, which Sarah then collected with her finger and made a show of swallowing them. For now, I was left to guess what they had been up to, although, knowing what sluts they both were, I had little doubt as to what had happened. I thought, “What an unusual way for a mother and daughter to bond.” Then I had doubts, “I wonder how unusual it really is?”

As we were walking home I had my arm around each of their waists. Sarah turned to Angie, “Phil has told me about your three lovers, Tom, Dick, and Harriet. Any chance that you could get them to come around tonight for a family orgy?”

“I'm not sure.” said Angie pulling out her mobile phone, “I'll try.”

Three calls later she announced, “They're all on their way.”

Once home I suggested that we remain dressed, however incompletely, until the others arrived. I wanted them to see how these two women had been dressed for the restaurant. Meantime I offered drinks, Sarah wanted a scotch, Angie asked for a glass of white wine, and I too had a scotch. In addition to sex, Angie had developed quite a taste for chardonnay.

I knew that plenty of other teenagers were binge drinking, and so I preferred to give her a few glasses at home in the hope that it would do her less harm than if she were out binge drinking. I also hoped that her recent sexual liberation would eliminate any urge to drink until she was drunk

Tom, Dick and Harriet arrived together. They were surprised to find us all dressed until Harriet drew attention to Sarah's nipples by tugging on the chains attached to them. “Fucking awesome!” was all that she said. Then she knelt in front of Sarah and lifted her skirt to expose her pussy and the points of attachment of the chains hanging from her labia-piercings. “Fucking shit!” this time.

Sarah responded by pulling Harriet's head towards her cunt. From the look of pleasure on Sarah's face we all guessed that Harriet had taken Sarah's hint and was eating Sarah's cunt. Within minutes, Sarah was one, possibly two, orgasms ahead of the rest of us.

As she recovered, Sarah said to all of us, “Angie tells me that she really wants to experience being fucked by three cocks in her three holes at the same time. She says that Harriet wants that too. I have often been fucked that way and I really love it. Do you three cocks think you can manage to fuck all three of us sluts like that tonight? I'll go last, in case you can't all manage three fucks. I suggest that Angie and Harriet toss, for who goes first and second.”

Angie won the toss. Within seconds we were all naked. Angie ran to her room and got the lubricant while Tom lay on a towel spread on the carpet, his cock pointing skyward. I took the lubricant and applied it to my cock and Angie's arsehole, while she lowered herself onto Tom's dick.

My dick slipped relatively easily into Angie's arse. The result of all our 'practicing'? The feel of my cock rubbing Tom's, through the membrane that separated us, was surprisingly erotic. Dick pushed his dick into Angie's mouth, and I was very surprised that she was able to take it briefly, but repeatedly, into her throat without gagging. I thought, “She must have been practicing that too.”

This was such an exciting experience for Angie, who had been planning this since she watched the porn movie with me, that she came very quickly. Her excitement and her orgasm set our three cocks pulsing almost in unison. Angie swallowed Dick's load and received Tom's load in her cunt, and mine inside her bowel.

When we flopped out of Angie's three holes Sarah came to me and took my cock into her mouth to get it stiff again. Harriet followed her example with Tom's dick while Angie saw what was happening and took Dick back into her mouth.

Tom and Dick were very quickly ready for Harriet's turn. Dick lay on the towel and pulled Harriet's cunt onto his prick. Tom lubed her arsehole and his erection, and pushed into her arsehole. Sarah's magic, and the sexual tension in the air, worked and finally I was ready to take my place with my cock in Harriet's mouth.

Tom and Dick started pumping, Harriet immediately started moaning over my cock, which only added to the stimulation that I felt. I had not been sure that I could come again so soon after the first orgasm, but I need not have worried, the erotic atmosphere, the novel circumstance, and Harriet's moans all combined to push me over that delightful edge again. My cum triggered Harriet's orgasm, which in turn triggered Tom and Dick.

The chorus of moans and groans would have been alarming to anyone who did not know what was happening. Sarah and Angie, rather than being alarmed, cheered us loudly. “Fucking brilliant!” “Fucking awesome!” “Fuck the slut!” “Fuck her good!” “Fuck her!” “Fuck her!” “Fuck her!”

Again the three girls went to work on three limp dicks. Again the two younger men recovered quickly; Angie worked hard on me and eventually I was ready for Sarah. This time I lay on the towel and Sarah speared my cock into her cunt. Dick lubed her arsehole and slid easily into it.

Again the feeling of our cocks rubbing together, separated only by a thin membrane was supremely erotic for me. Tom pushed into her mouth and I looked up and saw that the head of Tom's dick was making a bulge in Sarah's throat as he pushed in and out of her.

Harriett and Angie were as excited as we were, shouting unnecessary encouragements such as, “Fuck her cunt full of cum!” “Fuck her shitless!” “Fuck her brains out!”

All too soon it was over, Sarah seemed to have continuous orgasms for the whole 5 minutes that it took before our three cocks discharged our third loads into her three holes, more or less simultaneously. Certainly it was when I felt Dick's dick pulsing into her arsehole that my own orgasm hit me. Perhaps Dick's and my moans, as we came, triggered Tom's ejaculation straight down Sarah's throat.

Feeling sated, I just lay on the floor, Sarah still on top of me, my limp cock still inside her cunt. The two younger cocks pulled out of her and went to sit with Angie and Harriet. Lying there, I reveled in the outrageous licentiousness of the evenings activities.

Sarah lifted her head and saw the huge grin on my face. “What are you grinning at, Phil? Don't tell me that you enjoyed that?”

“I have to admit that I did.”

Then she climbed off me and offered me a hand to stand up. “I don't know about anyone else, but I would enjoy a drink now. How about it?”

“Sure. What would everyone like?”

It turned out that the three cocks (as Sarah had referred to us) wanted beers, whereas the three sluts (a title that they had certainly earned tonight, even though I had enjoyed myself as much as anyone) all asked for chardonnay. Sarah said that she would love a beer but because she was so often naked in company she could not afford the extra weight that she would put on if she drank beer.

To be continued in “Sarah left me 4”