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2021-06-14 22:41:15

my shoba aunty is a verry sexy lady with average boobs and ASS she is 38yrs old and she has 2 children soja 18ys suni 19yrs
both girls are fare and good looking like her mother, soja is verry hot looking and with nice tits
i am arjun and i am 21 yrs male i am fantacied about shoba aunty every day ,the incident occurs before 3 days ,my mom and sister gone for a tour
and i am home alone ,the time is 8am i seeing my mature prone vedios and i rubing my dick with the sweet dreams of my aunty i heard a door knocking
sound ,i suddenly run to the door and open the door ,i surprised it was shoba aunty she look up to down and simply smilled and get in to the room,
now i understand why she smile'd/because my dick was still erected under my pants .

aunty/ what r u doing now chin " i said nothing"

aunty/ then why ur hands are shivering

aunty/ i know what u r done in sopha and what u r seeing , i said it just a english film

aunty/ r u trying to cheat me ,i say it very clearly ,its a mature sex "aunty pls dont tell to any one"

aunty/ ok i wount tell this to any one , but i want to know why u see mature prones like "mature aunty sex , milf aunty ,my sexy aunt "and i saw all
these films in ur computer and also tell why you murmering my name while seeing the mature prone movies? ok you can tell everything
verry frankiely ""ok shoba aunty i tell every thing but u must promise me that u wont tell all these things to any one'

aunty/ ok i promising "aunty i cant express my feeling about u ,i love u and i wand u forever in my life'"

aunty/ ohhh that foolish i am yuor aunty just like ur mom" i knoy aunty but i cant control my feelings"

aunty/when you are start fantasing about me "at the age 18 iam fantasing about you aunty''when we playid carroms ,you wear a low necked nightgown i say your
boobs fist time in my life and i am so much disturbed after that...

aunty/oooh ya i remembered that day,that day i saw your erected dick under your pants ,at that time i thought you got hard because of sherly aunty [ sherly aunty
is black colour but very good looking she have a huge boobs and nice body shape]

aunty/arjun this fantasys are not good ,i am like your mom,and i think you must change your mind "aunty pls i just ask this for only ones'

me/ aunty i know you are intrested to do sex with me

aunty/ no i am not intrested with you

me /now u r trying to cheat me, i heard sherly aunty and yours conversation about me ,you said to her that i have nice cock and you want to see it ....i know you and she was lesbions

aunty/ oh shit...how you heard that ..ok any way you know about me and i know about you...keep this things in your mind ok

aunty came near to me ,her eyes are bright ,and hot are come while increased breathing she cauch my hands and place it on her boobs
i press it and kissed her lips we kissed for 1 mit then she opened my pants and take my cock out she strock it verry fast i asked
her to remove her dress we both are undressed and she suck my cock deep and suck my precome then she sit at the end of the cot with seperating her legs widely
and ask me to suck her pussy, pussy is so wet and redish i suck her clit' '.,she press my head in to her pussy i feel so hot in my face and mouth i suck it verry
hard then we lied in 69 position and she suck my dick and balls ,at the time i suck her pussy ,then she lie in dogy position and i put my dick in to her pussy
she starts to cry loudly ohhhhh son fuck me hard yha yha...you make me mad ,son fuck hard oh yha i came to orgasam ,faster,, faster ,,faster,,,,,,,,,,,,, ...ohhhhhhhh
she drink my sperm ,she lick it well ....after that we talk simply about sherly aunty and aunties daughter soja and suni

aunty/ she asked, did you fantasied other girls "i said yes ,sherly aunty ,shmla aunty soja and suni
aunty/ you also dreaming about my daughters "'son of the bich'" sorry but its true i say a dream at night" ,you ,soja ,suni,and me have fun together at that night

aunty/ its ok dont feel sorry,i also dreamed family sex, so its not a matter ,ok did you have previous sex experiance "yes aunty "

aunty/ you have! with whome? "i said with sherly aunty" ohhh that ameizing tell about that fuck

it was a butiful monday my family gone for shoping in city ,and sherly aunty's son and daughter gone to school she is living in our rented house and
both house is in same compound ,when i came out from the house i say shmla aunty(25) and her son (xx yrs) taking with her, shmla asked sherly aunty to look her
child for some hours .because she gojng to hospital with her sister, sherly aunty take the baby verry happily

i gone back to the room and mastubated
by dreaming about sherly aunty and shmla aunty ,then i gone to call sherly aunty to play carroms i entered the home in kitchen door i have very freeness in there
when i entered no one there in kitchen i just go to the bed room i heard a wispering noise yha.. fuck... i think she is mastubating ...
the door is half opened ,i looked into the gap ,i say a shocking seen ,sherly aunty sucking the 3yr babys small dick,i feel hardness in my dick she is completly
nacked and her large boobs dancing infront of me ,i accidently open the door slightly ,the sound catch her attention and she sudenly stood up and trying
to cover with bed sheet

sherly aunty/ arjun what r u doing hear?"nothing aunty simply

sherly aunty/ arjun pls dont tell this to any one ,i gave you any thing

"it ok aunty i dont tell this to any one"if you have this much of desire you must tell to me , i will do any thing for you

sherly aunty/ i never think you in that way , i kept you in my mind like my own son

me/ "now its the time to break that tought ,other wise i will be a mother fucker

sherly aunty/ but arjun , u r only my sons age , "oh yes but i have a nice dike to make you happy,

sherly aunty/ i think u r crazy about me" yaa, i alredy fucked u many times in my dreams

shery aunty/ i know u r fantazied about me, i know my son shijo and u are good friends pls dont ell any thing to him

"oh yes and this is the time to see your nudity'aunty
she drop bed sheet i say two big watermelons dancing in frount of me, i suck the boobs very slowly and it gone to a very hard fucking

after i completed the story shoba aunty kiss me and said you are a mature fucking bich..
i said a request that i want to fuck her daughters,

she said 'but you must make a plan for that'

the day came after 1 week my family going to attend a marrage in bangloor 5 day programe...i dont like this kind of long journy so i was in my house
shoba aunty came to my home and said to my mother 'i will take care of arjun' at night he can sleep in our house,
my mother is so happy......

in shoba aunty's house there is only aunt and her daughters ,her husband is in bombay

in evening i gone to the aunties house ..aunty was bussy in her works but she said her daughters to gave me a company....

THe girls are very free to me and verf friendly ,

soja is wearing a small skirt and t-shirts her boobs is average as her mother
suni is wearing a black shimmy she is very hot
we are playing pc games gta i accidently touch sojas boobs ,she looked my face and smiled then i desided to touch sunis boobs also she stand very
close to me and her boobs touch on my shoulder i simply moved my sholder up and down now ,she press her boobs on my sholder i feel proud because
this is a fucking family sex ...

i said all incidense to the shoba aunty.she said you must keep control till night
at night after the dinner she said the daughters to go to bed .. and said dont come back to this room we have some privacy talk...
after they go to bed she take a xxx movie (it is a real family sex movie) and ask me to put it on dvd player i put the dvd and sit near to aunty
the movie starts family sex with father, mother ,son ,two daughters ,aunty know about her daughters and she knows this is the best way of seduce
her childerens after the few minits she asked me to increase the volume ,at the time she rubbed my dick with her hands after few minits there is
a shadow behind the door, aunty didnt mind it ,she is bussy with my dick she ask me to suck her boobs i suck her boobs like a baby
then we both together went to soja and sunis room the door was half closed ,they are playing together ,i cant control any more i said to aunty
aunty opened the door and asked what the hell going on here,they stand up and said we say you and chin was fucking on the tv room mom we are also
two grone up girls we also wand a dick ,mom if you allow we can togetherly play with chin

aunty/arjun are you able to manage we three" ya aunty sure " then one more thing to say dont call me aunty just call me mom now we are in family
sex so i am your mom and these two are your sisters (soja 18yrs suni 18YRS)

me/ok mom

aunty/remove your dress my son you have a nice dick ,hai girls enjoy with your brothers dick

soja/mom i want to suck your pussy

aunty/oh my sweet heart this is for u my girl

soja/mom your pussy holes are big i think you daily play with it

aunty/ yes sweet heart your papa give me a huge vibrator and i also have my son chins dick

soja/brother you want my pussy

me/yes sister i want it and i want to eat it

suni/brother iwant to suck your dick and bals

me/ ohhhh ya its for you suck it sister

then suni suck my dick and i eat sojas pussy and shoba mom suck sunis pussy
aunty/ girls i will teach you how to suck a dick first open the mouth widly and inseart the dick into the deep throught suck it till the lips
come to the end

me/mom you are a profesional sucker

aunty/ girls continue it

me/mom pls suck my asshole

aunty/oh ya son

soja/ brother pls drill my pussy

me/ ok honey just lie in dgy style

soja/pls inseart slowlw i feel pain ohhhhhhhhhhhh yhaaaaaaaa

me/ it will be all right baby

soja/brother fast i feel some special

me/ohhh yaa baaaaaby

suni/ ok brother just stop its my turn

me/yes sister its your turn,which position you want

suni/ sitting position i like it very much

me/ ok baby just sitt on my dick

suni/mom just lubricate the dick with your mouth

aunty/ i already done it

me/your pussy is soooooo wet

suni/its all because of my mom

me/shall we start the ride

suni/yes dear just start it hard

me/oh ya baby

suni/brother i feel orgasm with your 10 ride ,i think you are enough to make 100 girls happier at a time

aunty/ok every thing s over ,then go to bed

soja/ why mom ? you want him alone

aunty/no baby we allrady gone 2 ride in morning so it the time to sleep

suni/ok mom ,but we want chin in bitween on us while sleeping

aunty/ ok girls go and enjoy with him